#1 Music Discovery Platform For Artists, Creators And Brands. Shazam Meets IMDB!

Last Funded May 2022


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🎵 $400M Market opportunity for brands to leverage music experiences thru the Deepr® product suite
💰 $375K raised from music execs, F/F, and investors in support of the Deepr® value proposition
📲 +10,000 iOS & Android downloads of the Deepr® app, since Q4 2019
🔒 IP: Patents pending in the US & International markets. Federal USPTO trademark granted for Deepr®

Our Team

Deepr® is a tool to get behind the music. As a passionate music lover I was extremely dissatisfied and frustrated. I couldn’t find the information behind the sound. I wanted to unlock the magic and celebrate the creators. There had to be a better and faster way to discover music.

Deepr® is an innovative platform that amplifies the connection between artists, creators, and music listeners globally through the quick, in-depth discovery and personalized curation of music in real-time.

The #1 Music Discovery Platform for Artists, Creators, Fans & Brands.

We are Deepr®: Shazam meets IMDB for Music...first the MUSIC...THEN the CREATORS….THEN the DISCOVERY MAGIC.

Deepr® is a product suite that is reimagining music data, impacting three significant music segments:

Our business model revolves around the services and technology licensing of the Deepr® Widget.

    Technology in music has come a long way, but creators, consumers, and content providers are still losing time, effort, and money when optimizing the music experience.

    • The Total Addressable Market Music Industry is positioned to be $131B by 2030.
    • We are impacting three growth segments: video-on-demand content, streaming music content, and brand licensing.
    • Deepr® has identified a serviceable obtainable market of $400M through 2030.

    Deepr® has reimagined music data through patent-pending technology and analytics, designed to provide creators, consumers, and content providers with the ultimate music experience.

    As you can see, we've already come a long way, and we're just getting started.

    The Deepr® App
    is free and available for iOS and Android devices. It solves a problem that no other app does, by bringing interactive information to your fingertips for music enjoyment and discovery. Our patent-pending technology enables this unique experience.

    The Deepr® Widget is an extension of this technology and is our primary monetization strategy for brand partnerships where music is a key part of the experience. We have developed key partnerships by leveraging our experience and deep network in the entertainment industry. Video on Demand, museums, and streaming music content are all prime opportunities to monetize our technology. Catch the wave now of the global music industry impact poised to be $131 B by 2030.

    Behind-the-scenes creators with large catalogs will be able to demonstrate their full spectrum of credits.

    Indie creators will have resources to promote their work and become more visible to the masses.

    Deepr® will enable executives to see in real-time their quantifiable artist data to help the artist secure deals and negotiate pricing.

    DJs will be able to leverage a producer's sound, a samples playlist, or even host themed events around the use of the Deepr® technology to create custom playlists in a snap.

    The storytelling of a creator and collaborator is as compelling as our own lived experience when we hear a new or favorite song. Deepr® is the connective tissue that bonds artists and listeners together like never before.

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