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Discover music like never before. Shazam meets IMDB for music!

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Deepr® makes discovering music 10x faster utilizing data -- to save you time, effort, & money.
The Deepr App is currently live in the market with over 5,000 initial iOS & Android downloads combined.
Strong team with decades of combined experience in entertainment, technology, marketing, and design.
Backed by Google, Deepr® is an inaugural $50K recipient of the Google Black Founders Fund.
Supported by the Savannah College of Art of Design with $100K investment and ongoing resources.
Raised over $350K in funding to date to establish Deepr® as the go-to platform for music discovery.
Advisory board features GRAMMY award-winning music creators such as Dallas Austin & Teddy Riley.
IP - Patents pending in the US and several other important countries. Federal USPTO trademark granted for Deepr®.

Our Team

This idea came out of frustration as a music consumer. It takes time & effort to search for songs & make custom playlists based on multiple creators behind the music I like. The streaming giants out there don’t help you do this. I wanted to find a better, faster, & enjoyable way to get the music I was bound to love, but just hadn’t heard yet.


Technology in music has come a long way, but these segments are still losing time, effort, and money:

  • Creators need recognition and visibility for their credits and roles in music.
  • Consumers have to navigate millions of songs to find what they like.
  • Content-providers need innovative experiences to differentiate their content, in order to drive business impact and engagement on their platforms.

We believe that technology can serve us better, to help all segments make smarter decisions about their music experience and offerings.

Who wrote that song? Who came up with that beat? What else have they worked on together?

The Deepr App, our flagship consumer product, is a tool to take you behind the music in seconds. No longer do you need to scour the web and compile songs from many sources to get the sound you are looking for. The Deepr App connects you to the creators and their sounds in seconds.

Now you can become your own favorite music curator!

See the Deepr App in action with GRAMMY-nominated recording artist Sisqó:

1. Find a song. Use audio recognition to listen to the music around you, or dive into our advanced search feature to look up producers, songwriters, and more.

2. See the song credits instantly. No more guessing about who worked on what! Just scroll down and find every credit for the song. This goes way deeper than Shazam.

3. Tap the roles to see more songs by those creators. In seconds, you are accessing the discography of creators based on their roles, in an easy-to-use playlist. 

Combine creator roles to see what they worked on together!

4. Save your finds for later. When you are ready to go Deepr, we are too. Just save your playlist or share it with a friend to enjoy the music when it's convenient for you.

Watch how to use the Deepr App:

The Deepr technology plays well with others. Our monetization strategy revolves around use cases in streaming video on demand (SVOD), education and museums, and the music industry.

Investing in Deepr is a terrific opportunity to support music enjoyment and creator visibility--right now.

The Deepr App helps you find out more about the music and creators you love in seconds.

We are working to partner with content providers to bring the Deepr experience to your everyday life through the Deepr Widget.

How many times have you streamed a TV show or movie and heard a song that you wished you could save and learn more about later? 

The Deepr Widget is a category-defining product that can redefine how we encounter music that we love when streaming video. We see this market as a major opportunity to help content providers differentiate themselves with an enhanced music experience for their viewers.

Watch how the Deepr Widget works with SVOD content:

SVOD Market Outlook: The global SVOD market is expected to grow from $38.9 billion in 2019 to $87.1 billion by 2024.

SVOD Market Velocity: The sales cycle for partnerships with streaming content-providers can take 6 months or longer due to the numerous departments and legal clearances needed to integrate technology into an existing offering. We believe this sales cycle is well worth the effort and time commitment. 

We're already working with SVOD partners to bring this experience to life - stay tuned for updates in the very near future!

Museums provide terrific opportunities to integrate our Deepr technology to enhance education, always spotlighting the creators and their stories that brought the music to life.

Imagine seeing a museum exhibit about music - say, Miles Davis' trumpet - and with a quick QR code scan, immediately being able to explore every song Miles Davis played trumpet on. 

With the Deepr Widget, you can take the playlist with you on your journey as a keepsake to enjoy when it's most convenient for you.

Museum Market Outlook: With 213 music-based museums, the US museum market size was $12.2 billion in 2020.

Museum Market Velocity: We continue to build outreach in this sector, as we believe the Deepr Widget can provide valuable experiences for museum-goers and curators. We have held numerous demonstrations for potential partners, with enthusiastic reception. 

Quite simply, this is a product all parties want to see in the museum education experience!

1. Behind-the-scenes creators with large catalogs will be able to demonstrate their full spectrum of credits. From producers to songwriters to engineers, these important participants will have an ally with Deepr in visualizing data through advanced analytics to impact negotiations and deals.

2. Indie creators will have resources to promote their work and become more visible to the masses. By submitting their data through the Deepr Creator Program (DCP), indie creators will be able to market the music they've put their blood, sweat, and tears in through the Deepr app and widget.

3. Label executives thrive on analytics for their artists to make smarter decisions. Deepr will enable managers to see in real-time their quantifiable artist data to help the artist secure deals and negotiate pricing.

4. DJs will be able to leverage a producer's sound, a samples playlist, or even host themed events around the use of the Deepr technology to create custom playlists in a snap. 

We are working with DJs and other entertainment personalities to bring you Deepr-inspired live streaming events this year. 

Music Industry Market Outlook: The music industry (live, recorded, and publishing) is estimated to grow from $62 billion in 2017 to $131 billion in 2030.

Music Industry Market Velocity: We expect our data solutions to scale with Deepr adoption, and will be rolling these solutions out in full force later this year.

As you can see, we've already come a long way, and we're just getting started. 

The Deepr App is free and available for iOS and Android devices. It solves a problem that no other app does, by bringing interactive information to your fingertips for music enjoyment and discovery. Our patent-pending technology enables this unique experience. 

The Deepr Widget is an extension of this technology and is our primary monetization strategy for partnerships wherever music is a key part of the experience. We utilize our experience and deep network in the entertainment industry to make these partnerships a reality. SVOD, museums, and the music industry are all prime opportunities for massive growth - the time is now to make these dreams a reality.

At the end of the day, music is at the heart of everything we do. The storytelling of a creator and collaborator is as compelling as our own lived experience when we hear a new or favorite song. Deepr is the connective tissue that bonds artists and listeners together like never before.

Contribute, join us on our socials, follow us for updates, and let’s Go Deepr!



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