Deep End Fitness

Underwater sport and fitness training, created by Ex-Special Operations Marines

Last Funded March 2021


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Founded by U.S. Marine Special Operations Water Survival Specialists & USC Executive MBAs.
Trained top athletes worldwide — incl. Olympic swimmers, UFC fighters, Pro Surfers and NFL players.
307 athletes, 52 certified instructors, and growing!
Advisors incl. David Marsh, U.S. Olympic swim coach with most wins in swimming history as a coach.

Our Team

Water confidence directly correlates with real world confidence and stress management. Coming from a high stress and risks environment in Marine Special Operations, we have seen how stress and fear can play a role in decision making whether it be on the battlefield, in the office, on the field, or at home. Better stress management, better results.

Underwater training created by Former U.S. Special Operations Marines, Currently Training Olympians, NFL players, UFC fighters, and more.

Introducing Deep End Fitness (DEF) and the Underwater Torpedo League (UTL), a corporation, with a mission to create a global positive shift in water confidence through elite athletic and mindset training, events, and aquatic team sport. 

The Underwater Torpedo League is a gladiator sport that was created as an aquatic training tool to build water confidence, shifting the focus of being uncomfortable underwater, to better-controlling your stress and anxiety levels while accomplishing a specific task or goal, this translates in and out of the water!

Deep End Fitness is the training arm that utilizes the principles of F.R.E.E. (Focus, Relaxation, Economy of motion, and Efficient breathing) to train all different types and levels of athletes to gain these benefits without actually playing the sport. We incorporate functional fitness with aquatics training.

The WeFunder Campaign will be raising funds for both sub entities. 

Tapping In with DEF and UTL

The niche fitness market is on the rise with companies such as CrossFit, Soul Cycle, and Club Pilates bringing in over $595B in 2017, and while there are over 10 million existing commercial and residential pools in the United States, the majority of these pools are being underutilized. We plan to tap into these pools and bring not just revenue but excitement and interest back into the water. Today, we have built a network of 25 pools across the nation with athletes from UFC, NFL, Pro Swimming, Pro Surfing, and Olympians that use our training programs and F.R.E.E. operating system.

As awareness for mental and physical health increases, people’s wellness mindset is constantly looking for innovative solutions to strengthen their bodies and minds, and with that, athletes of all levels are looking for new and challenging ways to give them the competitive edge physically and mentally without breaking their bodies. 

With Deep End Fitness and the Underwater Torpedo League being the first of its kind, we hold the Greenfield Opportunity to penetrate and disrupt not only the aquatic fitness market but the health and fitness market as a whole. 

Our Story

Paying It Forward

After both getting out of Special Operations in 2017, we took the training principles we learned during their time in the military, combined with proven techniques we developed to strengthen and train athletes of all levels from non-swimmers to professional athletes, not just physically, but mentally as well. "Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory" - Bill Russell

Since 2010, we have been working together from the toughest to the best of situations, from the vigorous training to becoming a Marine Raider, life or death situations overseas, to now founding and growing this intentional training program and community together. We are dedicated to each other and the mission of creating a positive shift in the world.

Taking the lessons learned from the military and as entrepreneurs, we have combined it with our college education to mitigate risks and increase our probability of success. We both have graduated from or are currently attending the USC Executive MBA Program and have taken the company through the San Diego Sports Innovator Incubator Program. A program in which we graduated through a year-long process of due diligence, pitches, and mentorship from an incubator and accelerator program full of sports and active lifestyle mentors. We fine-tuned the business model and scalability with DEF and UTL and graduated the program at the beginning of 2019. This gave us the credibility and experience to bring what we have learned and proven, to every sport organization, industry leader or team to drive physical and mental gains.

We are tapped into credible networks around the world from the military special operations community, the Olympic network via Coach Marsh and Team Elite, Olympic foundation member network, USC Trojan Network, as well as a community of athletes from all different sports that creates a force multiplier in different cities. For example, UFC network and headquarters in Las Vegas, Surfer Network in Orange County and Hawaii, CrossFit network is nationwide, and Influencer network throughout Los Angeles.

"The Underwater Torpedo League and Deep End Fitness is a great way to get and stay in shape. It tests the competitors’ strength, swimming skill, breath control and teamwork. "Prime and Don are ideal ambassadors for the sport, which deserves a wider audience." John Naber, 5x Olympic Medalist & U.S. Olympic Foundation

Our competitive advantages lies in three main factors.

1. Our proven training techniques that boost mental and physical capabilities regardless of athletic level.

2. The ability to lock on community and municipality pools nationwide.

3. Our team and network. 

Over the last three years, we have attracted professional athletes from all over Southern California and in the areas of expansion (Hawaii, Vegas, Miami, Austin, Bay Area, and more). These pro athletes attract more swimmers and athletes at all of our training locations, which grow our instructor base, and feed into our train the trainer licensing affiliate model. 

How We Make an Impact and Build Community

We’re helping individuals and athletes build mental strength and resiliency. Now more than ever people are looking for a way to better manage stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. Our program builds mental capacity through a systematic building block approach: crawl, walk, run, fly. 

Our training program is beneficial to athletes of all ages and experience levels in every sport. Every athlete can see massive improvements from gaining and maintaining focus, better stress management during clutch games and trials, improving their economy of motion and improving their breathing. We currently train athletes from the NFL, UFC, Pro Surfers, Triathletes, members of the Military Special Operations Community, and young athletes looking to improve their overall confidence.

The biggest benefit from our training is the mental strength built from managing stress levels. Everyone has a certain amount of anxiety when they go underwater and has the urge to come up for a breath of air, but understanding their limitations and controlling that stress and anxiety build strength that directly translates to other parts of their lives. 

How We Keep People COVID Safe

According to the CDC, chlorine eliminates virus and bacteria. At every session, we implement additional safety regulations with the pool staff and our instructors to keep a safe social distance from all attendees by limiting the number of athletes per lane, exercise additional hygiene standards by mandating rinsing prior to entering the pools, and providing sanitation stations throughout the pool deck and bathrooms. With majority of pools being outdoors, we will still be able to operate and provide people with a great workout even with gym closures in a safe and controlled environment.

How We Make Money

UTL and DEF is a primarily service-based company that currently earns revenue through the recurring monthly subscription model. Our athletes pay to train at our facilities with classes run by our diverse and experienced coaching staff. DEF offers online programs that cater to the same demographics of athletes, they are available for individuals in areas we currently have not expanded to. We have also grown our Instructor Certification Program (Athletics and Fitness Association of America, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and American Council for Exercise accredited) to 56 instructors nationwide and growing, this not only brings revenue into the company but also promotes the national expansion program anywhere there are certified instructors. This will fuel and drive key cities to target as we continue to grow.

In proving our training method, we have written a guidebook on utilizing our operating system of F.R.E.E. that has a publishing deal through Morgan James Publishing and will hit major outlets by April 2021.

Our first product, the torpedo, is launching November 1, 2020 and behind that will be a “Game in a Box” giving us the ability to deliver the complete package to any pool to play UTL including underwater buzzers, goals, and the game rule sheets. This will provide a steady additional revenue stream and compliment our national expansion plan. With current content media deals (Eleven Sports Network, Anthem Media Group) and many on the horizon, UTL will soon be a spectator sport that will gain multiple additional revenue streams such as licensing for merchandise, sports channels, and content distribution. 

Despite COVID hitting our company hard and closing most of our pool locations down during the height of the quarantine our company has still managed to increase our revenues each year and continue to grow. With pools reopening nationwide, our growth potential will continue to rapidly climb by opening new training locations in 5 key cities where there has been significant demand signal by mid 2021. 

*These are forward looking projections and are not guaranteed

Why Are We Crowdfunding Now

With COVID restrictions slowly lifting around the United States and as people are eagerly waiting to get outside and be active again, current Deep End Fitness locations are at max capacity, and the demand signal for expansion is at its peak. As pools start to open up around the country, we have started to launch demos and instructor training in key cities, which are the first steps in launching a program, and finding and mentoring licensees. This also opens up an opportunity for us to push our product line starting with the UTL Torpedoes to compliment the expansion.

Current Traction and Company Growth

Our Road Map

Now we are now ready to hit the ground running, and we need your help to grow UTL and DEF. We have assessed and confirmed the high demand signal for our programs throughout multiple cities in the United States and positioned the company to be ready to act and grow the community. We have coordinated with pool facility managers within these areas and we are awaiting approval from the city to launch the concept once it is deemed safe and opportunistic post-COVID by government agencies and our own internal network of executives and advisors. Only once we receive green lights from the City and industry experts, as well as gather positive data around other similar concepts performance, will we responsibly launch the pool expansion to meet the demand for meaningful places of growth and community.

Join the Movement Today

    1. For as little as $100, you can invest in UTL|DEF and join us in our mission to create a positive shift in countless lives and help build our communities through confidence, strength, and resiliency in and out of the water. As we continue to provide a trustful, safe environment for athletes to come and build their water confidence techniques and principles. Back our project and join our circle, share our story with your community, on your socials, and assist us in creating a positive shift, a ripple effect, into the world.