Create + launch audio ads in minutes

Last Funded February 2022


raised from 42 investors


💸 Raised $425K from Facebook, Snapchat, Adroll, Netflix, Uber, & Y Combinator Alums
💡 300+ users including a major US Airline, Slice, Compass, Cabela's, YC Companies, & more
💰 $80,000+ in ad spend in less than a year; revenue-generating since February launch
🤝 Direct relationships w/ Spotify, Pandora, & other key inventory partners

Our Team

I, Jeromy, have been a media buyer for over a decade working with Fortune 500 companies, unicorn startups, small businesses, and more. I know first hand the deck is stacked towards large enterprise in advertising versus SMBs. Decibel levels the playing field and gives SMBs a tool to help compete in an increasingly competitive market.

Grow With Audio

Decibel is the DIY audio ads buying platform for everyone. In just 5 minutes you can create, target, and launch your audio ad across networks like Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Podcasts, Digital Radio, and more. 

Our Traction

-Over 300 users from companies such as Slice, Cabela's, Frontier, Compass, numerous SMBs, startups, law firms, ecommerce companies, and more.

-Over 80k spent in ads on our platform so far since our launch in late February.

-2 major pilots in progress with enterprise franchise / local retail clients. If successful these pilots would lead to a potential roll out of Decibel to 18,000 restaurants and 20,000 real estate agents. The packages we put together for these average $450 / per store per month for the restaurant group and $1500 / month per agent for the real estate group. With their internal estimation of ~25% of their affiliated folks moving forward we would be looking at a projected revenue of $2,025,000 and $7,500,000 monthly ad spend for a total of $9,525,000 monthly ad spend.  Of course this is far from a done deal and could fall apart at any time. These are potential revenue projections – not cash in the bank – and should be treated as such not as facts. 

-We also have relationships with 2 influencers one of which we're working on rolling out with that has 400,000 Instagram followers and 20,000 emails on their newsletter. The other has over 60,000 emails in their newsletter. These also present very large potential revenue opportunities. 

-One of our customers that invested is an advertising agency that will be offering this to their clients. Based on conversations with them we believe that they will potentially be bringing us $100,000 monthly ad spend with their client base.  Again, this is a projection that cannot be guaranteed.

Investments So Far

We're proud to have a distinguished core of investors that are entrepreneurs and operator angels including Y Combinator alumni, Techstars alumni, and previously exited entrepreneurs. They not only give us in the trenches advice but significant access to enterprise clients and scaling opportunities. In addition we've had 5 customer invest  which is tremendous and helps re-enforce our belief that what we're building is extremely useful for businesses. 

How Decibel Works

The audio market is growing... 

Our Competitive Edge