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Priceline for movie tickets

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Startup hustle: Why two men decided to sleep together in a van for months on end
October 13, 2013
"When Kevin Hong left his Wall Street job to become an entrepreneur, he didn't know it would mean living in his underpants in a van for months at a time."
An 'Unsexy' Start-Up Tries to Fill Movie Seats
November 28, 2012
"Dealflicks has contracted with 62 movie theaters so far. First to sign on was the Gardena Cinema in Los Angeles County. Mr. Hong wooed its Korean owners by bringing them his mother's homemade pajun scallion pancakes."
ConsumerWatch: Websites Offer Discounted Theater Tickets
November 16, 2012
"A new Bay Area start-up is making it easier to save money on movie tickets. Dealflicks offers users discounts of between 15% to 37% on tickets at independent theaters all over the country."
Platform fills empty cinema seats through customer discounts
November 13, 2012
"While Pogoseat is helping sports fans to pay a little extra to move into better seats otherwise left unused or unsold at live games, DealFlicks is combatting the same problem for cinemas, and at the same time offering film lovers lower priced tickets."
Hotwire For Theaters Dealflicks Refocuses on Transparent Movie Discounts
November 2, 2012
"Oakland, CA-based startup Dealflicks announced this week that it has been selected as one of the 33 companies to join the latest class of startup accelerator 500 Startups. The online platform aims to help movie theaters fill their empty seats by offering discounted tickets and concession combos ranging between 40-60 percent off."
Dave McClure's 500 Startups Chooses 33 Companies For Its Fifth Accelerator Batch, Bets Big On International
October 31, 2012
"Dealflicks - Offers movie tickets and concessions for up to 60 percent off, like Priceline or Hotwire for movie theaters."
MoviePass is not the only product aiming to boost movie attendance by discounting ticket prices.
October 2, 2012
"DealFlicks, for example, an Oakland, Calif.-based startup, launched last April with an opaque Hotwire-Priceline type model: The customer agrees to a ticket price that's 40% to 60% off retail, but only finds out the exact theater and showtime after a nonrefundable payment has been collected."
DealFlicks Start Up is Just the Movie Ticket
July 26, 2012
"The Bay Area company says it can get you to the movies on the cheap."
Start-up offers deals for Garden movie-goers
July 21, 2012
"Business schools and textbooks have long promoted the concept of "win-win situations" ... Manager George Gohl of the Greenfield Garden Cinemas and Kevin Hong, co-founder of Dealflicks of Oakland, Calif., have begun collaboration they think will boost both organizations."
Oakland startup DealFlicks tries to fill movie seats emptied by Hulu, Netflix
July 16, 2012
"Sean Wycliffe does not know exactly how many empty seats there are on any given day in movie theaters. But if his Oakland-based startup DealFlicks is successful, whatever seats are empty will be filled."
Web startup Dealflicks launches in Santa Cruz, hopes to bring youth back to the movies
June 19, 2012
"Prospective savings should profit Santa Cruzans as soon as web-based startup Dealflicks and theaters Nickelodeon and Del Mar sew up their agreement, in upcoming weeks."
Cool Startups - DealFlicks.Com
June 15, 2012
"Dealflicks aims to revolutionize the entertainment business by connecting movie theaters with movie enthusiasts, allowing theaters to sell empty seats at a discount, generally 40% to 60% off the regular ticket price. This way, movie theaters make money off what would otherwise have been a no-sale, and customers get to enjoy movies for less."
Too Cheap For Movie Theaters? Dealflicks Is Set To Change That
June 13, 2012
"So I'm pumped about Dealflicks, a startup that's currently operating in beta in Los Angeles. Dealflicks wants to connect movie theaters with customers, selling their empty seats for 40%-60% off the normal ticket price. Movie theaters get people in the seats and customers get to dish out less cash."
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