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Last Funded March 2022


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$26M + in revenue in the past 12 months. Projected revenue of $50M in 2021 (not guaranteed)
Global industry value of $163B in 2020, expected to be $418B by 2028
Strong EBITDA margins
Digital security has become more necessary than ever
Result of the successful merger of market leaders in Latin America
200+ active international clients

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Every organization, regardless of size and scope, faces one dominant problem: digital risk. In today’s post-COVID world, due to our increasing reliance on border-less workplace technology, digital security has become more necessary than ever. Cybolt is a pure-security player that aims to create trustworthy environments for its clients, preparing them to face the threats and risks to come.

Validated business model for Cybersecurity services to the American market, with low-cost near shore sourcing.


While you are reading this line, at least one cyberattack is happening around the world. Cybolt helps companies, organizations, and governments manage digital risks and live in an environment of confidence and certainty.

In today’s post-COVID world, due to the increasing reliance on border-less workplace technology, every organization (regardless of size and industry) faces digital threats. However, solving digital threats goes beyond simply installing an antivirus system. Cyberattackers have become smarter, faster, and more accurate. At the same time, the offering for the protection has turned complex, expensive and blurred. This is where Cybolt comes to help.

Just last May, Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline system for refined products in the US, was hit by a major cyberattack, prompting the company to shut down its gas pipeline, resulting in more than 10,000 gas stations across de US being out of fuel. But you already knew this, right? Well…we know how to prevent, stop, and manage this kind of threats.
Cybolt is a pure-security player that aims to create trustworthy environments for its clients, preparing them to face the threats and risks to come. Global industry value of $163B in 2020, expected to be $418B by 2028

Dynamic solutions for an ever-changing industry

Cybersecurity is an extremely fragmented marketplace with over 3,500 vendors aiming to provide solutions. Cybolt simplifies this by gathering the offering in a One-Stop-Shop, so that our clients get all the solutions from the same place.

With Cybolt, companies can implement a digital risk management solution at an efficient cost. Cybolt eliminates the need for multiple suppliers by providing high levels of service via a single point of contact.

Our team of more than 150 security specialists is constantly upgrading skills to stay one step ahead of any cyber-threats.


Imagine that any company is like a city. People live inside and the city provides them with services for their everyday life. Outside the city, there are threats to use, kidnap and steal its resources. Security is a must and that’s why the city has policeman, firefighters, and doctors (just in case some of those threats generate an insecurity event). This is the same principle with Cybersecurity.

Cybolt protects and helps its clients before, during and after a security event. We provide the hardware, software, resources, and minds to keep it safe. To prevent or react accordingly to an attack, we must have a security system in place; this is what cybersecurity does.

Our cybersecurity model is based on world class standards and provides a full range of services and tools for safety and compliance based on ISO27001 and other high-quality standards. With this model, we follow a structure that includes all business lines for the full cycle and for all kind of assets, in any industry.

Cybolt´s operation center, where most services are delivered, is located 30 miles from Mexico City. The facility is designed to provide high availability services supported by power generation and backup. Also, the facility is fully secured (24/7) with the highest levels of security (policeman, CCTV, etc). In this complex, we deploy our own certified Data Center with one thousand working positions for business continuity.

Inside the facility, through local specialized engineers, we provide cybersecurity services to different parts of the world in both Spanish and English language at low costs.


Today, Cybolt is proud to serve 200+ companies with different sizes across a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors, including 4 of the largest banks of the world, the Mexican government and industry leaders in retail, communications, and services industries.


Cybolt’s revenue is growing at more than 54% per year. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to increase our EBITDA margin to 20% in 2020, and we are on track to meet our goal of $50M in revenues in 2021. (*These are forward-looking projections and are not guaranteed)

In the following years, we have an ambitious organic and inorganic growth plan, with the goal of reaching a USD 1 billion valuation (not guaranteed).

*The above image contains projections that are not guaranteed.

With your investment, we project that Cybolt will continue to capitalize on our current growth and success by establishing new partnerships with new players. The entrance to the US and European markets will be done through the acquisition of strategic players with commercial reach. Delivery will be done from Latin America, with high quality standards and a very efficient cost structure and FX advantages.


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