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The Curtiss founding team had 25+ years of experience as exclusive makers of luxury motorcycles.
Curtiss was founded 8 years ago to renew luxury motoring in a sustainable, better way.
The Curtiss team earned U.S. Utility Patent No. 11,634,191 for having achieved this milestone.
We believe The Curtiss is the most desirable motorcycle in the world that happens to be electric.

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Our Team

We feel there has never been true luxury two-wheeled motoring.

The Finest of All

Our Founder, Glenn Hammond Curtiss, began handcrafting his legendary machines in 1901 with the dream of making the finest of all.

The Curtiss 1.0 passionate and principled approach led to his invention of the most iconic form of two-wheeled motoring, until now.…

The future is electric. Luxury loves electrification.

For 25 years, your Curtiss 2.0 team concentrated exclusively on luxury two-wheeled motoring. The result, based upon internal combustion technology, could not be achieved. Too much shunt, vibration, maintenance, heat and size obscured the effort.

Taking what we learned from those 25 years, we applied the finest electric power train technology ever. The result is the most iconic two-wheeled motoring form for our future.

We have over 33 years of experience developing some of the world’s most desirable motorcycles for the most discriminating clientele.

The Curtiss is the 9th design we have created. We are confident it is our magnum opus.


Humbled by our much deserved reverence for Mr. Curtiss and his greatest-of-all American motorcycle legacy, our team was impelled to reimagine the motorcycle in a sustainable, better way.

Illuminated, clarified and nurtured from the vantage point atop his giant shoulders, we were able to envision the first truly holistic motorcycle design. Rather than packaging a power train within a bicycle-derived two-wheeled form, The Curtiss begins life when the drive shaft penetrates its motor, growing organically from the inside-out.

This utility-patented invention is the source of all ultimate thoroughbred DNA Curtiss forms to come.

Our pre-production alpha and beta prototypes have undergone numerous phases of extensive iterative design, development and validation refinements.

The result is balanced, proportionate, harmonious beauty handcrafted to the highest level of fit and finish that rides like she looks.

Craft Highlights:

  • Exclusively aerospace-grade aluminum, structural carbon fiber & titanium specification
  • 8 phases of iterative fit & finish refinement

We took aim at the smallest viable audience from which we could earn sustainable growing net cash flow: ultra-high net worth Californian and East Coast buyers who aren’t presently considering motorcycle ownership.

We hit the bullseye.

These affluent ladies and gentlemen are drawn to the easy, cool, comfortable and sophisticated experience that the Curtiss approach brings to electrification.

Our strategic go-to-market planning is based upon a focused execution of the “Starbucks model.”

To begin, we will focus on ultra-concentrated penetration in several key geographic markets, including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, New York City, Miami and Washington D.C., prior to global introduction.

There exists an untapped market of extremely accomplished and adventurous ladies and gentlemen with exquisite taste and style yearning for a 5/10ths, easy, cool, smooth, friendly form of recreational motoring that will last for generations and is hassle-free.

Harley-Davidson went from a penny stock to a $7B USD American motorcycle company in 20 years because their leadership identified a whole new category of rider.

We at Curtiss are doing the same. However, we believe our future valuation can best be benchmarked against Ferrari, as electrification makes our opportunity far more palatable for the target audience.

The Curtiss is production-ready. We currently have 130 sets of proprietary components in-house and prepared for final assembly. Additionally, production sub-assemblies for the first 30 examples are complete.

Technology Highlights:

  • Utility-patented platform
  • Aircraft-inspired proprietary Triple Load Path construction
  • World’s first full-immersion, oxygen-deprived energy storage system
  • Motordom’s most densely-packed power train

Upon capital injection of $1.6M, Curtiss will immediately initiate final assembly of the first 130 examples of The Curtiss, for which all long lead time components are in-house.

At a modest 1 bike per week delivery schedule, Curtiss will earn over 25% EBITDA, establishing leadership as the first OEM electric motorcycle maker to earn net cash flow.

This most important milestone establishes our sustainable forever vision (see pro forma below).

Product Roadmap | Top-Down Market Penetration

Much like Elon Musk’s “Master Plan” for Tesla, Curtiss begins at the very top of the market, targeting the smallest viable audience.

Final assembly of 1 motorcycle per week is scheduled to begin October 1, 2024, earning sustainable growing net cash flow. From there, Curtiss will work its way down the market, always offering a pure luxury experience at evermore accessible price points.

Financial Projections

"Luxury goods are the only area in which it is possible to make luxury margins." - Bernard Arnault, LVMH


Curtiss is exclusively a Pure Luxury maker. There is no compromise.

Like your best friend, The Curtiss motorcycle seeks and encourages the gentle, meditative cruise. It is finely-tuned for the ultimate 5/10ths American road bike riding experience.

The high character and friendly personality of The Curtiss encourages its owner to obey all customs while recreationally motoring only when traffic count is at its lowest. The ritual is that of a small aircraft pilot with their beloved family on board.

The experiences and memories derived are made more optimizing by the discipline and responsibility invested.

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