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of a $581,087 goal
$7.3M pre-money valuation Priced Round
I chose to invest in Curtiss because of the team's previous successes in the high-end motorcycle market and their intense desire to create the best and finest electric motorcycles ever. There is currently no leader in the electric motorcycle market and I think their plan of following the Tesla model puts them in a position to take over as a market leader. They have taken a no compromise approach, and their attention to detail and quality is evident and impressive. I live near their Leeds facility and have seen the components first hand. I'm a motorsports enthusiast and own several motorcycles and cars, even a supercar and I can say that the Curtiss is truly a luxury motorcycle built to the highest standards.
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Our first year of production is sold out at margins that generate sustainable growing net cash flow.
Recent coverage in Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Autoweek and Yahoo Autos, among others.
We are replicating Tesla's playbook by starting with luxury and expanding down market.
We believe our modular, scalable, patented platform is the best way to make a two-wheeled EV.
Today's tiny market for premium electric motorcycles is forecast to grow to over $28b by 2030.
Like Tesla for the car, we launch into the electric motorcycle market when there is no leader.
Curtiss is a dream team of American road bike specialists with over three decades of experience.
~$3.5m+ raised to date by over 700 investors, customers, employees and enthusiasts.

Our Team

We feel there has never been true luxury two-wheeled motoring.

Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

“Curtiss is excited to be offering motorcycle and EV enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of the company and join us on our journey as, in our opinion, the world’s leading electric motorcycle brand. The electric motorcycle industry is poised for huge growth and we are proud to be leading the charge.” - Matt Chambers, CEO of Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

Following The Tesla Playbook

The example of Tesla was a great playbook for how to win the electric car market.

We aim to follow this playbook and apply it to electric motoring on two-wheels.

Like Tesla, We Begin With A Great Brand

Like Tesla, We Begin With The Best Operating System

Presenting Our Flagship Debut Model

Our 7 Firsts

  • Created From The Inside-Out
  • Perfectly Centered
  • Full Immersion Liquid Cooling
  • Geometrically And Ergonomically Adjustable
  • Precision-Machined From Aircraft-Grade Billet Aluminum
  • Battery / Radiator / Backbone Singularity
  • Modular Platform Designed For Radical Scale

"It's fun to ride!"

Watch motoring journalist and racer, Alan Cathcart, review The Curtiss after becoming the first independent journalist to ride it.

Traction On The Road And In The Market

We have already sold out our first year of production.

The premium (recreational) battery-electric motorcycle market is forecast to grow to over $28 billion by 2030.

Curtiss: Owned By Our Customers

Our clean and simple cap table is owned by over 700 independent investors, customers, employees and enthusiasts. Get in on the ground floor. Own the American motorcycle company of the future.

Our Plan For Achieving Capital Sufficiency

We believe thinking small, like Tesla did at its start, means a potentially higher return on investment.

Note: Numbers represent estimated cost to achieve full EV production.

Pro Forma

The above contains forward looking projections which cannot be guaranteed.

Modeled after Mr. Musk's top-down "Master Plan."