CurbCutOS, Inc.

To achieve the same impact in the digital world that the curb cut effect caused in the physical

Last Funded December 2023




200%+ VIRAL GROWTH in 2022 with Zero Advertising or Marketing
Q1 2023 booked revenues EXCEEDED all of 2022
AWARDED several grants in St Louis area - Arch Grants and UMSL DE&I
A Seasoned Leadership Team with FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE in living with disabilities

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Our Team

People with disabilities deserve the same digital experience after all, shouldn’t everyone get to enjoy life equally?  We think so!

Fact - a global audit identified 96.1% of websites, apps, digital content, & design elements do not comply with disability standards.  A mere 2.5% improvement from the same audit 2-years prior.

It’s time for it change & we are committed to making it happen! At CurbCutOS, we…

  • Deliver “True” accessibility solutions - those that are built-in at the code level, not bolted on like an overlay, widget, or plugin.
  • Will make sure the “A” gets added to DE&I
  • Focus on "Compliance creates Opportunity" - one that enables people with disabilities to enjoy a better life & companies to connect to... a $1.2T market.

Fact - 69% of people will click away from an inaccessible website (whereas) 82% of people with and without disabilities are willing to spend more on an accessible website.

Fact - denying full access to consumers who are blind is leaving as much as $6.9 billion annually to a handful of accessible alternatives

Fact - approximately 2% of e-commerce transactions are from people who are blind, representing a total market of $10.3 billion annually

Fact - the population, in the United States alone, who will have a visual impairment is expected to double by 2050

Fact – there has been 93% increase in lawsuits against non-compliant companies, almost 80% of the top 500 e-commerce websites received one

Solution Suite...

Our Proprietary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) turnkey solution suite is simple, approachable, provides complete coverage, accommodates all digital accessibility standards, dynamically scans, identifies barriers, & remediates.

Just like Apple does for technology & Zappos does for user experience, CurbCutOS does for Digital Accessibility.

CurbCutOS delivers clarity, peace-of-mind, & one-stop scalability in accordance to your objectives, KPI's, & budgets.

A sampling of our unique traits. We...

  • Are Committed to delivering a memorable experience
  • Replace the break-fix model with one that enables you to continuously evolve
  • Decrease costs & risks 
  • Remove digital accessibility complexities, confusion, & limitations
  • Deliver a "turnkey" solution suite for all of your digital accessibility needs
  • Enable companies to plug into a $1.2 trillion market opportunity
  • Connect Stakeholders to end users with Disabilities
  • Capture proprietary & unique Data Analytics
  • Couple with an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine at the right time

Impact We'll Achieve...

Our name says it all “CurbCutOS”...

Have you ever used a curb cut?  Whether you are riding bike, pushing a stroller, are in a wheelchair, or had issues walking with a cast you have used this feature in the physical world.  

Fact – The cuts you see in curbs were originally designed for people with disabilities.

The “curb cut effect” is a phenomenon of disability-friendly features being used and appreciated by a larger group than the people they were designed for.

Its how CurbCutOS came to be & is the root of Our Purpose to achieve the same impact in the digital world that the curb cut effect caused in the physical world.

Every time we correct and/or develop a digital asset (e.g. websites, apps, documents, audio, video & design elements) we ensure our solutions deliver an equitable & memorable experience that empowers people with disabilities while also benefiting those that don’t have one.

The team at CurbCutOS have first-hand experience with disabilities & understand the digital barriers, as well as the opportunity for this underserved community. It is why we are so passionate about what we do and are committed to making the digital world accessible for everyone. ~ Mark Pound, CEO 

Several members of the CurbCutOS team - Mark Pound (CEO), Will Bubenik (CAO), Kirk Adams (Advisor/Former CEO of AFB), & Tom Jenkins (Content Manager) – all live with a disability, while other members of the team have close family or friends who do. 

We are currently in the application process to become a disability owned company.

In Fact...

The Opportunity...

An underserved $1.2 trillion global market - a few key stats that tell you why...

  • 96.1% Digital assets are NOT COMPLIANT with disability standards
  • 69% of people will click away from an inaccessible website (whereas) 82% are willing to spend more on an accessible website – that consists of people with and without disabilities
  • 93% increase in lawsuits against non-compliant companies, almost 80% of the top 500 e-commerce websites received one

A massive, yet ignored, opportunity companies need to understand & engage.

82% of people living with disabilities say that they would conduct more business with companies that are committed to accessibility (yet) many are unaware of this incredible market opportunity – not to mention their compliance requirements.

When companies understand the opportunity digital accessibility presents & the pitfalls of not enough, it suddenly moves up the priority list.

However, when first exposed to it, companies quickly get overwhelmed with industry jargon, disconnected solutions, misinformation, a fractured model across digital assets, & design & development issues resulting in what is perceived as a high cost of entry.  

It’s why companies turn to CurbCutOS - we overcome those issues! It's why we're already serve big-name companies & are ready to grab a larger portion of this ever-growing market!

We need your investment to continue building our momentum!


Our optimism for the future is not simply based on surveys & research – we have concrete figures from our years in business. 

From our humble beginnings as a one-person operation known as Nebula Media Group to where we are today as CurbCutOS, we have consistently grown year-over-year (YOY) with 200% in 2022 alone.

*Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed.

We're projecting an average 5x YOY growth over the next three years

Forward-looking projections. Not guaranteed

Something that will be achieved due to a robust pipeline of clients, prospects, strategic partners, & influencers. 

  • By 2025, we are predicting to generate $17 million in annual revenue. (Not guaranteed.)
  • By 2026, we envision an acquisition, that will provide our investors the return they deserve. 

How We're Different...

Quality without the cost you would expect. We...

  • Deliver “True” Accessibility solutions & results that are built-in at the code level, NOT bolted on like an overlay or plugin
  • Contribute to your bottom line NOT subtract from it
  • Pride ourselves on providing a memorable experience that delivers peace of mind, NOT a headache
  • Provide a proprietary/turnkey solution suite that captures all disability standards, the entire Digital Accessibility Maturity Model (DAMM), all audit processes, & remediation to deliver complete coverage
  • Have certified developers that focus on quality
  • Exist to empower end users with disabilities to the benefit of everyone
  • If we make a mistake, hey we’re not perfect and know it, we own it & make it right
  • Capture & deliver unique analytics that provide new market insights
  • We’re focused on making digital accessibility simple, approachable, & not just attaining but also & more importantly maintaining it in a manner that fits your objectives & KPI’s!


At CurbCutOS, we love our systems, our team, & what we do (however) don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what a few of our clients have to say…

Join/Help Us Continue Our Rapid Growth...

We have the digital accessibility system, the operational platform, the team, a bursting sales pipeline, & an ever-expanding market - CurbCutOS is positioned to grow for years to come!

Your investment today will enable us to grow due to hiring key personnel & continue expanding the development of our digital accessibility solution suite. 

Help us keep momentum going toward enabling people with disabilities to enjoy life more & companies to grab the opportunity .