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The 1st crypto brick & mortar store focused on providing trust and confidence



reserved of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
 $25M  $20M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $1M of investments will be in a SAFE with a $20M valuation cap and 20% discount
$500, $1K, $10K, $25K, $50K


We are the 1st brick & mortar focused on education and a one stop shop for everything crypto
Mining & Staking markets are projected to be 70+ billion dollars by 2025.
Our Crypto World Kiosk can do buy and sell BTC, regular ATM, POS integration, sports betting, & more
Our Crypto World Kiosk allows us to target other industries outside of just the crypto market.

Our Team

My team and I are very passionate about crypto and this technology. We recognize that the people who still want to get into crypto need to establish trust, and that those same people prefer personal, in-store interactions. We are filling that need and are striving to bring as many people to that "ah-ha" moment, just as we did!


Cryptocurrency is changing the world. Blockchain technology is a revolution, much like the internet was in the 90's. In fact...

The number of Crypto users has grown much faster in its first 10 years (annual rate of ~113%) than the number of Internet users in its first 10 years (annual rate of ~65%)!

Think about how integral the internet is to everyday life, and then imagine how important Crypto will be in even less time!

The world is catching on to how significant cryptocurrency is. Unsurprisingly, the youth has been the first to catch on thanks to their involvement in social media and presence on the internet. This leaves the older generations to be the next wave of adopters!

Coincidentally, this age segment of the population is the same age segment that has, and continues to, prefer in-store shopping instead of online shopping!

This leaves a disconnect between the people who want to understand and learn about cryptocurrency the most and the ways in which cryptocurrency is most often learned about.

So many people just don’t understand how crypto works. Additionally, most media coverage of crypto can scare people; it's filled with reports of scams and rug pulls. It's easy to see why there is a lack of trust and confidence for anyone looking to enter the crypto space. Beyond the constant negative coverage, there is no physical place people can go to ask questions, get educated, and buy crypto products.

Crypto World brick & mortar stores are the solution! People come to the store because we provide trust and confidence through our expertise and physical presence. We teach and educate the youth, the elderly, and anyone that is willing to learn. We are a gathering point- a hub for a community of like-minded individuals to network and learn from one another.

Our model is simple - we provide trust and confidence by offering classes and we bring the community together by hosting free events, like Bitcoin over Beer and Crypto over Coffee, where guest speakers present and then people can connect over their interest in crypto. We are also planning an annual Crypto World convention to be held in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Our classes and free events guide our customers to purchase our mining equipment and join our staking pools. Our goal is to capture just 1% of the $18 billion worth of staking revenue. We will set up the brick & mortar stores as staking nodes, which helps keeps the storefronts sustainable.

For the same reasons stated in our introduction, the crypto market is big and expanding fast! The total market will only continue to grow as Crypto cycles and becomes more widely accepted worldwide.

Our market adoption will be grown from social media influencers as well as from our free events- Crypto over Coffee, Bitcoin over Beer, and future Crypto World conventions. We will partner with crypto organizations both small and large. Beyond that, our classes (both onsite and online) will help guide our students to our own crypto products and staking opportunities.

Crypto is not just a trend. The marriage of crypto and rapidly advancing blockchain technology makes this an exciting and high-growth potential space to be in.

The mining equipment industry is hot as evidenced by Intel’s recently launching a new ASIC chipset. Bitmain, Goldshell & different GPU manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD make up most of the sales. Crypto World sells equipment and will offer customers hosting solutions (similar to data centers). Crypto BTM/ATMs are also a large focus of ours because they make it easier for people to get into crypto. The Untied States is currently leading the charge with crypto ATMs, and we intend to continue this trend. We are rolling out one of the 1st Crypto World Kiosks.  It does Bitcoin buy and sell, it allows for regular ATM use, it has check cashing capabilities, bill pay, sports betting, POS integration, hundred dollar bills to smaller bills, and more.  A fully customizable solution depending on industry.

We don't have any direct competition because we are the 1st brick & mortar store in the world to focus on education, mining, and staking.  

There are other online competitors but our model is different.  Brick & mortar stores like GameStop are indeed changing their model to offer NFT's integrated in with gaming, but this is not our focus.  

We are 1st to market so we are far ahead of everyone else who would be looking to duplicate our business model.  We have also already partnered with significant social media influencers that believe in our mission. 

Our focus to provide trust and confidence will help to get more crypto curious people into this space.  By offering our own classes, we will be able to guide customers to the solutions and partnerships we offer.

With this round of crowdfunding, we plan to begin the expansion process of Crypto World; opening new stores in different regions, kickstarting our crypto world kiosk, hiring more staff, bolstering our investors, and marketing our stores and services.

Our use of funds for our raise will mainly consist of funding and starting our core revenue streams, especially our crypto world kiosks. Every Crypto world location will have its own BTM/ATM kiosk, and will lease out our crypto world branded kiosks to surrounding businesses! These BTM/ATMs come jam-packed with features aimed at lowering the barrier to entry for crypto. 

Our team is incredibly experienced in crypto and in business.  Dan Gysel grew one CBD store to 500 locations in just 3 years.  Rudi is a cyber security expert with 14 years of experience in the Navy.  Michael Carter is the "Michael Jordan" of crypto mining.  He has a farm of 3000+ miners and he has close to 100k followers on YouTube.  We have several other team members working behind the scenes, including other serial entrepreneurs, experienced attorneys,  supply chain experts, and international market representatives.

We are looking to strengthen our team by hiring more employees, including a full-time mining sales rep and Crypto World ATM sales rep. We are franchising Crypto World so starting future franchisees on Crypto World kiosks is ideal.  We will build a 2nd location as a template of how future franchisees would look and feel.

If you see our vision and are excited about what we want to do, please consider supporting us! We are striving to be the most supportive and influential resource center in the crypto community.