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Creator Films

Modern faith-infused movies


First feature-length, faith-infused, romantic comedy in early distribution. Screen tested by 2,000 people. 98% would refer to a friend.
Invest in a company, not a single film. Three in development currently, more added yearly.
Partnership with Glasshouse Distribution for sales and leasing worldwide.
Our productions are efficient and community supported which keeps our costs down. ( 1/4 the cost compared to average independent film)
More than a stockholder, you have an insiders seat as part of the process from the pitch, to production and through distribution.
Our projects are infused with faith. They bring a message of hope, truth, & redemption to the world.
Faith Market is a growing segment and has great potential for crossover to a wider audience.

Our Team

Co-founder David Dietrich is both a filmmaker and pastor.  He is passionate about telling stories about faith, truth, and hope.  His films have inspired hundreds of thousands in church services across the world.  He knows the millions of people of faith across the US are hungry to see characters like them represented in contemporary films.

A New Voice in Media Production

Creator Films is a new kind of media company.  It’s a bold new experiment in the development, production, and distribution of films.  It challenges the norm by activating the crowd, leaning on new technologies, and cutting out the bureaucracy by doing it all in house. 

2.4 Billion Christians are Looking for Content

As Christians search for content they are faced with the reality that the stories being told in our society seem to be obsessed with the darker side of the human condition.  Themes of suicide, crime, betrayal, and distrust are told with increased amounts of sexulaization and gore.   

A Fruitful Opportunity

Faith Based films have a broad market because they are family friendly.  Our goal is not to simply make films that appeal to Christians, but to target a four quadrant market, which is the key to maximizing you audience.  It just so happens that Faith Based films are perfect for solution in that endeavour. Just ask Mark Burnett:

A Million Points of Light Shining Together

The company is owned by people who believe there are better stories to tell. People who recognize the power of a crowd to galvanize an idea to make big things happen.  In short it is owned by people like you!

Our investors (dubbed "Creators") have the privilege of owning stock and participating as a valued insider in the making and distribution of faith-infused, major motion pictures and television. For many of our mission-oriented investors that is only part of their involvement.  They also love the opportunity to do good; by supporting the creation of better stories that impact people through sharing the values of faith, hope, and truth.

In short, our investors are just as interested in the purpose of our company as the plans we have to grow it.

More than a Concept

Creator Films is a new company, but it is built on the foundation of previous ventures.  We have already developed, financed, and produced our first feature film; a Romantic Comedy called False Hopes.  

False Hopes was developed, directed, and produced by our co-founders, David D. Dietrich and Cyndi Monroe.  It is currently beginning it's distribution cycle and is fully owned by Creator Films.  False Hopes is a "prototype" of the type of stories we want to tell (character driven stories, infused with faith, and fun to watch.)

It has been a hit at our special screening events and has been on the most watched list for our distribution partners.   Audiences laugh, cry, and cheer.  Their reviews are heartfelt and passionate.  Check out what audiences have to say!

The First of Many Movies You will Own!

We are a company built for film making.  We own the production equipment, we understand the process from start to finish, and we have a community of artists, actors, and professionals that help us produce on a budget. Films that are faith and family friendly are some of the most successful films each year.

The Next Steps

We have three goals for this year.

1.) Raise funds to grow the company and begin marketing campaigns for current and future projects.

2.) Develop and fund our next two projects.

It's Time to Act!

There’s a lot of people out there that feel like their voice isn’t heard in media. Here’s your chance to be an influencer instead of being influenced. Ask yourself, “Will I ever regret deciding to take an active stance in impacting my society for good with positive, family friendly, faith infused content and media? Or will I regret not seizing a simple opportunity to join others in making a way for our voices to be heard as well?”