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Invest in a company, not a single project. We produce feature films, children's media, and more.
Faith Market is a growing segment and has great potential for crossover to a wider audience.
Distribution partners: Glass House Distribution, Vision Films, Nova Vento Entertainment, and more.
Projects in distribution, production, and development allow you to see exactly what we produce.

Our Team

Co-founder David Dietrich is both a filmmaker and pastor.  He is passionate about telling stories about faith, truth, and hope.  His films have inspired hundreds of thousands in church services across the world.  He knows the millions of people of faith across the US are hungry to see characters like them represented in contemporary films.

A New Voice in Media Production

Creator Films is a new kind of media company.  It’s a bold new experiment in the development, production, and distribution of films.  It challenges the norm by activating the crowd, leaning on new technologies, and cutting out the bureaucracy by doing it all in house. 

2.4 Billion Christians are Looking for Content that Represents their Values...

As Christians search for content they are faced with the reality that the stories being told in our society seem to be obsessed with the darker side of the human condition.  Themes of suicide, crime, betrayal, and distrust are told with increased amounts of sexualization and gore.   

...and Safe Content for their Children

Kids programming is no longer about roadrunners and steamboats.  They now seem to be more concerned with teaching identity politics, worldview, and sexual ethics.  Millions of parents are frustrated at the coordinated effort by the "Media Giants" to shape the values of their children through the media they are consuming.

A Fruitful Opportunity

Faith Based films have a broad market because they are family friendly.  Our goal is not to simply make films that appeal to Christians, but to target a four quadrant market, which is the key to maximizing you audience.  It just so happens that Faith Based films are perfect for solution in that endeavor.

A Million Points of Light Shining Together

The company is owned by people who believe there are better stories to tell. People who recognize the power of a crowd to galvanize an idea to make big things happen.  In short it is owned by people like you!

Our investors (dubbed "Creators") have the privilege of owning stock and participating as a valued insider in the making and distribution of faith-infused, major motion pictures and television. For many of our mission-oriented investors that is only part of their involvement.  They also love the opportunity to do good; by supporting the creation of better stories that impact people through sharing the values of faith, hope, and truth.

In short, our investors are just as interested in the purpose of our company as the plans we have to grow it.

More than a Concept

Creator Films is a new company, but it has proven it's ability to create high quality content.  We have already developed, financed, and produced our first feature film; a Romantic Comedy called About Hope.  

About Hope was developed, directed, and produced by our co-founders, David D. Dietrich and Cyndi Monroe.  It is currently in distribution and is fully owned by Creator Films.  About Hope is a "prototype" of the type of stories we want to tell (character driven stories, infused with faith, and fun to watch.)

It has a 4 star rating on Amazon Prime and is available to view now. 

The First of Many Films (and other media properties) You will Own!

We are a company built for media production.  We own the production equipment, we understand the process from start to finish, and we have a community of artists, actors, and professionals that help us produce on a budget. We are also growing and are preparing to release our first series of Children's books, comics, and animated content. The sky is the limit!

The Next Steps for Creator Films

We have three goals for this year.

1.) Begin production on the 1st season of "Super Scout" our first animated children's show and Creator Kids, our live action musical variety show. Our Pilot is completed and we are already in discussion with distributors about financing.

2.) Develop additional internal structures to support our growing community of "Creators" to maximize our effectiveness and keep our community of investors and supporters engaged.

3.) Begin production on our 2nd feature Documentary. With the completion of our first Documentary, "The Unseen War", we are actively pursuing a follow up documentary on Spiritual Gifts.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

It's Time to Act!

There’s a lot of people out there that feel like their voice isn’t heard in media. Here’s your chance to be an influencer instead of being influenced. Ask yourself, “Will I ever regret deciding to take an active stance in impacting my society for good with positive, family friendly, faith infused content and media? Or will I regret not seizing a simple opportunity to join others in making a way for our voices to be heard as well?”