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Kinetic Cooling for electronics: up to 2x smaller, 50% cooler and quieter

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CoolChip Technologies raises $3M to change how your computer is cooled down
March 16, 2015
Co-founder William Sanchez, president and CEO of the company, told TechCrunch last December that the company's fans are half the size and achieve 35-40 percent greater thermal performance than traditional PC fans.
New at CES 2015: CoolChip Technologies and Cooler Master Join Forces
January 12, 2015
There is plenty of potential in this technology. The air cooling market has been stagnant for a number of years for something truly revolutionary, at there is potential here for both Coolchip and CoolerMaster to break the age old barrier.
CoolChip Technologies Demos Innovative All-Aluminum Heatsink-And-Fan CPU Cooler Design
January 8, 2015
Essentially, the company makes an all-aluminum cooler that functions as both heatsink and fan. Instead of the typical copper heatpipes and plastic fan design, CoolChip's two-piece prototypes consist of a metal plate that rests on the CPU and a metal fan assembly with vertically oriented fins on top. A smooth bearing allows the top piece to spin freely, and it connects to a motherboard's fan pins, just like a typical fan.
CES 2015: CoolChip's Kinetic Cooling Engine—Part Fan, Part Heat Sink, Totally Awesome
January 8, 2015
At this point, it sounds like CoolChip has figured out all of the manufacturability and reliability stuff that’s necessary for a viable commercial product. They’ve partnered with Cooler Master to release a “kinectic cooling engine” that can cool a chip 50 percent more efficiently than a conventional cooler, in a form factor that’s half the size and emits much less noise. Seriously, this thing is quiet.
New kinetic cooler is a heatsink that’s also a CPU fan
January 7, 2015
Heatsinks and CPU fans can be very large, limiting the hardware configurations in any computer, but what if you could condense and combine them into one component? At CES 2015, startup CoolChip Technologies has done just that, making the physical constraints of a case easier to work with.
Cooler Master teams with CoolChip Technologies to advance heatsink with rotating fins
January 7, 2015
Cooler Master claims it offers 50 percent better cooling than a standard heatsink and is half the size. What’s more, it’s also virtually silent compared to a blower-style fan.
CoolChip Technologies Is Redesigning The Humble Computer Fan
December 9, 2014
Then there’s the enterprise and infrastructure market. At a Facebook, Google, or Amazon data center, replacing hundreds or thousands of fans with ones using ~35 percent less power could yield significant cost savings. As data centers move from big PC processors to large networks of ARM chips, there will likely be even more individual chips to keep cool.
Here's What You Missed at Techstars Boston Fall 2014 Demo Day
November 12, 2014
CoolChip, winner of the 2011 MIT Clean Energy Prize, is designing next-generation kinetic coolers for electronics that are two-times smaller, 30 to 40 percent cooler and 100-times quieter. Powering the technology is a group of MIT engineers who have made it commercially valuable and, in just two years, "reinvented a component that hasn't changed in four decades." Microsoft is just one company that's partnered with CoolChip to create more efficient, quieter cooling systems for its XBox.
Meet four standout startups at Techstars Boston demo day
November 12, 2014
This 10-person team is building a next-generation electronics cooling technology that has the potential to save businesses vast amounts of money and energy. The MIT spinout uses kinetic cooling technology that replaces the traditional cooling fan seen in all sorts of electronics from computers to video game consoles. The technology results in lower acoustic noise, at least 35 percent reduction in heat, and the hardware is significantly smaller than a typical fan. The startup recently inked a deal with Microsoft Xbox to develop a cooling system for the video game console.
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