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Kinetic Cooling for electronics: up to 2x smaller, 50% cooler and quieter


Hired by Microsoft to develop cooling for Xbox
$700,000+ grants from National Science Foundation and others
13+ patents granted and patents pending
2 Ph.D's from MIT on founding team
Partnership with Cooler Master to sell first product, 10's to 100's of thousands of units

Our Team


The founders met at MIT and have been friends for 10+ years. Lino and Will share immigrant stories. Both their families emigrated in the 80’s - Will’s from the Dominican Republic at the height of the revolution and Lino’s from Cuba escaping the dictatorship. Steve was raised in a small farming community where scrappiness was instilled into him.

What unites the team is an ethos of perseverance, ingenuity and bootstrapping.

For years, co-founders Will and Steve, were peers at MIT. They converged on the core technologies forming the basis of CoolChip from vastly different perspectives: Will in the context of automotive waste heat recovery and his doctoral research, and Steve in the context of HVAC and refrigeration systems. It was the motivation behind a DARPA solicitation (MACE 2008) that steered Will and Steve towards the opportunity to solve pain points in the IT and electronics cooling space.

We believe Kinetic Cooling technology will usher in a new paradigm for forced-convection cooling; it will shatter the thermal brick wall, displacing decades-old technology.