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Smart Speakers! Listen to music the way the artist intended

Last Funded March 2020


raised from 230 investors


Como Audio has sold almost $10M since we started shipping product.
Raised almost $500,000 on Kickstarter from 1,500+ backers and delivered rewards early in every case.
Raised almost $500,000 in previous rounds of CF Equity Crowdfunding
Almost $6M raised by Founder and early investors.

Our Team


At the moment, we are renting 7,000 sq. ft. at our current location in Braintree, MA, housing our office, lab, and warehouse. The building where we are today has extra space available to rent to expand our operations; thus, we plan to develop our manufacturing operations in the same building, extending our rented area to a total of 30,000 sq. ft.

With the extra space, we’ll be able to build 30,000 – 60,000 music systems and 10,000 turntables a year, locally in the United States, as well as create jobs and grow the Como Audio Brand.

This year, we're completely out of some of our best-selling products, and will be during the peak selling season of September - December. Customers are frustrated and the wait list is already pages long. We're also frustrated and missing out on revenue. The reason we can't get the product is mainly because of huge delays in parts, labor, and shipping - and a big solution is to start making products here.

Advantages of opening our own factory and starting production:

  • Create jobs for US workers & boost economy
  • Take advantage of $10 billion global smart speaker market, bringing a piece of that to the US
  • Cut down on wait times for consumers by a third as we bring our products to market much faster
  • Production flexibility means we can make products as we need them, and cut down on obsolete inventory or money tied up in unfinished goods
  • Complete quality control by moving production and testing in-house
  • Speakers are easy to build and don't require tons of parts or infrastructure that we don't have
  • We have the right founder, with years of experience designing speakers and building them here in Massachusetts
  • We have the right timeline, with increased sentiment towards buying US products



Tom DeVesto, designer, innovator, audio expert, manufacturer and founder of Como Audio, has spent a lifetime creating audio products that can accurately reproduce music.

Over his 40-year career in consumer electronics, DeVesto stayed true to one focused mission: bring music to listeners the way the musician intended.

The veteran electronics legend and visionary started Como Audio to reach a larger number of people with high quality, cost effective products that support the latest technology, are simple to operate, have sophisticated design, and take up minimal space.

Our mission is to provide music enthusiasts around the world easy access to all of the music available - through one device. Since our inception, we've been able to deliver high quality products to thousands of audiophiles. With our hottest items sold out and our waitlist pages long, we're now looking to bring our manufacturing process back to the USA to expedite production and create new jobs, all helmed by our industry-expert founder in our own factory. 


With $10 Billion in global revenue in 2022, the smart speaker market is enormous, and shows no signs of slowing down. Current Verified Market Research® projects revenue to hit $61.87 Billion globally by 2028. Currently, the majority of these products are made in China, but there’s a significant opportunity to bring that business to America, creating jobs, factories, and products made here in the US.

Our target customers are people who love music and want to listen to it the way the artist intended. They care about design and ease of operation, so we pay special attention to both. 

Demand for our product is real: we first brought our Como Audio music systems to market via two very successful Kickstarter campaigns, exceeding our crowdfunding goal by 500%. 

The Como Audio product line currently includes four main wireless music systems: Solo, Duetto, Amico, and Musica. Though they vary in size and features, they all include access to Internet & FM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and Spotify streaming. 

Additionally, all are built with MDF Plywood (no plastic boxes) to enhance sound quality. They are coated with real-wood or piano gloss finishes that will actually match your décor, and come equipped with aluminum knobs and an LCD screen so you can interact with the unit directly and not rely on your phone to operate them.

In 2019 amongst the growing vinyl resurgence, Como Audio teamed up with acclaimed turntable manufacture Pro-Ject to design two custom turntable models, which are now part of our product line. This year, we introduced Blu, our first Bluetooth-only high-fidelity, true stereo system.

Como Audio music systems can wirelessly group to others in the Como Audio family. Up to 5 music systems can be included in a group, and the same audio can be streamed to each, so that no matter where you go in your home, you can hear your favorite song. Groups are controlled via the free Como Control App, available for iOS and Android.

Como Audio's sales model is mostly online, direct-to-consumer business. Our products are available on our website, and sold through major retailers including Amazon and Walmart. 


We've seen steady sales growth over the past few years as consumers continue to discover our products. 

While our 2022 numbers are currently being impacted by the global supply chain delays, we're forecasting a steady increase in revenue over the next 5 years as we start to bring our production in-house. The funds from our Wefunder campaign will help us reach that goal by 2024. 

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Gross Margin has also been on the rise, increasing 28% between 2019 and 2021. 

Though the company is not yet profitable, Net Income has increased significantly between 2019 and 2021. We project to become profitable by 2024. 

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


Como Audio products have been featured in dozens of renowned tech publications including Forbes, Rolling Stone, Sound & Vision and more, as well as on television programs like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Let's Make A Deal. Additionally, our products have received hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon, with the majority ranking at 4 stars or above.