Coco Pago (YC S19)

Coco Pago is the Revolut for Latin America. A super app for money transfers and financial services

Last Funded January 2024


raised from 610 investors


Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

Coco Pago is Revolut for Latin America, it helps migrants send money back home, a $120B market
Launched in early 2022, now making $90k in monthly revenue, and currently profitable
The founders are Venezuelan Migrants understand the pain of sending money to Latin America
The founders have 9+ years of experience building financial products using blockchain technology

Our Team

As migrants, we understand the impact remittances have in the lives of the people who rely on them to survive and the recipient countries in general. We founded Coco Pago to help unleash the economic potential of Latin America, by implementing sophisticated technological systems that create smart ways to administrate and distribute resources.


Note: Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Note: Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.