Digital hair color mixing system — helping salons reduce cost and waste

Last Funded February 2021


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First mover advantage, key patents, and a multi-year lead in a highly fragmented $10 billion market
CEO has designed 5 Internet platforms including the first VPN service with a $630 million exit
A highly scalable business with rapid revenue growth - Q2 to Q3 revenue growth was 2,574%
A strategic pilot with one of the world’s largest beauty companies

Our Team

CLICS' founders are passionate about solving problems for salon owners & stylists while improving our environment through technology. Salons pay in advance for hair color, have difficulty tracking it, dump 30% of it into our water systems & toss a billion non-recyclable tubes into landfills each year. CLICS solves these problems & more.

Empowering Stylists and Salons with the world's first Digital Hair Color Studio

CLICS is the first cost-effective digital hair color studio for stylists and salons. We’re transforming a $10B market by eliminating hair color waste and costly inventory management challenges.

CLICS is fortunate to have attracted $5.4 million from sophisticated, accredited investors including:

Since launch in 2019, we’ve produced over 8,000 commercial dispenses and 1,892 bowls of color. Even though the salon market shut down for most of Q2, our revenue grew 491% in the second quarter compared to Q1 2020, due to increased color sales. From Q2 to Q3, we grew a further 2,574%—having closed a strategic pilot program with one of the world's largest beauty companies.

CLICS is a complete, app-powered digital system that mixes and dispenses hair color. Using the CLICS system, stylists and salon owners can conveniently source hair color, all while saving money by paying only per formula dispensed.

By 2021, the professional salon segment of the hair care market is slated to reach $1.5 billion in the U.S and $10 billion globally. As the only solution of its kind, CLICS is well positioned to disrupt the industry and change the way hair color is prepared, stored, and sold.

With two patents secured and four more pending for our dispensing and color technology, we’re primed and ready to stand as THE solution for color, cosmetics, and beyond.

Our salon program pricing is groundbreaking in its efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility. It rewards high producers and incentivizes growth, all while saving salon owners money. Here’s how our business model works:

The feedback we’ve received from the salon community has been amazing, to say the least.

Leilani Macedo, CLICS' Co-founder, has experienced all of the pain felt by stylists and salon owners: hair color waste worth 30% of their profits, tube packaging that is anything but environmentally friendly, inventory management challenges, limited color choice and formulation mistakes. She looked for solutions and found none, so she decided to solve the problem herself. Here’s a look at our founding journey:

CLICS represents a fundamental advance in supply chain sustainability, with future applications above and beyond hair color—including color cosmetics, spa treatments, nail polish, and more! We have potential for massive growth, and a clear exit strategy with potential 4-6X returns in 1-2 years and 12-16X in 4-5 years.

*The projections above contain forward-looking statements that cannot be guaranteed.

Your investment is rocket fuel to CLICS. Be the fuel and join us on our journey!
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