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3D software platform revolutionizing the building industry - "Digital Twins"

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From Google Earth team, AI tech that helps cities cut costs by 35%, carbon emissions by up to 100%
Digital Twin market forecast to grow from $3.1bn to $48.2bn by 2026
Signed $4.6m in new contracts since start of 2021, with an additional $11m in the pipeline this year
Options to cash out after 12 months via groundbreaking new secondary trading platform
$10m raised so far + over 5,000 investors since 2019. CEO's last venture = 17x for early investors
Clients include CBRE, Atkins, C&W, US govt and AFG - aiming to cut emissions in 1000s of cities

Our Team

The Founder and CEO has spent his 25-year career creating tech that makes buildings and infrastructure more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. As a young architect, he worked on major city-scale projects, and saw first-hand how huge data and analysis problems crippled the building industry. He had a vision and made a pledge to realise it.


The leading Digital Twin AI platform for highly efficient, low-carbon cities, buildings, and infrastructure, from the architects of Google Earth.

The built environment is inefficient, new construction runs over budget, and cities create 70% of global carbon emissions.

Our SmartWorldOS™ Digital Twin software platform is solving these problems as well as attracting major investment and commercial contracts.

Major traction: leading real estate, energy, and infrastructure customers  

Since launching our SmartWorld platform in 2019, major customers include Cushman & Wakefield, WS Atkins, the Orlando Sports + Entertainment District Dev Corp, US Government, CBRE, Foster + Partners, Lamina Tower, JLL, Lendlease, Safely Back, UK Rail Network, and Agile Fractal Grid.

One of only 100+ companies selected to join the World Economic Forum Global Innovators Group

Cityzenith has secured several major industry partnerships to help us stay on top and scale our business into new markets and opportunities worldwide. Those important partners include the World Economic Forum Global Innovators Group, the European Commission, 2030 Districts, and the Digital Twin Consortium.

Our unique approach: a true scalable platform technology

SmartWorldOS™ users create 3D virtual twins of physical building assets on their own, harnessing huge amounts of data and AI services to enable right first time/no waste design + construction, and unprecedented operational savings and efficiencies.

Why we are better than the competition:

    • The 'Platform of Platforms' - Aggregates more software tools and data services than any other product in the building industry. Open, flexible approach vs incumbents' proprietary 'use only our stuff' approach (Autodesk, Dassault, ESRI, Bentley, Willow et al). We have beat them all head to head
    • End-to-end value from 'design to demolition' - Clients can design, monitor, control, analyze, optimize, predict, and collaborate on physical assets all from one application
    • An AppStore for AI tools - Integrates any 3rd party AI and machine learning applications (traffic, maintenance, emissions, space utilization...)
    • Radical, unprecedented improvements in productivity and cost savings - Current projects have proven savings and efficiencies worth:
    •           35% operating and maintenance cost
    •           20% productivity
    •           50 to 100% carbon emission savings for buildings and infrastructure
    • Thinking ahead: a future carbon currency exchange - Plans to link the technology to awarding and trading carbon credits

    How we solve huge problems within the built environment

    • The problem - rising temperatures in cities 
    • The solution  our work monitoring ground-level temperatures in a major smart city project in Amaravati, India has allowed an 8°C reduction in temperature
    • The problem - buildings emit 50-70% of all emissions in cities
    • The solution - Cityzenith is working with partners to develop a Digital Twin Mass Customization Center to provide commercial building owners in American cities with the tools they need to go 'net zero' or carbon neutral, reducing operating costs significantly while increasing rental income and generating carbon offsets
    • The problem - due to the pandemic, 30-40% of US office space in cities is not being used
    • The solution - using Digital Twins, we have been able to track and monitor COVID in real-time to resolve these inefficiencies

    Major media recognition

    Our pioneering software platform has been recognized through significant international industry awards and high-level media coverage, from some of the most trusted sources in business, technology, and finance.

    Major awards

    We've welcomed over 5,000 investors from over 20 countries, and we welcome you too!

    Use and Application of Investment

    Research and Development - 20%

    Sales and Marketing - 25%

    Payroll and Operations - 45%

    Other - 10%

    The above statements are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.