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AI Tech for a greener future!

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 24 investors


ūüí™ $28M in signed LOI agreements large distributor + partnered w/ Arrow Electronics
ūüíį Reduces single-room energy usage by up to 40%
ūüíł Raised over $2.7M in our most recent fundraising round
ūü•Ĺ Affordable robotics alleviating labor shortages while protecting people

Our Team

CIRQ+, to the founders' knowledge, is the only Intelligent automation and robotics platform that will reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions, modernize commercial properties and address labor shortages creating healthier spaces for all.


Property managers face a crisis: energy inflation hurts budgets, but modernizing buildings to become more efficient is expansive and requires significant downtime. 

The current energy crisis is making long-term energy inflation an immediate concern.


CIRQ+ connects to room devices in commercial buildings to optimize energy usage.

As a result of CIRQ+ Ai/Cloud system, room devices are algorithmically designed to optimize energy consumption. 


  • Lights adjust based on room occupancy and time of day.
  • Curtains open during daylight hours to utilize natural sunlight and heat the room.
  • Unused devices will be automatically turned off.


CIRQ+ owns the Ai/cloud platform monitoring and controlling room devices and appliances, and our team will ultimately strive to leverage our patented technology* to invent and deploy machines offerings new features and benefits to property owners. *Patents are owned and licensed by ATOM Inc., a parent company of Cirq+ that is owned and operated exclusively by the two founders of Cirq+.

2022 unveiled devices running on CIRQ+ platform

Each device utilizes a patented MESH network to communicate and build room and space data. Within a short period of full usage, CIRQ+ will gain insight into device energy levels, room purpose and usage, and even the floor plan designs.

Backend Dashboard To Monitor and Control Room Devices

CIRQ Bundled Smart system controlled by dashboard. Devices connect to CIRQ+ Dashboard / Backend.

CIRQ+ builds products that integrate with our platform, further improving cost savings while also optimizing user/visitor experience.

We have endless options to expand revenue streams by building integrated devices, such as smart lights, sensors, thermostat, and more.


Traditionally, modernizing commercial spaces for energy savings costs between $5,000 - $20,000 per room with weeks to months of downtime. 

CIRQ+ connects directly to energy consuming devices, meaning no costly or time-consuming remodeling. The result: setup can be completed in 60 minutes or less for a fraction of the price.


Through a channel partnership with Arrow Electronics, a B2B technology distributor, CIRQ+ has access to large book of business comprising of hotels, apartments, and other commercial buildings. With Arrow Electronics hundreds of sales people representing CIRQ+ products, we have the potential for rapid growth.

Success indicator:

>> Arrow Electronics has already secured $29M LOI as of Q3 2022 for CIRQ+ related products.

>> Hundreds of thousands of rooms are in discussion for purchase of CIRQ+ products.


Almost 81 percent of the apartment buildings (5+ units) were constructed prior to 1990, which based on Harvard University research, means apartments could improve energy efficiency by 30 percent, saving $9 billion in energy costs (source: NMHC)

CIRQ+ conservative algorithm saves 28% while an aggressive setting can result in a 40% reduction of room energy usage. 


Each room can be controlled by the guest through the CIRQ device that connects to the CIRQ+ platform.

Additionally, users can instantly know what amenities and services are within the property and contact the front desk; book spa services; request housekeeping; call the valet, locate local entertainment; set a wakeup call; check-out; and more ‚Äď all from the CIRQ+ platform.


[Apartment] renters are 55 percent less energy efficient than than their single-family counterparts.
(source: NMHC)

On average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

To combat energy waste, the EPA recommends more energy-efficient heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems; efficient fluorescent lighting; passive heating and lighting to take advantage of sunlight; and the purchase of energy-efficient appliances and electronics.

CIRQ+ offers solutions:

  • Ai optimized algorithms to conserve energy usage.
  • Intelligent room design, such as programming the curtains to adjust when sunlight can supplement heating usage.
  • Energy monitoring and reporting¬†through a backend dashboard.
  • CIRQ built devices programmed to reduce energy waste.


  • The hospitality and leisure industry is still down 1.2 million jobs from February 2020. Yet,¬†the 2021-2022 global labor shortage may only be a preview.¬†

By 2030, these older Americans are expected to make up 1/5 of the US population, and the Census Bureau has projected that, by 2034, there will be more people in the US who are 65 years and older than children under age 18.

CIRQ+ will help address the current and projected future labor shortage through intelligent automation 

  • Algorithms vs. manual:¬†Our system resets rooms.
  • Dashboards/monitoring:¬†Greater transparency of room usage, allowing for smarter labor deployment.¬†
  • Intelligent devices:¬†CIRQ+ is building a fleet of technologies to deploy in commercial buildings that will supplement or roles property managers are struggling to fill.

THE CBOT - a CIRQ+ device for a $6.3B TAM

CBOT was not built to serve as a temporary Covid-19 device. We built CBOT because we see the unique advantage we have running the device on the CIRQ+ platform. 

The commercial cleaning addressable market is $88B, and a $6.3B robotic disinfecting SOM. With automation and labor shortage trends projected to continue, there is a strong likelihood that the market for CBOT will grow. 

CBOT has already secured a $29M LOI for purchases through channel partnerships. 


*Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed.

>> We've assembled an experienced team behind 0$ to 9 figure company growth.

>> Our patented technology* includes many clear market differentiators. *Patents are owned and licensed by ATOM Inc., a parent company of Cirq+ that is owned and operated exclusively by the two founders of Cirq+.

>> Market timing is perfectly timed to address energy and labor shortages and to ride the wave of a 10 year technology revolution in commercial spaces.

>> We've already seen strong indicators of success, including a $29M LOI as well as securing a valuable partnership with Arrow Electronics.

Our diverse revenue stream allows us to address a variety of market opportunities creating by CIRQ+, including SaaS reaccusing sales model, robotics, and installation fees.

Early strategy: channel partnerships. 

Through our partnership with Arrow Electronics, we're in discussions with hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms for purchase of CIRQ+ platform and related devices. 

Sales is led by EVP Stephan McKay, former VP of IAVI, where he led sales from $0 to $180M. 

Target Channels

  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Tiny homes
  • Healthcare
  • Office buildings


*TAM projections can't be guaranteed.

CIRQ+ is developing robotics that integrate with the Ai/Cloud platform to automate processes and supplement workforces of the future.

Perfect timing. The declining cost of sensors and navigation coupled with a modular platform to create multi-line fleets.

Widespread and enormous adoption of robotics in commercial property management is taking place, resulting in a projected $277B market by 2030 across all sub-sectors.

Anticipated labor shortages compound the urgency for automation to fill needs and meet budgets. Robotics are set to touch every sector of the global economy. 



Reasons To Invest

Massive Market Opportunity

  • Breakthrough technology can be sold and deployed into every commercial market globally.¬†
  • Market Validation
  • $29M in LOIs signed as of Q3 2022

Extensive Intellectual Property

  • 6 US Patents*¬†including broad method business and utility patents. Numerous additional patents are in process.¬†*Patents are owned and licensed by ATOM Inc., a parent company of Cirq+ that is owned and operated exclusively by the two founders of Cirq+.

Deep Innovation Roadmap

  • Seasoned team leveraging extensive research and development expertise creating additional¬†disruptive technologies to expand capabilities of Smart platform.