Circle Optics, Inc.

Bringing 360-degree imaging to aerospace with NASA and the Air Force. Join Us!

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 90 investors


We have been awarded $5M in contracts with NASA, Space Force, Air Force, NSF and more
Circle Optics has 12 Patents awarded & pending on their method of aligning fields-of-view
We came in top 10/4000 companies in US - Pepperdine's Most Fundable Company® 2022
Our team has bench strength of over 200 patents in the imaging vertical from IMAX, Kodak, and Xerox

Our Team

Our founder was trying to figure out how to enhance Google Street View’s capabilities. Processing the parallax out of 360-degree video requires a person to spend 5+ hours of time for every minute of content. The entire medium is not scalable. Creating the world's first seamless 360° camera was our intention.

THE PROBLEM — Stitching is expensive & time-consuming We Solve The Sticking Problem By Aligning Fields-of-View

  • The Future of 360 Immersive Experiences is in Your Hands 
  • Circle Optics, Inc. is a B-Corp. This choice is a signal in how we value our ecosystem, including the planet, shareholders, investors, innovators and engineers across the globe. We are dedicated to the pursuit of experience that gives more people access to the past, present and future and ignites the human capacity to imagine and create.

    - Circle Optics has massive growth potential and is 100% focused on developing and scaling technology that will allow you to have the capability to share your visual experiences with your friends, family, community and the world.

    Do you remember the first time you used Google Street View?  

    What if you could share YOUR OWN live virtual experiences in real-time?

    That is what we are working on!

    We are raising up to $1,000,000 to make this a reality and we want YOU be part of it!

    Get in early on this  Circle Optics community offering and help us shape the future of immersive experiences. 


    360° imaging is already part of everyday life. From accelerating the delivery of life saving resources, to ensuring aerospace safety, to enhancing surveillance capabilities for protection, to increasing immersive experiences participation, Circle Optics technology will work for you. Different from other cameras on the market which work by overlapping fields-of-view, creating perspective errors, Circle Optics works by aligning fields-of-view to produce a seamless 360° image instantly. No distortion. One click and done.


    Circle Optics’ method of aligning fields-of-view produces no distortion and requires no stitching, enabling your field-of-view to be accurately captured in real time. Our solution is protected by a dozen patents.

    Circle Optics Technology is Different 

    Those requiring a wide field-of-view image have long been forced to choose between one of two flawed methods, a distortion-filled fisheye lens with resolution sacrifices or a parallax-laden multi-camera rig that requires a time-intensive and expensive post-production process. The concept of a real-time, high-fidelity camera rig was thought to be impossible due to the insurmountable problem of parallax distortion. This is fundamentally wrong! Other cameras rely on overlapping circular fields-of-view which contain parallax (perspective distortion) where they meet.

    Circle Optics uses polygonal (non-circular) lenses with polygonal fields-of-view that align along their edges without overlap or parallax distortion, and therefore produce a perfect video capable of being live-streamed without corrective software. 

    This fundamental breakthrough in the way optical systems work provides benefits in any field currently relying on wide field-of-view imaging.

    The drone industry is hampered by an inability to meet regulations to fly beyond line of sight of a human operator. Circle Optics is miniaturizing its novel camera technology under contract with NASA and NSF to enable drones to meet FAA regulations. 15 million drones are expected to fly beyond line of sight by the end of the decade, and they will need this solution to meet regulatory requirements.

    Circle Optics' work in aerospace has been adapted to enhance autonomous systems, such as drones. From this, customer discovery has shown the significant benefits our technology provides for the increased autonomy of both terrestrial and aerial uncrewed systems. Circle Optics is miniaturizing its novel camera technology to provide emerging capabilities to both terrestrial and airborne uncrewed systems. With the ability to enhance a wide range of autonomous imaging capabilities for robots, Circle Optics will enable better self-localization and navigation allowing these systems to operate beyond line-of-sight in GPS-denied environments. Furthermore, this technology can be deployed to collect higher quality visual data for autonomous platforms. This same technology can be adapted for future use in self-driving vehicles for navigation and collision avoidance purposes.


    Persistent ground surveillance solutions scan our skies for threats including missiles, aircraft and UAVs to secure United States’ borders, but solutions today have narrow fields-of-view that operators describe as “looking through a straw.” Circle Optics is working with the Space Force to eliminate the straw-like view, giving full hemispheric coverage of the sky with resolution never before possible with our distortion-free optics.

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    Circle Optics' optimized camera technology will enhance situational awareness capabilities for small aircraft with its ability to produce a unified image of the surroundings instantly. These systems will improve aircraft navigation and prevent potential collisions for safer operation.

    Capturing content for the immersive entertainment industry costs on average $10k per finished minute of video for stitching. Circle Optics’ Hydra camera system eliminates this cost and hassle. In an instant, content is ready for the big screen and live events can be streamed in 8k resolution and with 12-bit color to dome theaters and VR headsets.