Invest in Check-Up Sports Inc.

Check Up, The Basketball Network: Making Basketball Easy To Play & Earn For Everyone


reserved of a $50,000 goal
$3M valuation cap Future Equity
$500, $2K, $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K


Beta 2017-2020. Recoded in 2023 for iOS & Android, added monetization. Now in development.
From 3k Beta to 20,000 users, with 200 monthly active users, & 100% YoY growth.
Across all our social media, we have 30k+ followers and over 100k+ monthly engagements.
Featured on the popular "85 South Show", bringing our app to a wider audience of 2 million plus.
Trusted by: Chi League, Jordan Summer Series, Denard Bros, Overtime Elite, OBL, Big 3, & Wilson.
Featured by basketball communities and influencers, which has driven organic growth.
The team has extensive experience in startups, app development, & of course, Basketball!
Founder dedicated 100% resources, fully bootstrapping to this point.

Our Team

Where The Game Starts.

Our Mission is to build an accessible, monetized basketball network that simplifies play, fosters community, and drives personal growth.

The Basketball Dilemma 

  • Setting up basketball events? Harder than it should be.
  • Looking for courts? Always a challenge.
  • Trying to find players to team up with? Not easy.

Why Now?

  • $39 Billion Market: The amateur sports gig economy is vast, offering abundant opportunities for apps like Check-Up to facilitate and monetize sports services.
  • $16 Billion Creator Economy: A significant market where basketball influencers can leverage their followings to generate content and engage users.
  • Basketball & NIL Rise: The surge in basketball content creation, coupled with new NIL rights for athletes, is creating unprecedented opportunities for engagement and monetization in the sports app space.

Market Opportunity

  • Basketball is the most played sport in the US.
  • Major revenue drivers: ticket sales, court bookings, merch, sponsorships, and content.
  • Digital age? A surge in basketball content creators and groups with huge followings.
  • Our focus? Tapping into the amateur & rec basketball market.

Introducing Check-Up: The Basketball Network

The go-to mobile app platform connecting basketball enthusiasts globally, streamlining the way players find games, courts, and fellow hoop lovers.

Comprehensive Basketball Hub

  • Centralize basketball play: Events, court bookings, and community engagement in one app.
  • Enhance gameplay: Record and score with ScoreCam, track stats, and manage tournaments.
  • Connect players: Unique profiles, streaming content, and real-time "check-in" for games.
  • Grow the community: A digital platform fostering authentic basketball experiences and unity.
  • All basketball, all the time: The ultimate resource for every aspect of the game.

Business Model

  • Subscription plans for event hosts and court owners.
  • Goal: By the end of 2024, target 1,000 host subscriptions and 500 court subscriptions.
  • Freemium tools: brackets, ScoreCam, and scoreboard with upgrade options.
  • Transaction fees from bookings and ticket sales.

Competitive Edge

  • All-in-one hub: Share, connect, play, and watch basketball.
  • Simplifying payments for basketball events and courts, making it easy.
  • Unique tools like Brackets, ScoreCam, and Scoreboard.
  • Strong brand resonance in the basketball world.


  • 20k downloads and 200+ active monthly users; 100% YoY growth.
  • Users created 2,000 events; 6-minute average session time.
  • Conducted five iOS betas between 2017 and 2022.
  • In late development, we're testing our iOS & Android app, recoded from scratch in 2023.
  • We're bootstrapping: all organic growth, no marketing dollars spent.


  • Collaborated with Jordan Brand, Wilson, and top basketball figures.
  • Showcased on the 85 South Show with a 5 million+ platform.
  • Across all our social media, we have 30k+ followers and over 100k+ monthly engagements.
  • Hosts signature events: Check-Up Park Runs and HQ Private Runs.

The Team

Guided by CEO Arie Williams and COO Armani Williams, Check-Up is backed by a team rich in diverse expertise—from app development to startup strategy. Together with a dedicated crew specializing in strategy, collaborations, PR, and marketing, they craft compelling content that has solidified Check-Up's brand recognition in the basketball community. This synergy, rooted in grade school basketball bonds, propels Check-Up as the definitive basketball network.

The Ask

Offer: 10% equity for $300K via SAFE

Targets: Grow to 250K users; 1,000 event & 500 court subs

Use of Funds:

  • $50K: Finish final touches on revamped iOS & Android App launch, marketing, and start generating revenue.
  • $250K: New features, operations scale-up, strategic partnerships, and proven product market fit.

Investor Incentive: Partnership in Check-Up's growth journey.

Go To Market

  • A blend of digital and physical strategies.
  • Leveraging influencer marketing and targeted social media campaigns.
  • Partnering with basketball organizations for stronger reach.
  • Hosting and collaborating on basketball events, building our brand through content.
  • Strategic sponsorships amplify our basketball presence.

Our Vision

At Check-Up, we're bringing basketball into the digital age, preserving its core values while embracing modern technology. Join us in creating a more connected and inclusive basketball experience. The Game Starts With Check-Up, The Basketball Network.