Invest in Check-Up Sports Inc.

Check Up, The Basketball Network: Making Basketball Easy To Play & Earn For Everyone


reserved of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
$3M valuation cap
$500, $2K, $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K


Beta 2017-2020. Recoded in 2023 for iOS & Android, added monetization. Now in development.
From 3k Beta to 20,000 users, with 200 monthly active users, & 100% YoY growth.
Across all our social media, we have 30k+ followers and over 100k+ monthly engagements.
Featured on the popular "85 South Show", bringing our app to a wider audience of 2 million plus.

Our Team

Where The Game Starts.

Our Mission is to build an accessible, monetized basketball network that simplifies play, fosters community, and drives personal growth.

The Basketball Dilemma 

  • Setting up basketball events? Harder than it should be.
  • Looking for courts? Always a challenge.
  • Trying to find players to team up with? Not easy.

Why Now?

  • $39 Billion Market: The amateur sports gig economy is vast, offering abundant opportunities for apps like Check-Up to facilitate and monetize sports services.
  • $16 Billion Creator Economy: A significant market where basketball influencers can leverage their followings to generate content and engage users.
  • Basketball & NIL Rise: The surge in basketball content creation, coupled with new NIL rights for athletes, is creating unprecedented opportunities for engagement and monetization in the sports app space.

Market Opportunity

  • Basketball is the most played sport in the US.
  • Major revenue drivers: ticket sales, court bookings, merch, sponsorships, and content.
  • Digital age? A surge in basketball content creators and groups with huge followings.
  • Our focus? Tapping into the amateur & rec basketball market.

Introducing Check-Up: The Basketball Network

The go-to mobile app platform connecting basketball enthusiasts globally, streamlining the way players find games, courts, and fellow hoop lovers.

Comprehensive Basketball Hub

  • Centralize basketball play: Events, court bookings, and community engagement in one app.
  • Enhance gameplay: Record and score with ScoreCam, track stats, and manage tournaments.
  • Connect players: Unique profiles, streaming content, and real-time "check-in" for games.
  • Grow the community: A digital platform fostering authentic basketball experiences and unity.
  • All basketball, all the time: The ultimate resource for every aspect of the game.

Business Model

  • Subscription plans for event hosts and court owners.
  • Goal: By the end of 2024, target 1,000 host subscriptions and 500 court subscriptions.
  • Freemium tools: brackets, ScoreCam, and scoreboard with upgrade options.
  • Transaction fees from bookings and ticket sales.

Competitive Edge

  • All-in-one hub: Share, connect, play, and watch basketball.
  • Simplifying payments for basketball events and courts, making it easy.
  • Unique tools like Brackets, ScoreCam, and Scoreboard.
  • Strong brand resonance in the basketball world.


  • 20k downloads and 200+ active monthly users; 100% YoY growth.
  • Users created 2,000 events; 6-minute average session time.
  • Conducted five iOS betas between 2017 and 2022.
  • In late development, we're testing our iOS & Android app, recoded from scratch in 2023.
  • We're bootstrapping: all organic growth, no marketing dollars spent.


  • Collaborated with Jordan Brand, Wilson, and top basketball figures.
  • Showcased on the 85 South Show with a 5 million+ platform.
  • Across all our social media, we have 30k+ followers and over 100k+ monthly engagements.
  • Hosts signature events: Check-Up Park Runs and HQ Private Runs.

The Team

Guided by CEO Arie Williams and COO Armani Williams, Check-Up is backed by a team rich in diverse expertise—from app development to startup strategy. Together with a dedicated crew specializing in strategy, collaborations, PR, and marketing, they craft compelling content that has solidified Check-Up's brand recognition in the basketball community. This synergy, rooted in grade school basketball bonds, propels Check-Up as the definitive basketball network.

The Ask

Offer: 10% equity for $300K via SAFE

Targets: Grow to 250K users; 1,000 event & 500 court subs

Use of Funds:

  • $50K: Finish final touches on revamped iOS & Android App launch, marketing, and start generating revenue.
  • $250K: New features, operations scale-up, strategic partnerships, and proven product market fit.

Investor Incentive: Partnership in Check-Up's growth journey.

Go To Market

  • A blend of digital and physical strategies.
  • Leveraging influencer marketing and targeted social media campaigns.
  • Partnering with basketball organizations for stronger reach.
  • Hosting and collaborating on basketball events, building our brand through content.
  • Strategic sponsorships amplify our basketball presence.

Our Vision

At Check-Up, we're bringing basketball into the digital age, preserving its core values while embracing modern technology. Join us in creating a more connected and inclusive basketball experience. The Game Starts With Check-Up, The Basketball Network.