ChangeRoots, Inc

The app to create a new class of political donors

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Impact: Donations to political campaigns are the most effective way to motivate politicians
Timing: 18 to 34-year-olds desire effective civic engagement at an all-time high
Traction: 3,600+ people downloaded the app in just 3 months with limited marketing
ROI: At scale, we hope (not guarantee) ChangeRoots will be $100+ million rev. company with $50 million in profit

Our Team

Our mission is to create an engaged donor base motivated to end toxic partisanship and elect public leaders who represent the needs of their community and pass resilient solutions to our most dire challenges. We believe by mobilizing microdonations and removing bias from the political conversation, we can accelerate this reality.

Why we created ChangeRoots

Our vision at ChangeRoots is a world rooted in love, where we prioritize the wellbeing of all over party loyalty. Toxic partisanship is a tribal, zero-sum way of looking at the world that is breaking our democracy apart.

Today, trust in government is at an all-time low. Contempt for the other party is at an all-time high. And legislative gridlock is the worst it’s been in 40 years.

Throughout history, when democracy has been at the brink of collapse, leaders emerge who rise above the pettiness of the day to heal our nation. We need those leaders now more than ever.

What is ChangeRoots? 

ChangeRoots is the app that seeds the ground for this great leadership to emerge by changing the incentivize structure in politics. Our app empowers people to incentivize politicians to rise above, to find common ground and to pass legislation that improves our wellbeing.

Why now?

The country and especially Gen Z is fed up with our broken parties and our broken politics. Tens of millions of young Americans are primed for something that gives them the power to shake up politics. Gen Z understands that money has power. That’s why they use their wallets every day to make statements about their values.

How is ChangeRoots doing?

Our early traction shows that we’re hitting the mark. It’s been 3 months since we launched the app and our growth is strong. 

More than the numbers, the feedback has been tremendous. This is even before we’ve rolled out some of our most engaging features.

How big can ChangeRoots get? 

ChangeRoots is a purpose-driven business that has the potential to become highly profitable. We earn revenue from three proven business models - user tips, subscriptions and data. 

GoFundMe earns over $100m per year from tips. And Headspace earns over $200m from 2m subscribers. We believe our data on what statements and issues motivate 18-35yr olds to donate is one of a kind.

*These are forward-looking figures that cannot be guaranteed.

Our early traction suggests that we will be able to achieve that much sought after 3:1 LTV: CAC ratio. (LTV = "lifetime value"; CAC="customer acquisition cost). This is driven by our layered revenue model and low customer acquisition costs.

How will ChangeRoots use your investment? 

We think this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of not just a successful consumer app with great prospects, but this is your chance to be part of laying the foundation for that post-partisan world, that world rooted in love that we’ve always dreamed of in our hearts, but never believed possible. That future starts now, we invite you to join us.

How the ChangeRoots App Works 

How the app works is simple. We publish political statements on a daily feed, like a curated twitter. By tapping Keep It Up on a statement, users donate a minimum of $0.25 to that politician as a reward.

Or a user can tap Do Better on a statement, sending a donation to a fund that goes to that politician's challenger. We tag the content as healthy, neutral or toxic based on our proprietary methodology. This way respect and integrity get rewarded while incivility and contempt get disincentivized.