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World's First Health-Tracking Toilet Seat

Last Funded November 2021


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💵 Previous seed round $1.3M from notable investors, including 2 Nasdaq-listed company CEOs.
👩🏻‍🔬 Team includes former Sony, Nike, and Jawbone execs + Harvard & MIT Ph.Ds.
🚽 First bidet seat capturing advanced health data (EKG, HRV, Hydration, GI health, BMI, etc.).
✅ Test ad campaigns returned 10x above average CPC and CTR — high demand & low competition.

Our Team

"We want people to live longer and healthier lives by making preventive healthcare part of every day life, and our team has the unique collective experience to make this a reality."

Isn’t it time the toilet evolved? At Çava, we’re bringing a smarter toilet experience to every home in America—combining advanced health tracking features with a built-in bidet, heated seat, and much more.

In response to COVID-19, consumers have begun actively searching for new wellness and hygiene solutions. In fact, wellness tracking, smart homes, and personal hygiene are three of the fastest growing trends in the U.S—and we’re answering the call.

Bidets are gaining popularity rapidly in the US, but there are too many barriers to entry for consumers (like expensive installation and incompatible plumbing). That’s why we built Çava to easily attach to any existing toilet, at an affordable price point. We’ve created an innovative solution in a market on the verge of exponential growth.

The US is falling behind the rest of the world in the toilet race. Current smart solutions are expensive, bidets are few and far between, and integrated health tracking is non-existent. We’re solving all of those problems.

To better understand America's perception of a bidet, and their overall willingness to engage in "toilet" related content, we ran a lead generation ad campaign. And the engagement results were outstanding. Our ads returned 10x above average CPC and Conversion Rates, proving early demand and validating our differentiator.

Our stellar team includes former Sony, Nike, Google and Jawbone execs + Harvard & MIT Phds—combining deep industry knowledge, award-winning design, and progressive leadership. Additionally, our world-class strategic investors and partners (Domo Inc. and Spanner PD) are actively supporting the development of our digital offering and hardware solutions.

Other “smart” toilet seats are, well, less smart, more ugly, and simply not budget-friendly. With Çava, we’ve built a sleek, comfortable, functional and affordable solution—and we’re on a mission to put a smart toilet in every bathroom in America.

In French, Çava means both the question, “How are you?” and the response, "I'm doing well." Çava? Çava. And both are at the heart of what we are building at Çava.

Most conditions start developing days, months, sometimes years before we feel any pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, access to preventative healthcare is very limited, even though we have the technology to detect more diseases and illnesses earlier than ever before

Want to track GI issues, heart conditions or just improve your athletic performance? The Çava App helps you set goals, track your progress and alerts you when patterns change.

In the $19T wearables sector, health and wellness monitoring is one of the fastest growing trends on the planet. But most products in this industry are catered towards niche audiences, and require you to do more—they need to be charged, and, as the name suggests, worn. With Çava, all you have to do is sit down

Çava is on the brink of production, and we have a clear roadmap for the future. Ultimately, we plan to expand internationally with smart features ranging from urinalysis to in-home health sensors. By investing at this early stage, you get a stake in the future of actionable data.

Together, we can make our world healthier. We can significantly improve individual health, reduce the burden on our healthcare system, and try to prevent the rapid spread of another pandemic like COVID-19. But we need your help.

An investment in Çava is a healthy investment for any portfolio, and a healthy investment in the future.