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YC-Backed Casetext Takes a New Angle on Value Added Legal Research With Wikipedia-Style User Annotations
August 12, 2013
The key idea behind Casetext is that the annotations that drive legal research databases like Lexis and Westlaw can be crowdsourced. While the "core of Casetext – access to over a million cases, users’ annotations, and the ability to annotate – is free."
Casetext : Social meets primary legal research
July 27, 2013
"Casetext is the brainchild of two lawyers, Jake Heller and Joanna Huey, who met in 2009, when Jake was president of the Stanford Law Review and Joanna was president of the Harvard Law Review."
New Legal Research Site Combines Case Law with Crowdsourcing
July 26, 2013
Imagine if you could combine a full-text case law library for research with crowdsourced editing and annotating in the style of Wikipedia and user rankings of annotations and references in the style of a site such as Digg? "Casetext reflects the sort of innovative thinking that will define the next generation of legal research."
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