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Calm Company Fund

Investment Advisor + Mentor for Founders of Calm Companies

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Investor Panel

Brian Mac interviewed Calm Company Fund on May 4, 2021. Play Video
Brian Mac Mahon
Brian has lived in over 40 countries and owned multiple companies. He's one of the most respected startup influencers in Silicone Beach.
says, "Already invested in a good number of companies so early domain experience established."
says, "Founder is spending the money to bring in more partners. This is very important to make the fund successful and should be a priority."

What Investors Say

CEO + Founder, Tech Ladies®, Angel Investor
Invested $5,000 this round
I'm so excited to be coming on as a Lead Investor in Earnest Capital's round. Earnest is being strategic about the largely untapped market of funding entrepreneurs who are focused on profitability from day one, and building calm, super-focused companies. These founders have traditionally been overlooked but represent a huge opportunity to grow the next generation of companies that have both staying power and ability to grow on their own terms for years to come.

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