Ready to bring live entertainment booking out of the dark ages? So are we.

Last Funded July 2022


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📈Waitlist of 250 artists and 75 venues
💰$102,000 in non-dilutive capital
👀 Booked 20 shows in first 3 months before platform was even built
📚Slauson/Grid 110 Friends and Family Accelerator participant

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Introducing Cadenzo: we make booking shows easy, fast, and fair.

Venues and artists desperately need a tool to free up their time.

Your favorite local venues and artists across the US are losing tons of time. Why? Because they have never been given a tool to operationalize their booking. Instead, they are stuck piecing together tools like texting, email, and excel to manually book their shows, manage payments, and communicate with one another. 

We bring booking into the 21st Century.

Cadenzo allows artists to become their own, efficient booking agents while providing venues with the tools to streamline the logistics of planning and managing their shows. 

Less time booking means more time for artists and venues to build a business. Artists,  go record that new single! Venues, run that marketing campaign to sell out your shows!

With Cadenzo, venues and artists can book a show in just a few clicks, unlocking their true potential!

Customer Driven Founders

We are all graduates of the University of Oklahoma where we first began working together.  Since then, we have participated in 3 accelerators where we have grown as founders and become obsessed with solving our customer's problems. 

Here are our super powers:

Marc: selling Cadenzo, recruiting and culture building, ideation, crisis management.

Andres: execution, dealing with the details, staying calm, receiving and implementing feedback.

Troy: building without limits, learning quickly, persuasion, ensuring a great time.

Disruption from the bottom up

We are hyper focused on small, local venues and artists. Helping this market will allow us to grow into bigger venues and bigger artists across the country and globe. 

Accessible for venues and artists of any size or following

Progress that means something

We tripled our waitlist of artists and venues in just 3 months. In January of 2022, we plan to launch Beta and onboard our waitlist. Q2-Q4 will focus on 10-xing our users with a market by market approach using artists as micro-influencers and hosting launch parties for new venues. 

There's no question about it: we do booking better, and we have a plan to make it happen.

What's in a name? Our Mission.

To amplify culture and creativity by making live entertainment more accessible. We are so excited for you to join us as we create this new phrase in live entertainment!

Have questions? Wanna meet the team? Feel free to book time with Marc here.