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Creating and curating wine brands to meet consumers trends



reserved of a $50,000 goal
Priced Round
 $13M  $11M pre-money valuation
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be at a $11M pre-money valuation
$500, $2K, $5K, $10K


📈 $1.9mm in revenue in 2021 up from $1.1mm in 2020
⚡️ Distributed in 18 states with 700+ total accounts (Total Wine, Sprouts, Bristol Farms, HEB, +)
🍷 Proven track record with 3 unique brands (Obvious Wines, Loud & Clear, Apres Sol)
🚚 National Distribution Partnership with largest alcohol wholesalers RNDC & Breakthru

Our Team

Wine is fun! Also, the current wine brands do not cater to the younger drinker. Buvette was created to create wines for our friends and to simplify the wine drinking experience.


Being the Frenchman in New York, friends would always ask Brice for wine recommendations. He thought, "why are people so scared of wine in the US, but not of beer or liquor?" This inspired him to launch Buvette, with the goal of demystifying wine while respecting high standards of quality & transparency. 

Our Go-To-Market Strategy:

By launching our first Brand Obvious Wines, we learned a lot about sourcing the right wine and making something different than what you could already find in the market. We developped strong relationships with wineries in California, France, Italy and Chile.

Our selection criteria are: Estate Grown, Estate Bottled, Eco-friendly, Vegan practices in the vineyard and in the winery. No pesticides, no herbicides, and very limited intervention in the winemaking approach. 

Buvette brands are currently distributed in 18 states, with partnerships at major markets (such as Sprouts, Total Wine, HEB) and multiple high-end restaurants nationwide.

We currently have three successful brands (Obvious Wines, Loud & Clear, and Après Sol), and are incubating new ideas for scaling our business in the future. 

When it comes to brand building, we go a different route than our competitors:

Using our (currently) small size to our advantage, we are able to test the waters without taking too much risk, by creating small batches to taste test and pitch before scaling at higher volumes.

Our Current Brands: 

Obvious Wines was our first brand. It started with selling our "Dark and Bold" in Los Angeles, and consistently having it sell out! We have since created an entire collection to match consumers taste profiles, and have been receiving rave reviews from our customers and the press.  

Received a $160K offer from Lori Greiner

Since its inception, Obvious Wines has sold 350,000 bottles across 7 states. We have held private tastings for major companies, including Google, Goop, Snapchat, L'Oreal, and Buzzfeed.  

Our second brand, Loud & Clear, was uniquely developed for our partnership the company 'Sprouts.' 

It was initially launched in 230 stores across the US, and in 2022 will expand into 'Sprouts' supermarkets across 12 states!

Apres Sol is our most recent brand, which launched in June 2021 throughout SoCal and sold out within months!

Our Wholesale & Online Stats:

Buvette's Obvious Wines brand saw impressive sales and repeat order rates in 2021. Consumers love our wines!


Currently, we have been marketing our Buvette brands by holding tastings and demos in stores and at events & wine festivals, and have invested in Facebook and Instagram marketing (including influencer marketing). 

With this raise, we plan to expand our marketing tactics even further, by hiring a VP of Marketing, building our brand ambassador networks, and hiring an advertising agency to efficiently promote our products and brand. 


In 2021, we saw 1.9M in revenue! With the combination of more sales associates nationwide, more marketing, and new brands, we plan to see a rapid increase in revenue by 2025. 

Our Team:

We have a passion for wine and for getting it to the right people! Our CEO was awarded the "2020 Wine Industry Leader" award by Wine Business Monthly, and was Head of Finance for L'Oreal for 10 years, and our VP of Sales has 13+ years in the Wine & Food Industry. Our fleet of sales representatives are located throughout SoCal and Florida, and our Board of Advisors has years of experience in the beverage and startup industries.  


We have decided to host a public crowdfunding round because wine is best when shared. We are looking to gain more than investors: we want to engage with and give back to our loyal customers who have made Buvette possible. 

With this raise, we will hire more sales representatives across the US, hire more staff in every division to grow our operation, create new brands, bolster and increase our marketing efforts, and much more. 

(Future projections cannot be guaranteed)