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Invest in BTP Automation

Invest in the Future of Business Travel


👔 Founders with deep domain knowledge & a prior exit. We know how to scale & sell businesses.
📈 Strong early sales pipeline of $4M (not guaranteed). Just getting started in a $400B market.
✅ Service actually works -- quantifiable customer savings of 10%-14% (millions for large companies).
🤝🏼 Raised $2.3M prior. This is our community's opportunity before Series A.
🔥 Key customer reduced their hotel spend by 11.2% within the first month.
👏 BTP has delivered over $1M in savings to their customers year to date.

Our Team

BTP's Chairman, Dan Whaley and CEO, Bruce Yoxsimer co-founded GetThere in 1995. GetThere was the world's first web based travel booking system. This launched one of the largest industries in the world, primarily in the leisure market. BTP is solving the same magnitude of problem that exists in the very large corporate travel environment today.


Led by Bruce Yoxsimer and Dan Whaley, who pioneered online travel bookings in the 90s and are credited with creating the first-ever travel booking on the web. Sweet!

The BTP Leadership team has been there and done that, with deep domain knowledge, a combined experience of over 130 years in Business Travel, and a track record of building successful companies.

Corporate hotel sourcing is STILL being done using spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. Wait, what?!

These dated processes cost millions - and you can’t fix what you can’t see!

Introducing the BTP Index by BTP Automation. A first-of-its-kind fully-automated hotel sourcing system. The index automatically renegotiates program terms and conditions throughout the hotel program life cycle.

Reduces sourcing time from months to weeks with data-driven refinements and predictive analytics.

The BTP Index uses proprietary technology that monitors travel patterns and changing market conditions.

We aggregate and automate ALL data sources, expenses, GDS, and third-party pre-trip data, delivering the ultimate visibility for customers.

As a result, customers receive proactive, corrective actions that save money before travel occurs.

Travelers are more likely to stay at your corporate hotel if it has been sourced at a competitive rate and is popular with your travelers.

Hotels are happy, they get the business they expected due to a more intuitive and streamlined sourcing process.

Simple yet powerful ROI.