Boseco Inc.

Coffee "Uber" for Starbucks Lovers with Mobile E-bike Coffee Shops

Last Funded August 2022


raised from 132 investors


🚀🔥$600K in total revenue
💸1100% revenue growth in the past 2 years
🔥💰Founders have completed 8 exits: their businesses generated over $200 million in total revenue
🔥💸While this forecast cant be guaranteed, Boseco forecasts $440 million revenue

Our Team

Coffee shops don't provide a wide variety of premium-quality coffee and can also deliver it fresh within minutes. Thus, we decided to “Uberize” the coffee market globally by providing a speedy and flexible service that allows anyone to order a delicious cup of coffee and receive it within minutes from virtually any location in their city.

Boseco provides an enormous opportunity to disrupt a massive $465 billion global coffee market with “Uber and Starbucks-like” business model.

Boseco successful entrepreneur-founders invested $1 million of own capital to develop cutting edge, one of a kind technology, great tasting coffee, and its delivery method to decentralize and disrupt the massive $465 billion coffee market. We source our coffee worldwide to brew coffee beverages which taste just as good as your favorite coffee shop drinks.

Boseco is an “Uber of coffee shops”. What ride-hailing apps did for taxis, Boseco will do for coffee shops. Our model plans to revolutionize the traditional inefficient coffee shop model by utilizing our fast and agile electric mobile baristas and excellent-tasting coffee.

We have achieved $600k cumulative revenue in approximately 2 years, resulting in a total growth of 1100%. We sell 1.2 million doses of coffee per year. We believe the on-demand, mobile barista market is $90 billion per year, with the potential to generate $30 billion in profits for coffee entrepreneurs. This will open a new channel to generate excellent profits just as ride-hailing companies did 10 years ago.

The enormous $500bn coffee shop market is highly inefficient and presents massive opportunity for disruption.

Boseco created first-of-a-kind "Uber-like" model for the coffee market, we combined gourmet coffee shop-quality coffee with a fast and agile electric mobile "coffee shop".  Customers can order coffee via an app or buy right at the source. 

Early Adopter


Boseco has grown 11x in approximately 2 years, with total revenues amounting to $600k. The coffee market is gigantic and inefficient. Boseco management believes the market is ripe for disruption and that utilizing an "Uber-like" on-demand model provides an incredible opportunity to generate $400+ million in revenue in five years.

Boseco’s continued growth is fueled by an extremely passionate and dedicated team. Our founders have invested $1 million of their own capital to build the next generation of coffee platforms that customers will love. We have designed, built, and completed the initial roll-out of e-baristas, created and packaged coffee shop-quality coffee, and built its delivery mechanism for an impressive 1100% growth in revenue. We are now ready to accelerate our success and expand worldwide.

The global coffee market is enormous at $465 billion. Disrupting just 20% would create a massive $90 billion annual opportunity. Our management estimates new generation of "coffee uber" entrepreneurs can generate a massive $30 billion in combined profits.

We believe this massive opportunity will fuel intense international demand which Boseco will satisfy via product licensing and in-house production and expand to 100 big cities by year 5.

Our management team has a proven successful track record with 8 business exits. Join us on this incredible journey!

Our technology.

Boseco’s mobile e-bike coffee shop service, Coffeeshing, was developed end-to-end by a team of expert in-house engineers. It is powered by state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical engineering solutions.

Our engineers took the concept of a tricycle and re-worked it for maximum performance, efficiency and convenience so that it could function as a reliable and user-friendly mobile coffee shop.

Our all-wheel-drive tricycles have ideal weight distribution between the rear and front axles. The tricycle design allows increased maneuverability due to the rear steering wheels and electric drive.

Our bikes have a full combined drive while the independent mechanical drive of each of the wheels prevents wheel slip and uneven tire wear. The electric drive of the front wheels and the steering system design, according to Ackermann's rule, ensures that there is no wheel slip when cornering.

Our powerful battery of 20 Ah, 48 V provides at least 25 miles range on a single charge. We intend to increase the battery capacity up to 80 Ah, which will increase the range to 100 miles per single charge. A set of unique 3x20 Ah, 48 V batteries allows the bike to connect to a wide range of equipment such as coffee machines, electric grills, and microwave ovens. The balancing electronic hardware used in the construction allows more than 1000 charge-discharge cycles and high-current devices to be connected without damaging the batteries. We use unique lightweight and durable composite materials for the casings of coffee boxes and Coffeeshing Deluxe cabins. We’ve also installed a powerful, custom-designed inverter that converts DC current from the battery.

Boseco Inc. has also programmed an intuitive mobile app to enhance the experience for both clients and baristas. The app features a modern design and high degree of functionality, with all data located and backed up on secure servers. The app can be used to both order and deliver coffee and allows baristas to easily order additional inventory. All key features needed to both operate the Coffeeshing service successfully and provide excellent service to customers are included in the app.

The blends of coffee selected by our coffee testers in Belgium originate from 12 different countries around the world. This is why our coffee matches the quality of coffee purchased at high-end coffee shops. Our coffee capsules are biodegradable with zero carbon footprint and are made using compostable PLA.