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Invest in bluShift Aerospace

World's 1st Carbon-Neutral Biofuel-Powered SmallSat Space Launch Service

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🥇 bluShift is offering the first dedicated rocket launch service for small satellites
🚀 First rocket company to use non-toxic, nearly carbon-neutral, bio-derived fuel
📡 bluShift is part of a rapidly growing, $28B+ market opportunity for launching small satellites
💰Projected cash flow positive in 4 years, net margin increases to 50% in 7 years (not guaranteed)
🌊Unique advantage - launching from Maine's coast provides access to desirable polar orbit
🏆Paying Customers are already onboard!
📈 Over $1M raised to date!

Our Team

In 2013, I discovered a new bio-derived substance that worked better than traditional petroleum fuels for rockets. We want to see more commercial space companies use Earth-friendly fuels to power our curiosity and ambitions to space.

Be a part of history! Invest in the world's first company to commercially launch a rocket using a nontoxic, carbon-neutral, bio-derived fuel.

Why bluShift Aerospace?

The satellite industry is going through a MASSIVE growth period. The new space race is on, and bluShift is positioned to dominate.

With the small satellite launch industry expected to grow to over $28B in just the next 10 years, the demand for delivery has never been greater.

Our custom-tailored approach will allow our customers to put satellites in orbit with weeks’ notice, rather than years. If that's not enough, our strategic location gives us advantages that no other launch service can provide.

We are not only the most desirable service, but we're also the most Earth-friendly. As more and more launches are required to develop the New Space Economy, it's important to consider the environmental implications. bluShift's proprietary fuel is non-toxic and carbon neutral, making us the only rocket company that is making protecting our planet a priority.

We’re on a mission to create an earth-friendly aerospace industry – with an Uber-like space launch service that carries small payloads for paying customers. 

We've been blown away by the support from the greater public for bluShift, and our green approach to space flight, our focus on providing dedicated 'uber-like' launch service to small satellites.

In that same spirit, we've decided to skip traditional funding methods, and open it up to the community that has expressed so much support for us! We want to allow a wider audience a chance to get in on the ground floor of a company where the limit is literally beyond the sky.

Perhaps you are someone who loves spaceflight, and wants a small piece of a great company, or you are a strategic investor and appreciate the potential financial returns. Either way, we hope this is an opportunity that appeals to you!

The top 6 reasons you should invest in bluShift

bluShift is the first commercial rocket company in the world to develop a space launch service using an Earth-responsible, cost competitive, near carbon-neutral, bio-derived fuel. Our rocket fuel is less expensive than traditional rocket fuel per kilogram, completely non-toxic, and can be sourced from farms across the world.

bluShift will provide a more sustainable, economical and accessible space launch solution

We believe bluShift's sub-orbital and orbital launch services will be the first to provide a cost-effective 'Uber to Space' to carry just a handful of small payloads in an industry where there are only Freight Trains (e.g. SpaceX and ULA) or Large Buses (e.g. Rocket Lab, Astra, Virgin, and Blue Origin).

Our target customers, who are currently waiting 2-3 years in queue for launch, will pay up to 25% more to speed their time to launch.

bluShift's 2-phased launch service, suborbital followed by the addition of orbital, will speed accessing significant sales revenues to within 12-18 months from now, while putting us on a trajectory for positive cash flow by 4 years from now as we scale up our team, rocket manufacturing, and launch services off the coast of Maine. Our net margin is projected to be 50% within 7 years from now as we fully scale up.

Sub-orbital customers have told us they want more time for their science payloads to be exposed to space in zero-G. Currently they get 2-3 minutes. We'll double that to 6-8 minutes, taking payloads to 300-400km in altitude. The NASA Space Flight Opportunities program director (whose division funds much of this research) told us this would be a 'game changer' for researchers, and they'd likely pay more for it!

By 2024 we'll be launching our first Low Earth Orbit launch service with our Red Dwarf rocket. Uniquely, because we'll be launching off of the coast of Maine we can put these small satellites into a polar orbit (this is an orbit that goes from from the South to North poles).

Over 50% of the market for putting these tiny satellites into space is to place them into Polar Orbit. The only places you can do this today are from a military base in California (very expensive and difficult) and Alaska (very expensive logistically). Having launch facilities off the coast of Maine will give bluShift an incredible strategic cost advantage.

The State of Maine is known for its beautiful rugged shoreline, gorgeous forests, and national parks. Now you and our customers can come to watch our launches, Spring through Fall, in our wonderful state. Launching small payloads to space is not just about the science our customers will be performing but about the unique experience they will have in the state whose license plates say 'Vacationland'.

We are a gritty, hard working team that wants to see this small aerospace company with a new way of doing space launch take on a niche market that's not being serviced elsewhere. We want our company to stay and grow in our beautiful state of Maine, welcoming STEM and research customers from across the globe. 

Wefunder's equity crowdfunding model ensures that bluShift is funded by investors who are passionate about seeing New Space Sectors develop, who have an eye to sustainability, curiosity, and understand that in the aerospace sector we are all in it for the long haul.

Our Plans for Revenue Generation with Our Launch Services 

Suborbital with 'Starless Rogue'

  • Significant revenue is expected when we begin selling payload space for our full sub-orbital space launch service to commence in 2022 where the payload will be priced at a discounted rate of $100k for the full 30kg for the beta flight. The 1st full commercial launch to space, expected in 2022, will be discounted to $300k for a full 30kg payload. And an additional commercial launch is possible for 2022, where if the prior flights were successful the full payload price to customers would be $600k.
  • The first customer flights funded by NASA's Flight Opportunities program are expected to commence as early as Q4 of 2023, upon which the full price of the 30kg payload would produce $800k-$1.5M in revenue. The launch frequency of Starless Rogue is expected to increase to 8 times per year within five years.

Low Earth Orbit Cubesat Launches with 'Red Dwarf'

  • The first beta flight of our orbital rocket, Red Dwarf, is expected in 2024 with a heavily discounted rate for the payload customers. Less discounted rates for the full 100kg orbital payload will be charged for NASA qualifying flights expected in 2024-2025.

*The above section contains forward-looking projections that are not guaranteed.

Earn Perks When You Invest!

  • $250+ 
    Receive a bluShift logo sticker worthy of your grittiest metal water bottle, laptop or choice of transport. UV and outdoor ready.
  • $750+  
    Receive a limited edition Stardust 1.0 Mission Patch to commemorate our historic flight on January 31st, 2021.
  • $2,500+
    Receive a limited edition bluShift ball-point pen launched in the historic Stardust 1.0 flight on January 31st, 2021 (hurry while pens last!).
  • $5,000+
    We'll provide a 30min zoom lesson on how our rockets, biofuel, how educational payloads work for a student classroom or remote study students of the investor's choosing.
  • $10,000+
    Receive a behind the scene pass to watch a MAREVL™ engine test at the Brunswick, Maine test facilities. Travel and boarding not included.
  • $16,207+
    Provide a full sponsorship to launch 1 academic Xinabox modular science experiment in the Starless Rogue Beta flight to the school of your choice.
  • $25,000+
    Receive an exclusive invitation to the VIP area near mission control during a launch (limited quantity). Travel and boarding not included.

Check out our IG Live interview with Wefunder here: