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Bloom Stack Corp.

Replace 5-7+ software solutions in our All-In-One cloud for enterprise

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5X revenue 2019-20. Currently over $590K+ in ARR with $0 marketing budget.
Buy Recommendation issued by First Stage Investor independent research firm.
SaaS Software continues to transform the world and this has become more apparent with COVID.
Bloomstack can run any kind of business however we are focused on Hemp, CBD & Cannabis firms in 2021
No cannabis SaaS leader - Time is right to lead in this growing (but new & fragmented) marketplace.
NEW Bloomstack Delivery Driver App and Expense Reporting on mobile (launching in 2021)
Advanced bbScript™ no-code scripting language for Bloomstack Business Process Automation (BBPA)
New Machine Learning / AI project development under way to provide cutting edge insights for clients

Our Team

Cannabis helped my dying father and countless others. Regulations & complex software are choking the industry. In 2017 I discovered the mess that was happening in the growing cannabis industry & knew I could deliver a solution helped cannabis operators thrive and help millions more people worldwide.


Before Bloomstack a seed was planted... 

5 years ago I was hired to build an integrated cloud platform to replace many other systems for Jerry Harvey Audio.  During that project the seed for Bloomstack was planted.

As the #1 manufacturer in the world of custom in-ear monitors for superstars like Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Mic Jagger, the company needed a better system to serve their clients' special requirements and complex workflows.

At the time their website, shopping cart, manufacturing operations, inventory management, procurement, production planning, shipping, warranty claims, sales and support, accounting, team communication and more was carried out on many different systems that did not communicate with each other.

They used Quickbooks for accounting, Salesforce for CRM, Ubercart for e-commerce, Drupal to run the website, a custom Flash app to configure products, FedEx shipping software for shipping, and countless Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, and printed paper to manage everything.  They had stacks from floor to ceiling of file boxes filled with paper.

As the business grew things got worse and worse with lost orders, unknown inventory, missing shipments, manual data entry between systems and accounting books that couldn't generate the tax reports they needed.  It was a frustrating mess!

It took a while but we built a robust, integrated solution built on new, advanced open source technologies. We replaced all of the other systems they had been using and paying for with ONE.  

The benefits were massive.  Sales improved.  Customers were happier.  Suddenly they could grow and the file boxes disappeared.

Today, that seed has grown into the Bloomstack Cloud Platform which can run virtually any kind of company with the features they get only by combining several softwares and services together which usually do not communicate with each other.

Why Cannabis?

Short answer:  Massive and Growing Opportunity RIGHT NOW!

An important lesson in Entrepreneurship is FOCUS.  Currently, we are focused on a rapidly growing niche industries of Legal Cannabis, Hemp and CBD.

The legal cannabis industry is exploding in the US.  In fact, with COVID, the industry grew faster.  Recently there has also been an acceleration of legalization in many more states like New York and Maryland in April 2021.

These legal businesses also face true legal risk from the possibility of being shut down by the federal government and seizure of assets and product under the CSA.

As governments implement strict compliance regulations like "seed to sale" tracking of EVERY SINGLE CANNABIS PLANT GROWN operators (cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers) are faced with the difficult task of documentation, record keeping and staying compliant just to stay in business.

This is this perfect, complex storm that Bloomstack addresses.

Why is simplifying IT solutions a MUST HAVE priority?

ALL Businesses increasingly must use technology to automate and streamline operations to stay profitable.  COVID has forced more remote work and the need for entire teams to access the same data securely from anywhere.

However, cannabis operators are forced to use software now.  In the legal cannabis industry practically ALL companies are!

Every day they have to be able to answer questions like...

  • "How much inventory do we have to sell with a valid COA (Certificate of Analysis) attached to the batch?" 
  • "Where is the sales order to the production order was based on?" 
  • "How did you calculate the cannabis tax?" 
  • "How are we documenting of our actual cost of goods sold for IRS 280e to survive an audit?" 
  • "Who made this change to this compliance document?" 
  • "We just got this huge order and I know we can buy flower but do we have enough the packaging and mandatory labeling to fulfill it next week?"
  • "How do I process a sales return while I am delivering to a dispensary and re-manifest the return?" 
  • "Will our compliance audit match what is in METRC?" 
  • "How much CASH did our delivery driver collect from each customer yesterday and who counted it?" 
  • "Where are the shipping manifests for the state for this invoice?"

These are only a few of the questions they need to answer on a regular basis

What do Cannabis (and others) companies do without Bloomstack now?

Most companies are patching together several software systems like Quickbooks for accounting, for CRM, Shopify for a shopping cart, Warefour/Canix/Trellis etc. for seed to sale reporting, Fishbowl for inventory, Distru for distribution and Slack for team communication often spending over $5-7K+ or more per month on software license fees alone.

Even worse is the full time employees (FTE) cost because they need staff only to deal with manual data entry, compliance, reporting and reconciliation among multiple systems!

Once they reach a certain scale north of 25+ employees and $5 million in revenue these systems start to be a bigger hinderance to growth than a help to it.

What has been traditionally a non-tech industry has become very tech heavy due to these regulations and the need to compete in a modern business environment with a lot of competition.

The world is modernizing and these companies will either need to adopt more robust systems and automate or they will be unable to survive and thrive.

Cloud Software continues to eat the world, and this phenomenon has become more apparent with the Corona crisis.  

In fact, 53% of cannabis jobs are for technical and professional workers because employees need to be able to use these different software platforms or the company cannot compete with those who do.

The cost of getting the compliance solution wrong can be major fines and even license suspension or revocation which would end most businesses.

Why Bloomstack?

We bring everything under one, modern, all-in-one cloud that now has all the company tools, data and systems in one place.

We take all of the systems and platforms these companies are already using and migrate their data into one, single, integrated platform on our cloud hosted

You can checkout a demo of the entire platform at this link:

After implementation they can stop using and paying for the other software.  Clients can save thousands per month with Bloomstack.

What Stage is Bloomstack Now?

We've been building, testing and have sold our solution to a handful of beta clients like Humboldt Farms.  We are currently generating a $590K annualized recurring revenue run rate without actively marketing.

We grew revenue over 500% last year in private beta.  We are currently expanding our private beta program and interviewing channel partners.  We have recently hired marketing staff and plan to begin selling actively this summer our next 15 Bloomstack Beta Partners.  Each contract in designed as $110,000 in the first 12 months.

The biggest challenge we currently face is developing the infrastructure and staff to scale our number of implementations possible each month.  There are far more companies that will need help implementing Bloomstack than we can possibly handle internally.

We are hard a work expanding our capacity to implement Bloomstack for many more clients to meet the demand we have experienced.  This is a great problem to have!

Only $1.07M of the total $2M is intended to be raised through this Wefunder offering.

Recently a number of software companies addressing some of the areas Bloomstack is addressing have garnered attention, larger investment or have been purchased by larger companies.

As we have been hard at work getting this platform ready for the cannabis industry (and beyond) for over 5 years, we have been fortunate to be in a position to learn from the mistakes of other players in the space.  We have also been able to learn from the market which real world challenges matter most to business owners.

Bloomstack is the right product in the right industry at the right time, RIGHT NOW!

In 2021 the tipping point has begun with Federal legalization of cannabis likely to happen within the next 24 months.

This round of funding will prepare Bloomstack to ride this anticipated wave of growth. in the industry for years to come.

Passion for Entrepreneurs to Blossom!

We set out to empower 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs Worldwide to "Grow Your Dreams" with a modern cloud platform.  Bloomstack can save countless headaches and cost in the patchwork world of business software today.

We decided to start by focusing on a New, massively growing market that has gone from "potheads" and "drug dealers" to "multiple state operators",  "cannabis venture funds" and Wall Street IPOs.

There are few times in history when a brand new, multi-billion dollar industry explodes into the world like the Internet did in the late 1990s.  The 2020s are a time like that now in the SaaS and Cannabis space.

Join Bloomstack and help us make history and build a Unicorn in the process!