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Invest in Black and Mobile

The first delivery service for Black-Owned Restaurants āœŠšŸ¾


reserved of a $50,000 goal
$10M valuation cap Future Equity
$250, $1K, $2.5K, $5K


Generated $1M+ from sales and partnerships since 2019 šŸ¤‘
Operating in 5 major US cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York City, and Philadelphia! šŸŒŽ
Featured by companies like People, BET, Earn Your Leisure, Good Morning America, Fortune, and morešŸ¤©
Partnership with Pepsi Dig In, a $50M commitment to give Black Owned restaurants resourcesšŸ¤
100k+ in app downloads on iOS and AndroidšŸ“±
Created jobs for hundreds of food delivery drivers šŸš“šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø
Plans to expand to 5-10 new markets in the next 2 Years šŸ’µšŸ“ˆ
Over 110k+ followers on social media

Our Team

Black-Owned restaurants are at a disadvantage on other food delivery apps due to the competition and expensive rates. On top of that, finding them has been even more challenging, so I created Black and Mobile. We make it easier to discover black-owned restaurants and support them while circulating the dollars in our community.

Our Story

In 2016, David and Aaron Cabello decided to leave college and head to Philadelphia to help black-owned businesses in their community. They landed at a local bookstore, where they began to learn about e-commerce and how to run a business. Shortly after, they were introduced to food delivery and startedĀ delivering food on their bikesĀ to earn extra income.Ā 

While delivering for the other food delivery services, they noticed they all had something in common: none were black-owned, and none highlighted black-owned restaurants appropriately. So David became intrigued with their business models and decided to fill the void by creating a marketplaceĀ that represented black restaurant owners and created job opportunities.


The costs associated with offering delivery/takeout can be anywhere from 15-30% of the total sale, whichĀ makes it harder for restaurants to thrive.

Some competitors do not allow restaurants to upcharge their prices. This locks them into selling their food without accounting for the costs taken from their usual profits.Ā 

There is heightenedĀ competition on these apps due to the hundreds of thousands of restaurants on their platforms, making it difficultĀ for local black-owned restaurants to get discovered.


That is why we created Black and Mobile, the country's first delivery service that exclusively partners with black-owned restaurants.

Our app connects restaurants toĀ consumers that are looking to support black businesses. We hireĀ the men and women within theseĀ underrepresented communities to deliver. This creates an ecosystem that can help black restaurants succeed on our platform.

Our app has been downloaded over 100,000 times!

Discover what our culture has to offer! Black restauranteurs produce all types of cuisines. Soul Food, African, Vegan, American, Chinese, Italian, and many more. The Black and Mobile app has all of the flavors you're looking for.

Users love how easy it is to use the app, our customer service, our mission to bring more exposure to black-owned restaurants and our culture, and the variety of food :-)

The food delivery industry is booming. The total addressable market is over $26B in the U.S.

Although black restaurant owners make up less than 9% of all restaurants in the United States,Ā Our niche market for black-owned restaurants is growing as black entrepreneurs open more businesses yearly.Ā 

We have not included global data on black-owned restaurants since we focus on the U.S. However, our market size will increase as we expand into Africa, Canada, the Caribbeans, and other countries/cities across the diaspora where black-owned restaurants operate.

Since launching in 2019, we have generated $1M for black-owned restaurants, completed over 26k orders, grew our social media following to over 110k organically, and have over 120k users download our app!

InĀ Q1 of 2023, we grew our revenueĀ by 40% from the previous quarter, increased our customer accounts by 20%,Ā and are on pace to generate $300k+ in 2023. Our average order size is around $40 andĀ we earn a minimum of 20% profit on every order.

  • Commission rates are charged to restaurants for delivery/takeout orders sent to them. The delivery commission is 10%, and the takeout commission is 5%.
  • Service charges are passed to the customers for orders they place through our website andĀ app. The service charge for delivery ordersĀ is 10%, and for takeoutĀ is 5%.

Here are the most promising growth strategies that will help us increase our sales:

  • Marketing- We currently have a $0 ad spend, so we plan to create ads that will help us target more restaurants and customers with Facebook/Instagram, Google, and other social media platforms . Influencer marketing has become very popular, especially in the food space. We plan to collaborate with popular social media influencers that can promote our platform and the restaurants we service.
  • Expansion- Our current operational markets are Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York City and Philadelphia. We plan to grow our restaurant accounts by 600+ in these markets, then expand to other key markets like Washington D.C., Houston, Chicago, Memphis, and New Orleans.
  • Services- There are additional revenue models that we will implement to help increase our sales. Our catering system will allow customers and organizations to place large orders of over $200 for delivery, we will introduce a subscription that will let users take advantage of free delivery and reward points for a monthly fee, and we will expand into new industries like clothing, hair, andĀ cosmetics. This will open the market for us to deliver all goods from black-owned businesses.

In 2023, we are on pace to hit roughly $300k+ in revenue and we project by 2025 we will surpass $1M in annual revenue. We will achieve this by implementing marketing strategies, expanding to new cities, and onboarding 1,000+ new restaurants in both our current and expansion markets.

Our Ask

Your investment will help us build a custom app, grow our operation, expand to new markets and hire key talent. This will give us a 2 year runway for operational costs.

  • We need to build a custom app that has all of the functionalities we need to keep building a better platform for users, restaurants, and drivers.
  • New marketing strategies will include email marketing, paid social media advertising, and influencer marketing. Our email marketing list is over 30k, and we have over 100k followers on Instagram.
  • Our target markets are Chicago, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. We will onboard new restaurants throughout these cities and our current markets, Atlanta, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New YorkĀ City, and Philadelphia.
  • We're focusing on hiring key talent so we can execute marketing strategies and grow our operations. Part-time dispatchers, customer service reps, a sales team, and a marketing director are the positions we are looking to fill during this round.


  • Aaron Cabello, David's twin brother, handles all logistics for the company.
  • Alisha Fagg and Scott Landers are strategic advisors for the company with diverse backgrounds and expertise in marketing, food delivery systems, consulting, and product development.

Additional part-timeĀ team members:

  • Renee Whitley is David and Aaron's mother, assisting with customer service and managing our restaurant database.
  • Deaire Dixon configures restaurant accounts, adds them to the system, and dispatches for the company.


We've been featured in the media a lot! Click the image aboveĀ to check out some of our most impressive features.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Invest in Black andĀ Mobile,Ā black-owned restaurants, and the ecosystem we have created for the community.

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