Bison Venture Partners

Building a more equitable future for all

Last Funded November 2022


raised from 164 investors


Award-winning management team of entrepreneurs, consultants, & investors.
Building the largest marketplace amplifying HBCU-affiliated brands.
Our @WeBlackUnicorns Brand has been featured by Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital.
Goal to source $100 million to Black-owned businesses & support 1k women business owners by 2031.

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We strive to inspire others to blaze their own paths, unapologetically.

Company Overview

As a new startup, our first $25,000 in funds raised will be used to lease our first PopShop robotic storefront and cover software costs for the year. We'll also begin the build-out of our startup studio, and anticipate joining the Global Startup Studio Network (~$9,000) to learn from the best in the industry. Additional funds will be invested in the operations & marketing of our ecommerce store,, and stocking inventory from our lifestyle brand, @WeBlackUnicorns. As we continue to gain investor interest, we'll be updating our campaign here with additional details, partnerships, and opportunities.