A TV Studio in your pocket - powered by AI

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 307 investors


Very Large Addressable Market - Video is a megatrend - $40TB
Capital Efficient - $8.2m cumulated sales with only $2.3m + SuperCapital + Angels and $0.8m from founder
Product/Market Fit - 40k paying subscribers - High customer satisfaction
Founder with track record of multiple exits - Dalet (IPO) TvTak (sold to NantWorks)

Our Team

The most valuable and trustworthy content marketing is “Authentic” videos. The days of spending $1000’s of dollars to make videos are over. BIGVU is a disruptive business app to create high quality videos as easy as Power Points to drive leads and brand loyalty on social channels, video marketing, training programs and internal communications.


Hi, David Amselem here, CEO of BIGVU, your pocket TV studio to turn videos into business.

We have spent the last couple of years developing an AI-powered toolkit to help you transform words into impact by being the best presenter you can be.

Video is already a mega-trend for social media, web, email marketing, as well as for one-on-one personalized messaging.

We have reached a record-breaking $3.4 million in gross ARR with a 95% gross margin, and more than 7 million happy BIGVU video makers making 2 million videos per month.

BIGVU is Capital Efficient - $7.9m cumulated sales with only $2.3m business angel investment and $0.8m from founder

We are actively pursuing new acquisition channels and partnerships that will make BIGVU even better…

Even as we start to scale, it’s important to us to keep community at the heart of everything we do.

From the whole team at BIGVU, thank you for considering this opportunity.


Build Trust with Face-to-Face Connections

Nowadays, the best way to connect with your customers is through camera-facing videos. The reason is simple: eye-to-eye contact is the best way to build trust, persuade or sell.

When you appear on video, you want to be credible, and to be seen as an expert.

Your audience will judge you by the quality of your broadcast. No matter how good you are, if your video looks amateur, people will think you are amateur.

But making polished videos is difficult for most business owners. Editing, adding captions, publishing, etc., all take too much work for non tech-savvy people. 

Too Many Tools, Too Little Time

There are currently tons of different tools for video creation: mobile apps for teleprompter or automatic subtitling, online video editing tools, and even more apps to stream live. You can now embed your videos on emails or web pages, and track your posts on social media to know what content is resonating best with your audience.

Choice has made users confused and dissatisfied. Users embrace new tools at every turn only to abandon them a few weeks later, stuck toggling between different apps.


How to make a great video presentation?

1. Script > Shoot - Record with confidence

Know what to say, while avoiding rambling. How? By teleprompting your scripts.

Craft a good script or prepare an outline with a hook, a good story and a call-to-action. Only well crafted messages will make an impact. Maintain eye-contact, read the script directly to the camera.

2. Your Video > Your Brand - Broadcast your style.

With the BIGVU Smart Video Maker, polish your video in just a few taps.

BIGVU Artificial Intelligence makes most of the video editing tasks either automatic or done in one-click. Cut your video by just selecting the words where you want to start and end. If you recorded from a distance and/or in a noisy environment, BIGVU uses artificial intelligence to remove background noise and maximize audio levels.

Make your video more than just a talking head. Add your personal brand, your video with your logo, colors and fonts. Spice up your presentation with stunning captions automatically generated, split screens, titles, zoom effects, visual overlays and a personalized business card animation at the end of all your videos. Anyone can stand-out like pro, no editing skills required.

3. Maximize your reach - Share Video Anywhere.

BIGVU is your video marketing hub, so there is no need for any additional app to share or analyze your performance on social media, your embeds on your website, or your personalized video messages.

It’s one click to post any video to Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. BIGVU Video Analytics show the progression of numbers of followers and the engagement of your latest posts.

With BIGVU video pages, own your audience of visitors for your vlog, nurture leads with video emails, personalized messages on WhatsApp or Messenger.

4. Google Docs for Videos > Network Effect

BIGVU is a collaborative video editing platform, where several users can simultaneously compose videos accessing a shared storyboard, managing access, assignments, review cycles by editorial staff, team members, and occasional freelancers.

[Business Model]

BIGVU - Plans for individuals and teams

BIGVU offers monthly, 6-month and yearly subscriptions, with 3 levels of plans.

Our business model is Freemium: get as many free users as possible to spread the word, a Starter plan to get users in the door, and then upsell to Pro as they discover the additional features.

BIGVU offers monthly, 6-month and yearly subscriptions, with 3 levels of plans.

1. Basic - Free. Half a million active video makers record more than 2 million videos a month. BIGVU Basic offers a free teleprompter, a video trimmer, and the ability to publish your personal video profile.

2. Starter. For individuals who record short videos (up to 9min) and want to polish the videos with elegant subtitles, split screens, business card animations.

3. Pro. (per seat), For individuals and teams ready to take videos to the next level: videos up to 59 min, 4K recording quality, advanced video analytics, and ability to share your workspaces with a team.



What Customers Say About BIGVU

If you are a content creator, this is a key tool. "BIGVU is an incredible tool. I consider it essential for all of us who are constantly dedicated to creating content.I like it because it is simple, with an easy to understand interface. Apart from that I can use it both on my phone and on my laptop.Definitely Bigvu I have saved a lot of time in the creation of videos, and also the results are more precise and with better quality." 
Diego - Owner of a Marketing Agency



We take the time to really get to know our customers and their needs. We focus on developing a sustainable business model, not forcing growth at the expense of profitability, delivering long-term value and positive change. We are building trust among a strong community of business owners, while getting continuous interest from all kinds of larger businesses.

We want the customers who have supported us from the beginning to have a stake in our growth in this community round.

Funding - Current Raise

We reached $7.9m of cumulated sales in September 2022 with a 95% gross margin. Less than $2.3m raised was from business angels (including micro VCs : SuperCapital, SIBF, Intempo Ventures) and $0.8m loan from founder. 

Funds will be used to:

  • Scale marketing campaigns to new acquisition channels to reach new audiences.
  • Continue the development of our product led growth,
  • Acquire talent. We want grow marketing team to get the word out about u.s!
  • Become a Standard - the "PowerPoint" of Video Presentations 😄

7.5% of funds raised will go towards the Wefunder intermediary fee