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$2.25m in signed letters of intent 2024 business opportunities
Leadership team with over 100 years of event industry experience
Advisory board from top clients, agencies, and event marketers
ECS Lite and ECS Prototypes have been delivered

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Revolutionizing Meetings and Events with AI powered hardware


  • Market Potential: With over 1.9 million meetings annually in the U.S., BËTR Productions targets significant growth, projecting $80 million in cumulative revenue by year five.
  • Investment Opportunity: The company provides a hybrid revenue share and equity model, promising a 200% return on investment through 7% of net revenues, along with an equity stake.
  • Innovative Solution: BËTR Productions offers a flexible and intuitive AV system that simplifies event setup and operation, integrating modern tech practices and AI to reduce costs and complexity.
  • Proven Expertise: BËTR Productions' founding team brings over 100 years of industry experience, with deep connections and a track record of executing tens of thousands of events, ensuring reliability and expertise.
  • Early Traction: The company has already secured over $2 million in opportunities for 2024 (signed letters of intent) and has strong interest from large national brands, demonstrating early market validation and potential for rapid growth. Project has previously raised $150k to build initial prototypes
  • Sustainable Future: BËTR Productions innovates event production by using pre-built systems, simpler logistics, and local sourcing, slashing waste and carbon footprint for a sustainable future.

Executive Summary

The meeting and event industry is robust and rapidly expanding. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the preference for in-person interactions, driving the industry's swift and strong resurgence. However, the methods associated with executing these events have remained largely unchanged for over four decades while costs have continued to rise.

Traditional event setups often rely on cumbersome "tabletop" AV configurations that are not only time-consuming and difficult to inventory but also tedious to set up.

Leveraging nearly 100 years of combined experience in event production, BËTR Productions has developed a solution that is both flexible and intuitive. Our system can accommodate the vast majority of meeting and event setups, simplifying the process to make it both easy to install and operate.

We invite you to join us in revolutionizing the industry. Our approach integrates modern business practices from the tech sector into the AV industry, setting us apart in both our equipment and operational strategies.

While the event industry may be perceived as unpredictable and atypical in terms of ARR and user acquisition costs, BËTR Productions has a clear and achievable path to profitability. This enables us to offer a revenue-sharing model that aims to double your investment, in addition to providing an equity stake in our company.

Join us in transforming the event production landscape for the better with BËTR Productions.

Did you know there are 5,200 meetings and events PER DAY in the US?

Meetings and events are a thriving industry, yet their inner workings remain a mystery to many. The costs associated with attending and organizing these gatherings can be steep, but it doesn't have to be this way. The traditional methods of execution have become increasingly expensive, leading companies to explore hardware and software solutions to cut costs. Our innovative approach combines both hardware and software, with AI playing a crucial role in enhancing efficiency. While 90% of our solution is hardware-based, it's the final 10% - the software - that truly sets us apart. By integrating AI into the mix, we've created a seamless experience that not only streamlines your event but also reduces your expenses.

Our offering is unique in that will be a Main Street cash generating business.* That is why we are going with a Hybrid Revenue Share and Equity offering. By allowing our investors to get 2x their money back via 7% of our net revenue, we provide the opportunity for a return on capital. Additionally, the equity side, provides additional potential upside in the future.

*note- forward looking statements cannot be guaranteed.

Most event companies have been established for over 40 years. They all adhere to traditional business models that are becoming outdated. This disconnects them from their clients. BËTR Productions introduces a 21st century perspective to this industry. What benefits an AV company may not necessarily benefit clients, setting us apart. We understand that clients do not want to allocate all their funds to AV technology, as it does not drive event attendance. Despite being a rapidly growing cost, it is not the primary motivator for attendees. Another prevalent issue in the industry is the misconception of complexity, where only experts can operate equipment. While true for high-end events, most shows could effectively utilize equipment if presented in a user-friendly manner.

The meetings industry in the United States is bustling, with over 1.9 million meetings taking place annually, averaging 5,200 meetings per day!* While media coverage tends to focus on the one to two major events each week, the reality is that most event producers are occupied elsewhere daily. An impressive 205 million individuals attend business meetings and events in the U.S. each year, with organizers investing an average of $850 per attendee per day. This thriving market, although substantial, remains largely overlooked.

*How are we defining a meeting? A meeting here includes all off-site gatherings that include 10 or more people for 4+ hours

Leading Sustainable Change: Redefining Event Production with Eco-Friendly Practices

The event production industry has long been criticized for its lack of sustainable practices. Waste is a common sight in the industry especially for AV Companies, with large warehouses requiring extensive resources. The industry has always been one built on customization which means a lot of material usage and waste on every project. 

BËTR Productions, however, offers a unique solution to this issue. By implementing pre-built and well designed systems meant to handle a majority of shows we reduce our reliance on customization. Because each system lives as a package we also require less space and less warehouse staff to manage.

Unlike traditional practices that involve multiple trucks moving equipment between warehouses and event sites, BËTR focuses on local sourcing of equipment. By collaborating with local vendors for ancillary equipment, the need for long-distance transportation is minimized, thereby reducing our carbon footprint significantly.

BËTR's commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to revolutionize the event production industry towards a more eco-friendly future. By prioritizing efficiency and local sourcing, BËTR is leading the way in creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to event production.

Transform Your Event Planning: Simplified Solutions for Every Occasion, from simple Setups to Complex multi-room events

Despite the hefty spending, the perception of complexity remains high. Surprisingly, based on our experience roughly 80% of meetings follow a similar and repeatable pattern. These meetings have straightforward requirements, yet the costs can be excessive. It's time to revolutionize event planning by making it as easy as ordering a pizza online. Imagine the convenience of purchasing the entire event package with just a few clicks!

Elevate your meetings and events with our ECS Lite, perfect for a single presenter on stage. Whether at a podium or moving around, it simplifies the setup for a seamless show experience. Screens & displays are easily accessible locally, but our ECS Lite reduces the setup complexity and makes it the same every single time.

Revolutionizing event production with our full-size ECS for complex meetings! Our ECS integrates standard AV equipment with software and AI to simplify setup and reduce the need for excess gear and space in the room.  Experience a streamlined execution experience.

Wondering what a more complex meeting entails? Picture this: multiple downstage monitors, various output screens, widescreen setups, and/or 16x9 formats. Imagine a panel of people or a band on stage, surrounded by an array of lights. This is the level of sophistication we can achieve by integrating with our ECS system.

We are setting a new standard in the AV industry. In a change to the status quo we are excited to introduce flat rate shipping for our ECSs. By sourcing most of our gear locally, we can help our customers save thousands of dollars on the average event. With competitive flat rate shipping for both the ECS lite and the ECS, you can now have full transparency on your shipping costs for all your meetings and events.

Maximize Efficiency with Integrated Software: Elevate Your AV Systems with Event Automation and AI

Hardware takes us 90% of the way there, but what about that final push? Our integrated software solution steps in to make the system go the extra mile, making it easier and requiring less on-site support. Let's elevate AV systems together!

Let's break down the power of software for events! Event automation plays a key role in streamlining processes. By pre-planning and utilizing event automation, you can make your event as simple as pressing a button upon arrival. Say goodbye to unnecessary labor for 80% of meetings! Presentation management is another essential component. It enables you to capture, review, and share all event content seamlessly. From presentations to recordings, everything your presenters need can be easily managed and distributed.

Our solution will incorporate AI technology to streamline pre-production processes. It automates event planning tasks, leveraging past data to customize presentations and schedules based on your preferences. Say goodbye to manual reviews - our system ensures presentations are on-brand, on-message, and suitable for your needs!

Exciting Growth: Over $2 Million in 2024 Opportunities and Strategic Industry Support

Future projections are not guaranteed

We're thrilled about the early traction we've received! Over $2 million in opportunities for 2024 have come our way. Our passionate advisory board, comprising industry experts from top event companies and global agencies, is excited to be part of our journey. With their support, we've built a strong team to drive our product forward.

In addition to the $2.25m in signed letters of interest we are currently working with and expecting to have RFP opportunities for two large tech company user conferences later in 2024.*

Additionally, we are currently working with a large national brand who produces hundreds of meetings per year to demo our offering for their events.*

*note- forward looking statements cannot be guaranteed.

The event industry is booming post-COVID, with a growth rate of roughly 12% per year. (GlobeNewswire) There's a strong desire for people to come together. It's a perfect time to dive into the event industry as it's on the rise!

Revolutionizing AV: A Century of Expertise and $100 Million in Sales

Our founding team brings over 100 years of industry experience! With deep connections in event agencies, brands, and technical directors, we've executed tens of thousands of events. Our collective sales reach close to $100 million, and we're just getting started. We're revolutionizing the AV industry with our diverse product offerings, taking the game to the next level.

Achieving Rapid ROI: Transforming the AV Industry with Faster Payback and High Utilization Rates

Many AV companies typically wait 20 rentals before seeing a return on their capital expenditure (CapEx) investment. However, our company is setting a new standard by aiming for payback in just five rentals. This means that for every dollar we invest, we anticipate recouping it 75% faster than the industry average.

Our goal is to execute 1,400 shows and e-commerce rentals by year five. Considering there are 5,200 meetings daily, achieving 1,400 events annually in year five is a very reachable milestone. By the fifth year, we project revenue of $80 million, showcasing our commitment to innovation and growth.*

This projected revenue is based on a blended gross profit projection of 50% as the production shows elements have labor and other costs associated with them. E-commerce rentals have very little operating costs as the client pays for shipping and we own the units. We are aiming for a 30% EBIT (profit before interest and taxes). We plan to reach this goal without any further equity raises. If financing needs arise, we plan to use debt-only offerings.*

*Note- forward looking statements cannot be guaranteed.

The unique economics of the ECS lite enable a remarkably low target utilization rate while delivering a high payback. Each ECS lite is designed to last five years, with a target utilization rate of just 10%. With our 100% utilization rate being 48 rentals per year this means 10% utilization is just FIVE rentals per year. This allows for the initial investment to be recouped by year two and a three-fold return on investment by year five. Even small increases in utilization yield significant returns.*

Our optimization of capex, logistics, and processes is centered around maximizing the total utilization of the ECS lites. Unlike traditional AV companies, the focus is not on spreading resources thin but on investing in ECS and ECS lites to maintain a high utilization rate in the long term.*

*note- forward looking statements cannot be guaranteed.

Innovative Funding Approach: Community Investment Opportunity with Unique Revenue Share Model

A total of $500k is being raised for the launch of 10 ECS lite kits and 2 full-size ECS units. The funds will cover the necessary go-to-market strategy to reach the target audience. The plan includes a strategy to scale the project gradually by starting with a smaller initial investment and adding kits as the funding progresses.

Future projections are not guaranteed

A community round to raise $500k is underway. This unique funding initiative consists of a two-part hybrid investment opportunity. The first part involves a revenue share model, where investors will receive 200% return through 7% percent of the company's net revenues. We plan to DOUBLE the money through revenue share and provide an equity component as well so our early supporters can be rewarded again as the company continues to grow into the future.*

In a groundbreaking move for an AV company, the company is offering our community ownership in the business. This equity stake provides a share in the company's future success. Setting itself apart from traditional AV companies, granting our community a stake in the company's prosperity.

Revenue share projections- Note: Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

*Future projections cannot be guaranteed