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The World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robot


We created the first thinking general-purpose robot on the planet, to solve the world’s labor crisis.
We have the world’s mightiest team. Ray Kurzweil, Dean Kamen, Tony Robbins, Harry Kloor...
We are building on $350 million-plus in technology from our team.
As CEOs, our team generated $490 billion in revenue in the last 20 years.
As creators, we authored 1950+ patents, wrote 33 best-selling books, and produced 75 popular video games.
Beomni™ is going into orbit as soon as next year aboard the Sierra Space Dream Chaser®. MOU signed!
Our breakthrough Omni-Purpose AI Brain mirrors the design of the human mind and learns through its remote human pilot.
We have a clear & direct path to commercialization, including recurring revenues from hardware/software subscriptions.

Our Team

We believe the future is in AI and robotics to unlock new levels of human achievement. We care because we know how intelligent robots can positively impact our world.


We built Beomni, a "thinking" general-purpose humanoid robot that will will address many of the world’s labor problems.

Beomni creates jobs by enabling physical work to be done through the robot anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home or office.

We completed Phase 1 in 2021, building and commercially beta testing Beomni, the world’s first General Purpose Humanoid Robot. And we completed the cognitive architectural design of its Omni-Purpose AI Brain and Cloud Platform.

Join us in completing Phase 2 as we bring Beomni to market and complete development of its Omni-Purpose AI Brain.

In some parts of the world, there are too few workers where they are desperately needed, while elsewhere there are billions of people, living in poverty, who are willing to work. Beomni is the solution, allowing people to work anywhere and revolutionizing trillion-dollar markets around the world.

How big is our potential market?

Because Beomni is a general-purpose robot, it solves problems across many different vertical markets.

Elder Care is a $932B market today. There are too few professional caretakers, so many people don’t get the care that they need.

“More than 1 in 5 Americans older than 65 are are at risk of becoming elder orphans. And 23 percent of boomers will eventually be without family caretakers” – Maria Torroella Carney, Chief of geriatric and palliative medicine at Northwell Health of Great Neck, NY

We will help solve the elder crisis by enabling families to care for their own regardless of the distance between them. For those with limited mobility, we will remobilize them to live a more productive and happy life. In five years, ramping up to 12,500 units per year, this could conservatively be an $800M market for us.

The problem is simple: Here and in much of the rest of the world there are too few workers where they are needed.

Manual labor is a $9.5 trillion market today. There are plenty of workers in the world, but often they don’t live in the places where they are needed. Labor shortages are also exacerbated by immigration restrictions that reduce the mobility of both skilled and unskilled workers.

“The lack of skilled workers is not only just another symptom of post-lockdown economics but also the result of more fundamental developments in the U.S., the euro zone and the U.K.” – ING economists Carsten Brzeski, James Knightley, Bert Colijn and James Smith

Beomni will help solve the labor crisis by creating a global elastic labor force, lifting millions of people out of poverty by giving them access to jobs around the world.

Ramping up to 20,000 Beomni units each year, this market alone could easily bring in $1.5B of annual revenue within five years.

The ten most disabling US workplace injuries had a total direct cost of $52.93 billion. Many people get severely injured or die from working in dangerous jobs like construction, steel mills, mining and logging.

“More than 2.3 million workers die every year as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases.” - The International Labour Organization (ILO)

All dangerous work will become completely safe for people, because Beomni will be the one taking the risks. More important than making money, Beomni can literally save lives.

Tele-medicine is a $125B market today and is growing at an annualized rate of 26% every year. Beomni will solve medical worker shortages by enabling healthcare workers to treat patients around the globe.

The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts a shortage of as many as 122,000 physicians by 2032. The report that made this dire prediction also pointed out that the over-65 population will grow by 48% by 2032.
Consulting firm Mercer forecasts a shortage of more than 400,000 home health aides and 29,400 nurse practitioners by 2025.

Using Beomni, health care workers no longer need to live where they work. And they no longer need to work punishing overnight shifts because they can work regular hours from different time zones. In five years, conservatively, this could be an $800M market for us.

Sending humans into space is extremely expensive and dangerous. Beomni will make it possible for anyone to work in space while remaining safely on Earth.

Private space industry is booming. Even small parts of the market offer outsized opportunities. The global space industry has already reached $463B and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 15% each year.

We have already signed a formal, legal MOU with Sierra Space to take Beomni into Earth orbit as early as next year.

Beomni evolves from a purely human-piloted mode, where the robot does what you do and sees what you see, to eventually become autonomous on a task by task basis.

Initially, the robot learns simple tasks that augment what you do and perform them more efficiently. These can then be combined into successively more complex sequences that also adapt to varying environments.

Finally, the robot will be able to perform specific tasks in a fully autonomous manner initiated by a human operator monitoring its actions.

Beomni, with its evolving AI Brain and Cloud Platform, will transform the way we work, receive services, and help others. We are not just building robots. We are building an entirely new Robotics & AI ecosystem.

PHASE 2 - 2022-2024: Deploying Beomni into Markets and building and training our Omni-Purpose AI Brain.

Beomni’s AI software architecture is similar to that of the human mind, leveraging our expertise in cognitive AI, neural networks, machine learning, and Brain Mapping.

Our patent-pending Omni-Purpose AI Brain has lobes that dynamically process sight, sound, motion planning, and touch and can learn to do any task.

This is not General AI – that’s science fiction. Omni-Purpose AI won’t debate you, nor will it evolve into a Terminator.

Beomni will work safely side-by-side with humans. With its AI Brain, Beomni will:

  • Scale workers and make them more proficient
  • Assist Human Pilots to complete tasks
  • Enable one human to operate many robots
  • Evolve to create an autonomous, efficient workforce

  • Segway
  • Kurzweil Synthesizer – the world's first electronic synthesizer
  • MAKO Surgical Robot
  • Magic Leap XR
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G Mobile Platforms
  • Google’s AI Smart Composer for Gmail and Google Docs
  • LUKE Bionic Arm
  • Portable dialysis machines and insulin pumps
  • Coca Cola Freestyle Soda Machines (100 + flavors)
  • Slingshot - the world’s best Water Purifier System
  • And many more....

  • Qualcomm
  • DEKA Research
  • Robbins Research International
  • Fox Studios
  • Paramount Studios
  • MAKO Robotics

  • Two National Medal of Technology Presidential Awards
  • Arthur C. Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Benjamin Franklin Medal
  • Lemelson-MIT Prize
  • Two MIT Inventor of the Year Awards
  • Hoover Medal
  • Stevens Honor Award
  • Two Thomas Alva Edison Awards for Invention
  • Pontifical Medal for Innovation awarded by Pope Francis
  • And many more….

From designing robots to building massive data centers to designing award-winning software, our team has done it all. We are applying the same design and engineering approach to creating Beomni:

  • World-class robotics
  • World-class usability
  • World-class infrastructure
  • World-class connectivity

We have already built multiple generations of Beomni, each more powerful and finely engineered than the last. Now you can join us in our push to bring Beomni to its first commercial deployments and beyond.

  • Beomni for elder care
  • Beomni for health care
  • Beomni for manufacturing
  • Beomni for industrial inspections
  • Beomni as an Elastic Workforce
  • Beomni into Earth orbit and the ISS (yes, that’s a real thing)

We’ve been busy!

  • Phase 1 robot completed in Early 2021
  • Monthly upgrades for the last year, dramatically enhancing our capabilities
  • First Trial Pilot completed in November 2021
  • Additional trials now under way
  • Regular public demonstrations, including opportunities for users to pilot the robot

We move quickly and get things done.

  • Sierra Space – expanding humanity’s reach into space
  • GelSight – remote expert industrial/aircraft inspections
  • TRU PACE – elder care and preventive health care
  • DEKA – unique, exclusive access to world-class robotics

Thanks to founders Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Harry Kloor...

  • Seven U.S. patents issued, with two more pending
  • Our first patent was filed in 2013
  • Three international filings pending

A quick sneak peek at what we have accomplished and how it works

Everybody loves Beomni

Our debut wowed and amazed crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2022.

During our TRU PACE pilot, doctors and nurses alike were able to pick up the controls and pilot the robot with ease. After just a few minutes, they were taking temperatures of patients and holding remote conversations.

Patients aged 65 to 99 eagerly interacted with the robot, because we designed it to be approachable and non-threatening. Aesthetics are a vital component of product design. When the robot reaches the market, users will have a wide range of customization options for Beomni. For example:

Altogether, we solve problems worth trillions of dollars.

Our possible target markets, at Year 5, have potential we estimate like this:

Example: for Elder Care, 5,100 units X $45,910/year X 5 years = $225M in sales.
Quantities will be based on funding level; clearly, demand is higher than these conservative values.

We will choose our opportunities wisely, based on which will generate the best near-term wins as well as long-term revenue potential. We do not expect to enter every one of these markets. But the fact that there is such a strong need and that we have signed MOUs and LOIs for a number of these markets gives us great confidence that we will be targeting development for several of these markets as soon as we achieve funding.

Here’s what the revenue model looks like: we expect to earn hardware subscription revenue on each Beomni unit, with the typical approach being a financed purchase or lease comparable to that for a vehicle. On top of that, we also plan to receive ongoing fees for the Cloud Platform, for specialty AI Brain functionality, and for service contracts.

Sample Revenue Projection: Elder Care Services and Devices Market 2027-2030

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

As this chart shows, revenues approach $225M in Year 5 and continue until by Year 8 we have a multi-billion dollar vertical. And recurring revenues, shown here in orange, make up about half of that income, creating a long-term revenue stream.

Note that Beomni is not expected to be an FDA-regulated device. Eventually, as its AI Brain learns to perform certain medical procedures, we will seek out regulatory approval. But our initial market penetration is not expected to require that.

We are not just selling boxes:

As this chart illustrates, we’re expecting licenses and maintenance agreements to provide a significant share of our revenues (exact percentages will vary depending on the specific vertical market).

We see great opportunities with industrial inspections, leveraging our relationship with partner GelSight. We see a potential $100M market by Year 5. A pilot study is already starting, and the actual hardware requirements are very close to the model we have already built, so getting real units in the field should not be hard.

Similarly, our upcoming Version 2.0 Beomni is ideally suited to the market for what we call an Elastic Workforce – the ability for laborers in many occupations to work at skilled jobs remotely, even across borders. This could rapidly become a $500M+ vertical for us:

Sample Revenue Projection: Elastic Labor Force

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Why will customers want this type of revenue model?

  • Just like auto financing, first-year cost is dramatically lower
  • Maintenance and service are included in the monthly fees – with a complex device like a robot, this provides confidence

All we need now are the resources to build the robot, create the Cloud Platform services, and begin in earnest the training of our AI Brain for specific skills.

With your help, we will continue and accelerate our pilot studies this year, and bring a commercial product to market in two years.

We can do it, and we look forward to having you along for this amazing journey.

We are changing the world.

Join us today.