Benjamin Capital Partners, Inc

Merchant banking made for cash back

Last Funded December 2022


raised from 64 investors


New way to earn cash back on every single purchase!
Waitlist of 11,000+
Changing how merchants acquire & engage with customers
Founders have deep industry experience

Our Team

Built one of the top cash back consumer products before this and in the end, we worked we banks and credit unions which made me realize that there is a great opportunity to build our own bank for this use case.

$115 billion cash back market is out of reach for 30 million small businesses. We are making it possible by empowering free merchant - customer banking for SMBs.

Consumer-to-business payment market is trillions in the U.S and fastest growing customer engagement trend is cash back using card-linked offers. 

Half of this multi-trillion payment market is consumers paying to small business and it's missing card-linked offers. 

Big brand and retail share is the other half and they already do $115 billion in card-linked cash back offers which drive more revenue and profits. 

Small businesses are left out (priced out) of this whole market!!

Benjamin is changing that..

We empower small business by offering instant and free platform to offer cash back a.k.a card-linked offers for their customers.

Benjamin is revolutionising the merchant rewards industry, and I should know. In a previous life, I built one of the top cash back consumer products, SPENT.  

During my time at SPENT, we had over 1M merchants in our network, over $15M raised from traditional investors and had transacted over $3B in transactions. 

My two biggest findings were that #1 rewards uplift merchant revenues significantly and #2 consumers love cash back - they engage. It's not a surprise industry has grown so fast.

Forget coupons and codes. Just swipe your card - that's how easy this is. 

We worked directly with banks and credit unions which led me to think there was another path. Why not build our own bank for merchants' rewards? 

 -Erno, CEO & Founder 

We have a team with proven track record in the cash back market who have identified this problem and market opportunity. 

FREE solution for small business to get into this fast growing market!

- Free & Instant 
- Turns all VISA, MC and Amex cards into cash back cards 
- Transaction-only-based business model 
- Consolidated bank account view (balance and transactions) for customers
- Customers earn cash back on every single purchase 

Gamified user experience for users to check-in daily to claim rewards
- Claim cash back we found for you
- See new merchants available to be invited 
- Each new merchant you invite, pays a referral reward

Benjamin was selected to ANTLER
(VC) NYC Summer '22 Cohort out of thousands of companies becoming Antler portfolio company and Antler chose to invest in Benjamin! 


We enter the market through all point of sales (POS), both offline and online. We are partnering with the leading POS marketplaces to reach over 50% of the U.S. small businesses at their check out.

Actions to acquire SMBs 

We have a full action plan how to acquire and activate SMBs from these market places.

Milestones and the current funding round 

- Assuming to make $200 / business / month 
(we make 1.25% + $0.15 per redeemed card-linked offer)
- Interchange fee earning for Benjamin-issued VISA cards 
- MVP launch in September 
- Quickly to make $20k to $100k monthly recurring revenue 
- Grow to $500k+ monthly revenue in 2023 

Note: Forward-looking projections can’t be guaranteed.

Next step is banking with instant, free in-network payments

- Business gets a free bank account with Benjamin 
- Customers gets a free bank account with Benjamin
- We can move the consumer-to-business payment instantly for free
which saves about 3% for business in every transaction


1,110 cards ONLY ever to be issued
 with extra perks, up to 1.95% cash back + 30% referral, unlimited. See the "perks" section for all detailed information.