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Invest in Backspin Pickleball, LLC

The future of pickleball clubs...ten years early



of a $275,000 goal
10% of revenue  1.75X  3.0X payback multiple Revenue Share Loan
Early Bird Bonus:

Investors in the first $100,000 will be repaid 100% of their principal plus 200% on top.

$100, $175, $500, $1.5K, $2.5K, $5K
I am investing in Backspin Pickleball for a few key reasons. First, I believe in Sean and his ability to build Backspin into a super-successful business enterprise. We have known each other for fifteen years and he has always followed through on his commitments. He is an effective business operator and fully-committed to Backspin's success. Second, I have been an entrepreneur my entire life and have built several businesses, including fitness clubs, from scratch. I know how to recognize future trends, and pickleball checks all of the boxes for becoming a monster industry that will last for decades. Timing is the #1 factor in a business's success, and the timing for Backspin could not be better. Finally, being an avid health and wellness advocate myself, I want to be involved in projects that help others become healthy and the best versions of themselves. Backspin is a "feel good" business that will positively impact the health and wellness of potentially millions of women, men, children, and communities. I am ALL IN on Backspin, and you should be, too!


ROI: Earn 1.75-3X your investment** and participate in the national expansion of pickleball
Invest in a founding team that has already successfully scaled sports/fitness businesses
CONTRIBUTION: Positively impact people's health and wellness
UNDERDOG: Help us do the impossible! No big banks for us, we want a club by the players, for the players!!
PIONEER: be a pioneer in the indoor pickleball sports club industry!
"Letter of Support" from USA Pickleball Executive Director

Our Founder

From the age of 16 I have wanted to be a pioneer in business, and my lifelong background in racquet sports and fitness has made pioneering the pickleball sports club industry an obvious path for me. All of my life's work has prepared me for this moment and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen.


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