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Invest in Azure Ravens Entertainment

A Crowd-Owned Game Studio Delivering Premium Experiences


Developing a spiritual successor to Harvest Moon and Fantasy Life. Franchises generating $100M+ Rev
Multiple AAA advisors supporting the team and projects.
Global Gaming is a $175.8B+ market opportunity.
A team of tested developers having shipped multiple client projects since the companies inception.
Access to hundreds of talented creatives through our connections to the IGDA

Our Team

Game Design is my life's passion, it's what I have done throughout my life and my career. Now I am so excited to share this with you. We have spent years learning/growing our team and skills. Now we get to grow this dream studio with all of YOU!

Why Azure Ravens?

Azure Ravens’ goal is to create world-class IP (intellectual properties) through games that we can produce in-house and publish on PC, Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and Mobile. We have a project just waiting to be developed, and with you joining our team, we can begin the production journey. Azure Ravens is looking to take the Indie game development experience a step further by enabling our investors to be a part of creating fun and engaging games that they can own a piece of. 

We have already developed multiple client projects, using these challenges to build up our team and skills. Now we are ready to launch into developing the vertical slice of our project, currently known as "Project Ravenwood." A vertical slice serves as a demo to venture capitalists and publishers, allowing us to raise the money needed to not only compete but excel in the space. 

In short, we are making excellent games and stories that we will own, and by retaining ownership of the IP, we can turn any success into franchises that fans can continue to enjoy. This is what the major production studios do, but we are cutting straight to the point and going directly to the people! As a result, we will have more control and be able to garner better deals because YOU invested in US.

The Market

The Gaming industry has been booming over the last few years. With the popularity of gaming going into the mainstream and beyond, the opportunity for new studios has been steadily growing. Before 2010, releasing an Independent game was near impossible without the support of publishers. Now with the vast number of digital distribution centers and acceptance of significant companies like Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo, it has never been a better time to get into the business of making games.

At large, the video game market has witnessed an exponential level of growth across both the US and Global markets. Consumers have turned to video games as a form of escapism due to the pandemic over the last year. According to SuperData, Games and Interactive media earned $139.9B in 2020. Over half of US residents (55%) played video games as a result of the first phase of COVID-19 lockdowns and the premium games market grew 28% in 2020.

Business Model

The Azure Ravens’ business model is designed along the more traditional premium game loop. Gamers purchase a completed premium title at launch, and then every 3 to 6 months purchase what we call a Major Content DLC pack. Within this Major Content DLC release cycle, we will also release Cosmetic DLC which will allow the player to further customize their experience.

For each major release, we will work with our partners to create merchandise to allow for additional avenues for revenue generation. We currently have tentative agreements with Model Figure teams, Apparel teams, and additional physical suppliers.

Azure Ravens will distribute its games across a variety of platforms and online markets. As of now for all non-XR products, we will release them on the following platforms.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox and Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • Steam
  • Epic Games

Outside of these traditional online markets, we are partnering with Xsolla to sell our games through our own website, enabling players to purchase for their preferred platform. While also enabling us to reduce the revenue percentage taken by these major markets.

In short, Azure Ravens will generate revenue from the sale of: Premium Games, Major Content DLC, Cosmetic DLC, and Physical Merchandise.

Our Next Big Project

Project Ravenwood is our IP that we are currently working on raising project funding for. We have spent the past year bringing all of our client projects to a post-launch live service state. This allows us to continue maintaining revenue while we pursue this project with our consolidated effort. 

Ravenwood Acres will follow in the footsteps of wildly successful Farming RPG games that have come before it. Fans of this genre will find that they are still treated to a plot of farmland in a small frontier town that has seen better days. The player is tasked with not only growing their own farm but improving the town. From that point, Ravenwood Acres breathes new life into the genre through our unique Lifestyle System, where players will be able to branch out and take on other professions. This sets Ravenwood apart from all other "Farming RPGs" as it gives the players more freedom to choose and far more to accomplish. Ravenwood is a game based on choice; this choice allows for replayability and player retention. When the player chooses to be more than just a farmer, they do not lose the farmer benefits; instead, they gain the benefits of the new Lifestyle. To enable the choice the game is built on, you may swap Lifestyles at any time.

With so much to choose from in Ravenwood each player’s experience is unique. The player is also encouraged to engage in long play sessions, while not being punished if they are limited on playtime. This crafting of a unique and special experience encourages players to build a connection to their world. Through cosmetic and content DLC, players will look to further customize their experience and expand their world.

Micro View of the Market

When analyzing the video game market by genre, the Life simulation and RPG genres have seen a higher level of growth over the previous year.

This is continuing a year-over-year trend across the US and Global markets in relation to the Life simulation and RPG genres. Gamers are seeking games that are providing a break from the stress and the noise of modern life. Interestingly, the US consumer has had a greater interest in Life simulation and RPG games that are not precisely realistic in systems or style. This interest in Life simulation and RPG games is expected to continue to grow in appeal, with games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons becoming one of the biggest hits in 2020, breaking the console record for premium launch downloads. During its launch month of March 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold 5.0M digital units on the Nintendo Switch. This showcases the massive growth the Premium gaming market has seen this year, with SuperData reporting an increase of 28% year over year, by far the most considerable expansion of the gaming market measured for 2020.

The field of competitors within the farming simulator segment of the RPG market varies greatly. While at the core of each game is the objective of farming, what makes each one different from the other is the context in which they are set. The following are a few of our competitor’s sales and revenue estimates based on publicly available data and the boxleiter method.

  • Stardew Valley, Lifetime units sold 10M, Estimated gross sales $197 million
  • Animal Crossing, Year one estimates 31.18M, Estimated gross sales $1.2 billion
  • Story of Seasons, Year one estimates 2.4M, Estimated gross sales $95.9 million

The US farming RPG market has become increasingly popular for its ability to provide a tranquil gaming experience and its ability to create social interactions from the comfort of the gamers' homes. Additionally, players are captivated by the soothing rhythms and loops within each game. This form of repetition has been found to create opportunities to think creatively about efficiency and strategy. It has been the impetus in the growing popularity of this type of game within the US market over the last couple of years.

Production Timeline

We have been working diligently, using the funds from our client work to fund the pre-production stage of this timeline. Now we are approaching the start of full development, and this is where YOU come in. With the help of our incredible investors, we can begin full production on schedule.

What about Marketing?

In the meantime, we will be working with our partners Aquatik Studios, to generate the content that our marketing team will later deploy. Additionally, Aquatik Studios is connecting us with numerous influencer partners and groups who are interested in partnerships around the launch of Ravenwood.

Why Invest?

Potential to make money, see the game development process, own up-and-coming intellectual property and have a say in the process! You may not have had the opportunity to invest in Zynga in 2007, but you do have the opportunity to invest in Azure Ravens NOW! (*disclaimer* obviously we did not just sell for 12.7 Billion like Zynga, and we may never reach their level of success, but in 2007 Zynga was not a billion-dollar company either)

We're looking forward to our first project with YOU, and we're shooting for Q4 of 2023 to launch our first indie game project that we hope will turn into a beloved franchise!

Join us!

Join us to create high-quality games that connect with audiences of all ages. You don't have to think very hard about your childhood to remember some of your favorite games growing up, and we now have this opportunity with a new, young and connected generation. Invest today!