The Fintech platform that connects independent auto dealers and lenders

Last Funded December 2020


raised from 990 investors
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FinTech platform with 965+ dealership partnerships, growing at 40% MoM despite COVID19.
Developed with licensed lender (Signal Auto Group): 13 yrs of experience, 1.7k dealers in 13 states.
Answering a clear need in a $1.3 trillion industry that stopped evolving in 2004.
Automatic translates to an 87.5% approval time reduction & 75% data entry time reduction.
Team has over 80 years of combined experience in FinTech, lending, and the auto industry.
Auto loans make up nearly 10% of all household debt, behind only mortgages and student loans.

Our Team

Our CEO has used every single software available to originate, underwrite, and consummate loans. Through this experience, he's gained unique insight into to all of the problems and challenges presented by these applications. As a result, he set out to create a "one stop shop" platform that would streamline the process for dealerships everywhere.

Invest in Automatic

Automatic is a disruptive finTech platform connecting independent used auto dealers with lenders and finance & insurance vendors. Essentially, we’re modernizing the archaic and fragmented independent dealer financing market.

In building our software, we looked at existing solutions and closed the gaps. The result? Our platform saves independent dealers time and manual labor, while helping them close deals quickly through time-efficient approvals.

The used car market has exploded during COVID, leading to an increased need for digital innovation in an industry that has famously failed to modernize. Already, we’ve partnered with 850+ dealerships, and we’re growing at 10-20% every week. 

By investing now, you’ll get in on the ground floor as we capitalize on a window of opportunity never before seen in this market. Dealers need our solution more than ever, and we’re confident we can embed our platform into their workflow during this key time to secure lasting, lucrative partnerships.

In hard times, used car sales significantly outperform new vehicle sales. Right now, this trend is rising side-by-side with increased demand for remote solutions. Our platform serves both of these needs simultaneously, positioning us at the center of two fast-growing markets.

In year one alone, we’ve achieved positive net income (extremely rare!)—and we expect to continue this trend with robust growth across the years to come.

Think of us as the “better mortgage of the auto industry.” We're not offering a new solution, we’re improving upon an existing solution with superior UX and integrated vendors, while focusing on the underserved independent dealer market.

Between our one-of-a-kind platform and a liquidity crunch in the market (caused by other lenders pulling out of the space) , we’re growing fast...and we expect to continue to do so. With this in mind, we’re actively improving our product, making key hires, and refining our loan program to position ourselves as the #1 lending solution provider for independent dealers. Invest now for a chance to capitalize on this key window of opportunity alongside our experienced team.