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NEW BUSINESS MODEL where airports, airlines, or concessions pay for our services as an amenity
Proven concept currently operating profitably in major U.S. airports including DFW and CLE
Launching 3 additional top 10 U.S. airports in Q1 2024 which is the purpose of this raise.

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Our Team

We launched AtYourGate to improve the travel experience for the leisure and business traveler and the work life for flight crews and airport employees by offering more convenience and choice and saving time via in-airport food and retail delivered with distinction. You don't have to fly or work hungry with AtYourGate.


We started AtYourGate to change travel for the better. We saw a very disconnected marketplace, and sought out to connect it - via food and retail delivery. As an avid business traveler, and wanderlust at heart, our founder constantly found himself in the same situations: Long lines, limited choice in the terminal, quick layover with no time to shop, or arriving after everything is closed. AtYourGate enables passengers, flight crews, and airport employees to order food and retail from anywhere inside of the airport, and have it delivered to their gate, jet bridge, or break room. 

First, we had to convince an airport to let us try

In 2017, AtYourGate won a Request for Proposal to launch mobile ordering and delivery at San Diego International Airport. The team of PJ Mastracchio, David Henninger, and Tony Trincanello spent essentially all of 2017 "learning" how to do this. Days were spent walking from every restaurant to every gate, with a stopwatch, at all hours of the day to get the timing just right. Countless hours were spent navigating "the ramp" - the area underneath the airport where employees work = getting lost more than a few times. Taking food temperatures, and logging them every 10 minutes,  to ensure quality through the delivery journey. The time spent to be perfect - to deliver with distinction - paid off. In January of 2018, AtYourGate began making deliveries.

Anyone say "PIVOT"?

We continued to grow our business throughout the past 5 years with operations in 18 airports at one point. And we survived Covid which actually gave us additional purpose in regards to social distancing and contactless delivery. That being said, in 2022, we realized we needed to change our business model to drive profitability. We had to transition from a model where our sole revenue stemmed from delivery fees to a model that inspired airports, airlines, and concessions to pay us for our services as an amenity. We were providing great value to the airports and concessions through increased sales. We were providing value to travelers through the convenience of delivery. We were improving the quality of work life for employees via the delivery of food to their break rooms and allowing them to enjoy their entire break. We truly were an amenity to multiple stakeholders in the industry. The combined revenue this new revenue stream plus the delivery fees has allowed us to become gross profit positive at the airport level and on a path to driving positive net income as a company. This pivot has not been easy. The founders found themselves making food deliveries themselves in certain airports. We have had to sunset some operations around the country. We have had to turn over our entire staff in the process and hire/train new teams. But in the end, this was the absolute right move for our legacy investors and future investors. And we now press forward in to 2024 with a new business model and incredible excitement regarding the future of our great company.

So, why AtYourGate?

Well, for starters we've done this over 300,000 times, and have a Net Promoter Score of 75. So, we do it often, and we do it well. We deliver with great distinction.

With delivery being essential, whether is be street-side or in an airport, AtYourGate is the ONLY PLAYER IN THE GAME. So, to date, we have no competition.

Finally, I want you to know the we have a great team. Sure, we have accomplished a TON. But we are all good people. We work really hard, we care for others, and have created a culture that we are extremely proud of. 

AtYourGate has become part of the travel experience. We'd love to have you come on this journey with us!