Protecting data and privacy against cyberattacks

Last Funded July 2023
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Proven market traction within an $18 Billion dollar total addressable market.
Grown annualized revenue by more than 10x in the past year, now exceeding $1 million.
Total customer value under contract now at $2 million and growing.
Doubled average contract value in the last 12 months, and increased contract terms to three years.

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Invest in an industry-disrupting technology that guarantees your data and privacy is protected against cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks targeting sensitive data continue to increase in frequency and sophistication

Cyberattacks are at an all-time high. There have been 50% more attack attempts per week on corporate networks in 2021 versus 2020.

Personal data and privacy are at risk

Personally identifiable, confidential, and sensitive information are targets for cyber attackers, and the threat is significant.

Data protection tools you are familiar with, or might be using today are insufficient

Today’s data protection tools fall short against cyberattacks, leaving you vulnerable to financial fraud, extortion, revealed private healthcare info, and identity theft.

Atakama challenges the status quo of conventional data protection

Atakama was born through its founders’ experience in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world, where the best-in-class security mechanisms distribute pieces of data across numerous devices. The concept is similar to having a paper password and splitting it across a dozen safe deposit boxes: it’s inherently far more difficult to attack.

Why not apply the same best-in-class security to corporate data, personal data, and beyond? No more all-eggs-in-one-basket security!

Atakama solves the challenge of data privacy and protection

We are the first in the industry to provide unhackable data security for your sensitive information with a breakthrough approach to distributed encryption key management. 

We have solved the long-standing issue of data residing unprotected even as conventional security solutions fail to stop data breaches.

Your data remains secure throughout a successful cyberattack

Each piece of data is locked with its own unique encryption key. Each sensitive data file is protected with its own unique encryption key. That key is split across multiple devices. 

Seamless decryption. Airtight data protection

The data can only be decrypted when the pieces of the encryption key are reassembled.

This splitting of keys - known as distributed key management, means that multiple devices are simultaneously required to unlock encrypted files, making the security airtight.

Customers secure their most critical data with Atakama

Over the last 12 months, we have experienced a 3x increase in customers, spanning across all verticals. 

Our rise to success

We’ve grown annualized revenue under contract by more than 10x in the past year, now exceeding $1 million, with the total value under contract at $2 million. We’ve doubled our average contract size as well as established over $1 million in new customer pipeline entering September 2022. Including major telecom providers, government agencies, and leading asset management companies.

...and the future is even brighter

We look forward to another recording-breaking 12 months where we accelerate our sales growth, welcome new customers, advance our innovative technology and open up new partner channels and revenue streams.

Your support matters

Raising capital from forward-thinking investors like you, allows us to continue our mission to disrupt the $159B security industry, with purpose-built cybersecurity solutions to eliminate data theft and invasion of privacy.

Your contributions enable us to continue to challenge the status quo and disrupt the cyber-tech landscape, putting you back in control of your data.