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Invest in Arcadius Entertainment

1st AAA NFT Shooter video game, +20 stores, 5 platforms, big projections, fast ROI


Inclusion of the Play to Earn economic model as the main game economy.
Alternative business models designed for users who do not invest in cryptocurrencies.
Quick return on investment
Vast content that gives value to the video game regardless of its monetization models
Different game modes integrated into a single video game.
Competitive mode for all categories of users with in-game prizes and real money.
Availability of our products in many platforms and stores.
Strategic alliances with partners

Our Team

Because we are passionate about the possibilities that exist with video games to create virtual worlds where everyone can decide how to live their own reality.


Market Analysis

The video game industry has established itself as one of the industries that generates the highest annual income in the entertainment industry. It also has a lot of resilience, since people turn to video games to detach themselves from their problems in real life. Being a product that will never cease to be viable despite the adversities and fluctuations of the global economy, on the contrary, it will continue to grow and become part of the new normal in this technological age. Within this market there are different categories to classify the players, grouping them mainly by genre, which represents the type of game and secondly the platform they usually use or have, which refers to the medium they use to play.

Market Available

The scope of our product is associated with the different stores that distribute video games and these, in turn, with each platform on which we will be available.

Our marketing and distribution campaign will be focused the first 6 months on the mobile and PC video game market, reaching more than 20 stores, of which we can highlight some such as: APP Store available in more than 175 countries with more than 40 languages, Hawuei APP Galery recognized as the third largest store in the world, available in 170 countries with more than 530M monthly active users, Samsung Galaxy Store with approximately 100,000 monthly active users (MAU), downloading +100,000 applications per month. One Store, which provides access to one of the largest mobile games markets in the world, through the second largest application store in South Korea, reaching 90% of users in that country. We have marketing agreements with all these stores. Source obtained from the websites of each store. 

For our PC version, the available stores are Steam with 120M monthly active users and Epic Games with 59M active users who spent 700M in the store during 2020.

In the case of consoles, to which we plan to expand shortly, the stores that sell are PlayStation Store with 109M subscribers worldwide and Microsoft Store Xbox with more than 100M active users per month.

The target audience we are going to address are those users who like to play the action-adventure and shooters genres that represent 38% and 32% respectively of the players globally and covering a wide spectrum of players thanks to our differentiated strategy of commercialization.


To maintain a balance in the blockchain economy of the game we have studied the strategies of other games that have become popular recently and the fluctuations of their tokens. The solution to all is the creation of two tokens, one for governance and the other for utility.

Governance Token

Our goal is to promote a space to listen to investors and players interested on this economic model. We want to know your doubts and opinions closely. For this we have decided to create a limited governance token that allows its holders to influence game decisions through a periodic council in which the progress of the game and the steps to be followed in the future will be evaluated in order to build a balanced and decentralized gambling economy that benefits players, cryptocurrency investors and us as a studio.

Below is how the token will be distributed, breaking down the total supply and distribution of the coins for support of the game.

Utility Token

This token is designed to reward players for performing certain activities within the game, it will have an infinite supply and a series of burning methods to prevent its excessive growth.


The Marketplace, also called the Black Market, will allow players to buy and sell a large number of items, as well as exchange items between players, which can be done using tokens or real money as desired for each item. This means that all content available on the black market will be available to all users, regardless of the game mode or payment method they wish to use, providing a wide range of possibilities to all categories of players.