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Last Funded August 2021


raised from 776 investors
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Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

$3M raised from Techstars, 500 Startups, Fabrice Grinda (Forbes #1 angel investor)
$3.8M revenue run rate, with new remote recruiting business growing at 470% YOY
Profitable, 47-person global team remotely distributed in 4 continents
900,000+ developers already in our network

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We believe you deserve an extraordinary career no matter where you live. 

Remote work means more equal access to opportunities for people all over the world. Where you live no longer determines the organization you work for, who you work with, how much you earn, and your quality of life.

We're now entering the work-from-anywhere era. 

Remote work is the future, opening the door to a world of opportunities. Last year saw the rapid growth in remote working, with companies like Twitter, Dropbox, and more adopting location-independent work for the long run.

Yet actually getting hired for a remote job is HARD. The world was built for location-based work.

Although this grand possibility exists, finding permanent remote work isn't easy. 

The remote job search is complicated and tedious. Competition is fierce, with each open role receiving thousands of applicants. And it's hard to get noticed with unfamiliar names of companies and schools on your resume.

At Arc, we're making it easier to find remote work.

We are a remote career platform that connects great developers with hiring companies. And we're committed to building the most frictionless remote job search and career-building experience.

In mid-2021, we're launching Arc 2.0 as a community-driven remote career platform.

We help developers find remote work more easily by:

  • Connecting them with remote jobs all in one place
  • Verifying their technical skills to get hired more quickly
  • Providing community support to help along the way

The Arc platform features a powerful new developer job search experience that aggregates 13,000+ remote hiring companies around the web and recommends the ones that you're most likely to receive offers from. This saves developers time by identifying opportunities actually relevant to them.

We are also committed to helping developers everywhere build their careers by helping them grow their network and learn from each other's experiences. The Arc community is a space to connect and get advice and support during your job hunt from those who’ve been there and can share their stories.

Real lives have already been changed through Arc.

We’ve just begun to see the potential of what happens when you can land an awesome job outside of your local area. Developers are no longer forced to leave their family and friends behind and relocate to expensive tech hubs just in pursuit of their careers.

Our background – Arc grew out of the world’s largest online developer mentoring platform, Codementor.

Launched in 2014, Codementor now has 900,000+ developer members and 26,000+ vetted mentors. As the world's largest platform of its kind, Codementor has connected over 110,000+ pairs of developers from 205 countries for mentorship sessions to date.

In 2019, we launched Arc to connect developers with great remote opportunities.

Since we had such a strong community of developers with Codementor, moving into the jobs space was a natural fit. So Arc was born: a platform for developers to grow their remote careers. Arc’s official launch in September 2019 was featured in TechCrunch, and steady growth followed.

As a team, we've grown into a globally distributed network of 47 people from 11 countries.

We hire from all corners of the world, bringing on those who share our vision and are passionate to build the future of work together. We believe diversity and reach are key to help us truly understand global needs and experiences.

In 18 months, we've become a profitable company with $3.8M per year net revenue run rate, with our new remote recruiting business growing by 470% in 2020.

Our marketplace business model has three main revenue streams:

  • Codementor: We charge mentors a platform fee of 13%-22%
  • Arc Contract: We charge companies a fee of 25%-30% on top of what developers make. We don't charge developers any fees.
  • Arc Recruiting: We charge companies a placement fee of 15%-20% of the developer's annual salary

Net revenue (the amount we earn after paying developers) reached $940K+ in Q1 2021. We have been profitable since March 2020.

We’ve raised $3M+ from world-class investors to date.

Our investors include Techstars, 500 Startups, WI Harper, FG Angel, Brad Flora (Y Combinator group partner), Fabrice Grinda (The world's #1 angel investor by Forbes), Hung-Tze Jan (Chairman of PCHome), Tim Jackson, Rich Chen (Google), Rolf Maties (Earlybird Ventures), and other industry leaders who are passionate about the future of work space.

Join us in helping democratize access to great opportunities globally through remote work. 

Invest in remote work. Invest in Arc.

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