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Making Electronic Medical Records More Secure And Available At Your Finger Tips!


First solution to integrate Telehealth / Telemedicine onto Blockchain
Patent (Notice Of Allowance Approved) six-way patient validation on the Blockchain utilizing AI driven smart workflows
Empowering COVID-19 patient data management and remote self assessments on the Blockchain
Integrative solution/interoperability (plug and play functionalities)
Value bundle solution (Security/Encryption, PHI Validation, Physicians Credentialing, revenue cycle management)
Our solution in use at Cedars Sinai TowerENT, Stemcell TherapeuticsLA, Pacific Stemcells, Health Centurion, Metrohealth International etc.
Latest technology stack and security - Cloud, AI, IoT, & Blockchain

Our Team

Hospitals are plagued with poor security/encryption that has led to multiple data breaches and; secondly bad patient data leading to duplicate medical records, misdiagnosis, billing errors and medical malpractice. All of which are extremely costly and potential detrimental to positive patient outcomes and care.

Healthcare systems are broken

Hospitals are plagued with poor security and encryption that has led to multiple data breaches.

According to IBM Security, the average cost of a U.S. healthcare data breach is now $15 million, and the FBI claims that COVID-19 cyberattacks spiked 400% during the pandemic.

Furthermore, bad patient data leads to duplicate medical records, misdiagnosis, billing errors and medical malpractice. Beyond the personal distress this causes the affected patients, there are massive financial repercussions as well.

  • According to HealthcareITNews, eClinicalWorks was sued for nearly $1 billion due to inaccurate medical records.
  • Becker’s Hospital CFO Report claims that the average cost of one month's delay in credentialing a primary care physician can amount to more than $30,000 in lost revenue.
  • ICG reports that the average revenue loss is $2.5 million per month due to a lack of interoperability and data integrity.

We need a more secure SaaS digital health solution. That’s why we founded Apothēka.

A more secure Saas digital health solution

Apothēka integrates with Electronic Medical Records Systems or clinical systems and transforms them into secure Blockchain ecosystems to facilitate security, data integrity and interoperability, a turn-key blockchain module.

Our patented proprietary technology uses ironclad security, scalable distribution design of Blockchain, and AI technologies to solve “IT friction” points in healthcare leveraging patented six-way patient validation.

We started our platform development two and half years ago and successfully boot strapped the process to bring our Apothēka solution to market.

First, we had to build an Electronic Medical Records Platform

To understand fully the value stream of a hospital or clinical operations we built a simulated Electronic Medical records platform. Thereafter we integrated Blockchain in key areas of Patient scheduling/Registration, Point of care and Revenue cycle (payment flow to include insurance companies).

Wow! It worked!

In November 2018 we officially launched our phase 1 platform to the healthcare and technology community in Los Angeles.

Our traction

Since launching phase 1, we’ve provided our solutions to a number of clients and have signed multiple MOUs. We’ve also developed a healthy pipeline of prospective clients.

The Market

Our Business Model

Our Patent

We have a patent for six way patient validation touchpoints: Hospital, Clinics or Health Insurance as outlined below.

Use Case: Hospitals & Insurance / Healthcare

Use Case: Blood Supply Chain In COVID-19 Era

Competitive Landscape

While there are a number of companies providing security and encryption services, Apothēka provides a turn-key blockchain module solution.

Our next steps

We are now activating our fundraising efforts through Wefunder so that we can start our marketing, client acquisition and finalizing phase 2 Digital Health Passport solution.

We look forward to all of you joining us in building the next unicorn venture!