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Invest in Aphios Pharma LLC

Aphios® Pharma is developing cannabis-based therapeutics for anxiety, pain, opioid use disorder, MS

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1. Green biotech developing sustained release nanoencapsulated cannabinoids for highly unmet chronic medical needs
ESG opportunity addressing a $4B market for cancer pain, $5B for opioid use disorder and $40B for Multiple Sclerosis
Aphios has spent $46 million to date on developing enabling drug manufacturing and drug delivery technologies
Established supercritical fluid manufacturing facility for 1,000 kg pharma-grade cannabinoids per yr under cGMP
Our proprietary manufacturing and nanoencapsulation technologies are protected by 16 issued and 4 pending patents

Our Team

Medical marijuana has proven to be partially effective for cancer pain, opioid addiction and Multiple Sclerosis. These effects are acute and not effective for the treatment for chronic diseases such as pain and opioid addiction. With nanoencapsulation, we can improve the delivery and efficacy of cannabinoids.