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Invest in AnyFans

AnyFans: A social media App with themed Hangout rooms led by influencer-hosts


💲Our Founder's 1st tech start-up generated $1 million in revenue in year one
😎AnyFans was ranked the #3 fastest growing tech company of 2022 by leading tech blog and blogger
💲All the major tech companies are in a race to get to web 3.0 - interactivity is the future of tech
👌Founder invested $500k, crowdfunding will fill the gap prior to planned seed round in summer 2022
👀 70% of top 500 brands are buying ads on the top social platforms, more than $65 🅱Billion in 2021
😊GenZ wants an App that builds a sense of community to network with those with similar interests
💯Hosts promote authenticity and positivity to combat constant mental health challenges GenZ faces

Our Team

Our founder was teaching classes at the University of Southern California and kept hearing the same desire from students: they were hungry for a social media experience that builds confidence and provides a greater sense of community and positivity to address the daily rigors of the mental health crisis. Its social networking that's cool AF!


AnyFans will become the generation-defining social media app for the younger half of GenZ and Gen Alpha. Launching in late June 2022, currently conducting live public beta testing in App Store  & Google Play.

What makes AnyFans unique? It’s simple. Our feed is grouped into themed rooms called Hangouts. Each of these Hangouts has influencer-hosts assigned to lead the discussion and encourage user activity. These influencer-hosts are content creators on other platforms as well, including YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and offer various forms of content on multiple platforms daily. Anyone can join a Hangout, and we will have a Hangout for ALL colleges and high schools – they each get their own!

Our CEO's first tech start-up generated more than $1 million in revenue in its first year, and he is among three executives who are social media influencers themselves and have a robust understanding of the needs and demands of being a content creator and influencer. The content creators who serve as hosts on our App are employees of AnyFans and are trained to support free speech and uplifting content, all while encouraging, motivating and inspiring users to post in each Hangout that interests them. We are committed to a diverse management and creator team.

There is a race to web 3.0, and experts agree it will contribute more than $1.5 trillion to the worldwide GDP by the end of the decade. For paid influencers, web 3.0 means owning content and whittling-away at the high percentage of income the platforms keep from them. Aside from the top 3 platforms, multiple other niched platforms with narrow target audiences have been stagnant and are not attractive to explode as the next mainstream app popular with the high school and college crowd.

The business model is proven and simple. Rapid growth. Key Performance Indicators to assess that rapid growth are: 1) UA: - User Acquisition (downloads), 2) DAU - Daily Active Users, 3) TIA - Time in App. Rapid growth takes precedence over profitability in years 1-3.

Timing is ripe for a new option, and interactivity is the name of the game. With AnyFans you have influencer-hosts who engage users on multiple platforms using the AnyFans App as a complement to encourage 24/7 access. Explosive growth as we have seen with other platforms is not only realistic, but likely when the app is released.

Here is a taste of how the app looks in the App Store. Improvements and modifications are being made daily as we work through our final phase of testing - live beta testing in the App Store and in Google Play. And as discussed our hosts are content creators on other platforms so they are trained to ALWAYS drive the conversation and user back to the AnyFans app and Hangout.

AnyFans Hangout rooms are diverse, and new rooms are added monthly. Unlike other social platforms, users can NOT create their own room at present (Reddit), as AnyFans creates the rooms that appeal to mass audiences and hires hosts to ensure there is plenty of relevant content in the room daily. All of our hosts are focused on building a community of like-minded followers, encouraging and inspiring users to engage, and ensuring a safe, positive experience for members to combat the daily rigors of the mental health crisis. Authenticity, Community and Interactivity are three of our pillars!

Our Founder was teaching at the University of Southern California and then at HIU and kept hearing the same thing from his students that he was hearing from his own high school aged kids - they are all hungry for a social app that helps build a sense of community with like-minded individuals, that can also serve as a respite to the constant mental health challenges faced on a daily basis. These students designed the app, picked the colors, selected the Hangout topics, and many of them are now employees or hosts for AnyFans.

Many AnyFans partners with a 501C3 non-profit to raise money to combat the daily rigors of the teen and young adult mental health crisis. These funds pay for partnerships with companies who provide services to improve mental health and train positive and uplifting habits and are an integral strategy the apps success. Research to date has proven this to be one of the most appealing concepts of our app to both users and investors. 

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our Founder kicked in more than $500k of his own money to help bring this vision to life, and the WeFunder Campaign will provide working capital until a seed round is held in summer 2022. Your investment in AnyFans will contribute to developing and marketing the App in 2022, and in 2023 to marketing the App and developing AnyFans Premium.

Invest in AnyFans. Pre-launch it may be considered a high risk/high reward investment, but with each day the app scales rapidly that risk becomes less and less. AnyFans, its social networking thats Cool AF!