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AF Social by AnyFans (LaunchPad ‘22)

Productive, socially responsible social media

Last Funded October 2022


raised from 84 investors


Backed by LB Investments, OctaneOC & LaunchPad (2022), Previous raise $3.1 mill. from VC & Angels
💲Our Founder's 1st tech start-up generated $1 million in revenue in year one
😎AnyFans was ranked the #3 fastest growing tech company of 2022 by leading tech blog and blogger
👌 Our goal is to be the first social app in this market segment, with mental health & growth tools
👀 Ad revenue & user upgrades are the revenue model. Top brands spent $65 🅱Billion on ads in 2021
😊 AF Social is live in the App store & Google as an MVP for testing, leading to launch in Fall 2023
💯Users get a Personal Well Being Summary & a Vision Board to help with goal setting & tracking

Our Team

As CEO of the largest mental health hospital in Orange County, Calif. and as a professor at the University of Southern California, I saw first-hand how the mental health crisis impacts young adults daily. I saw the same thing with my own teenagers. As a proven Founder, I set out to "meet them where they are at" on social apps to solve the problem.


How often do investors on Wefunder get to ride the coattails of experienced venture capitalists and angel investors to invest in the same seed round? Not that often! We have $3.2 million in venture funding committed to date towards our $3.6 million goal. $3.035 million via seed round and MOU, and almost $184k already here on Wefunder. Invest in our highly successful seed round today as it closes at $3.6 million ($585 on this website) or in April 2023 - whichever comes first!  

Note: committed venture funding is not guaranteed to close.

Gen Z is in crisis. In 2022 the CD reported that sadness, helplessness and suicidal thoughts were at an all time high. Our Founder saw this first-hand as a mental health hospital CEO, as a professor at the University of Southern California and even in his own living room. 

The current popular social media apps are making the mental health crisis even worse. At TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram the sole purpose is to generate dopamine hits to increase screen time and drive ad revenue. Well, the AF Social app from AnyFans Inc is here to change that, we are “meeting young adults where they are at, on social apps,” to provide mental health resources, as well as personal and professional growth tools, resources and mentors within the users feed!

Young Adults are tuning out influencers and seeking a smaller online community of individuals they truly connect with! Politics and controversy are another turn-off on social media. AF Social was created to serve as a positive, uplifting social networking experience with the sole purpose of providing young adults with resources to succeed.

Those resources, often found within the main user feed (after launch in late Summer 2023), include a Personal Well Being Summary, personal Vision Board, mentor hosts, daily mood checks and goal setting tools, as well as tracking milestones and successes along the way. Users grow their community by establishing new connections in our Hangout Rooms that align them with other users with similar interests! 

When you are ready to graduate from the teenage apps and accelerate your progress toward successful adulthood—network on AF Social! Life experiences and advice on finance and investing, job prep and search, health, faith, friendship, dating and more!

The Personal Well Being Summary is an industry first! Rather than sell user data, why not provide it to them with recommendations on how to improve their mental health?! Our Vision Board feature is also the first of its kind in the social media industry!

This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

The opportunities in social media with teens and young adults is endless, with 40 million plus users, 80% usage and rapid growth when a new concept takes off. In the last year BeReal received more than $80 million in investor funds and a start-up app called Hive sold to a major-platform for big dollars just as they were surpassing 1 million users. When it happens with young adults in social media, it happens fast!

This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

The AF Social beta version is live in the App Store and on Google Play. We consider this an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), with our full suite of mental health and growth resources, as well as our go-to-market launch scheduled for late Summer 2023. Although we currently have more than 1,000 users on the platform providing us valuable feedback.  

We have a world-class leadership team with experienced founders from the mental health space, college education space, app development and social influencing. We have all the bases covered and are ready for rapid growth. This is in part why when we recently launched our seed round, we quickly received an MOU committing $3 million dollars in year one and an additional $3 million by year two to grow this app in the SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) space. Because our venture capital partner has requested maintaining a controlling interest, we are returning to Wefunder to raise the final $400k of our seed round. $3.6 million seed round, here we come!  

We are first to market! When young adults are ready to graduate from the teenage apps - AF Social awaits! There is no other app in this market-segment. The potential is unlimited for rapid growth after launch! Think of our app as a stepping stone from the teenage apps to LinkedIn – a new hybrid approach to mentoring and growth! 

Invest today before it's too late! Our community round ends in April 2023!