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We will liberate millions from allergies

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🧬 The founder has 28 years of research experience in genetics, genomics, and microbiome.
🔬 Three years of allergy suffering and research identified two bacteria causing his allergies.
🍭 Two pieces of AllerPops reinforced his probiotics and returned life to normal.
🗄 We have three patents issued from USPTO and filed five international patent applications.
😀 Five thousand customers are satisfied with the efficacy of 94.5%.
💰AllerPops has generated more than $120K revenue during the product development and market test.
🎺Fifty million allergy sufferers in the US alone await to hear this good news.
☂️Three hundred million people in the US can use AllerPops to prevent allergies.

Our Team

The founder and his son suffered from allergies. Being a biologist, he wanted to provide a solution and began researching the cause of airborne allergies.

Liberation From Allergies, The Natural Way

One evening in March 2014, Los Alamos resident Cliff Han was attending his church retreat and started to tear during a talk.

He went outside for a break, but more tears arose accompanied by sneezing and tightness in the chest... 

Click here to read the story about how we developed AllerPops.

These are the results of our customer satisfaction survey that we performed in the US between 2019 and 2020. According to Amazon's rating, the rate of satisfaction is 70% (4 stars and 5 stars). Our planned independent clinical trial will produce more accurate results. 

AllerPops and associated methods have been protected by three US patents, (US Pat No._9,795,579, US 2019/0343900 A1, US 10,471,033 B2). We have submitted patent applications to 5 major international markets. 

Besides the patents, we know the best protection to our IP is extraordinary customer experience with our product and service. We strive to continuously improve our product and service to fulfill the need of the expected fast market expansion in the next 5-10 years.

AllerPops are sold on Amazon,, and at 5 independent pharmacies. AllerPops is so popular locally that a lady in a Los Alamos pharmacy told us last spring, "We sell AllerPops like water." 

Our current return customer rate is 28% according to Amazon sales. Many of them come back to buy for their family and friends. 

With the success in local markets, we are ready to expand into national and international markets. 

AllerPops is not only a revolutionary product but also a movement for the awareness of our probiotics in the mouth and airway. As a customer/investor told us, " We need to bring the awareness of probiotics in the mouth, to the same awareness of probiotics in the gut."

Our clinical trial is designed to kickstart just that. This double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, performed by an independent clinical trial company, will produce high-quality peer-reviewed publications. The trial results will announce to the entire world that AllerPops produces sustained allergy-relief and that it does that by engaging good bacteria in the mouth. 

Please download and read the primary research in the section below for a detailed illustration.

We will promote/facilitate media coverage of this cornerstone discovery.

Path to Multiple Million-dollar Sales Within 12-16 Months

AllerPops clinical trial: Independent third party will perform the clinical trial in the first half of 2021 with a feasibility study almost done. The clinical trial will produce 1. a peer-reviewed publication, 2. FDA application.

Media promotion: The founder's influence convinced local media, TV and newspapers, to cover AllerPops. Results from a successful clinical trial will get the national media's attention. They shall cover the story for the benefit of their audience. According to our past experience, national media coverage will facilitate a projected sale of 80,000 to 100,000 boxes of AllerPops with a revenue of two million dollars. We will synchronize the trial publication with allergy seasons.

Continuous branding and marketing to sustain the momentum. The TV ad is our most efficient marketing channel currently. We will choose national/local (allergy capitals) news channels to brand and market.

Digital Marketing: We are satisfied with recent services from GoingClear and will continue to work with them to improve our online presence.

Retailors: We will approach major franchise chain drug stores for the distribution of AllerPops. A consultant has signed a contract with us for this market expansion.

B2B: We will use Alibaba as a platform for B2B distribution. Besides independent pharmacies, government branches can be our major B2B partners, such as VA hospitals, Armed Forces, National Park Service.

Question: [email protected]; phone: 505 695 4236.