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Airing Inc.

Developing the world's first maskless, hoseless microCPAP device for Sleep Apnea

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We've established a very strong brand – 8 million visitors to; 136,000 followers on Facebook; over 55 million views of unsolicited web videos about Airing.
Over $4M has been raised to date – $1.9 million on Indiegogo from over 20,000 contributors since June 2015, making Airing one of the top grossing medical device campaigns across all crowdfunding platforms, and $2.15 million raised from investors.
Functioning prototypes of various components, some of which are moving at operational speed, have already been built. A key component has yet to be demonstrated – micro-blowers blowing air.
Multiple patent applications filed by Airing’s parent, Encite LLC, for technologies licensed to Airing for use in the device, with more being filed.
Strategic relationship with a major international manufacturer that provides key equipment for testing and demonstrating feasibility of the technologies used in the device.

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