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Decentralized data security platform for private, decentralized applications

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Adam Poulton President of Blockchain Australia
Airbitz has been my goto wallet for the past few years. The registration process and UI is great for new users and the wallet functionality and privacy is strong enough for the high end user. Airbitz also continue to innovate, their BitID implementation solves one of the main pain points for secure platform sign ins and will be an avenue for rapid growth outside of the traditional bitcoin user base.
Jason Williams CEO of Bitpos
Paul and his team have developed a great solution that allows you to secure Bitcoin on your phone, backed up to the cloud without risk of loss in the case you lose your device. For this reason, as Australias longest serving Bitcoin payment capture solution, I always recommend Airbitz to any new merchants that sign up. I'm excited about the new possibilities the Airbitz edge security platform has in the ability to keep our data safe and reduce the cost and complexity of traditional systems.
Tone Vays Blockchain Researcher
Airbitz has been my most trusted and dependable bitcoin wallet since 2014. When it comes to 'privacy and security', you need a team for who these are more than words, they need to believe it as a way of life. I do not know if I would trust any other team to program my applications for 'privacy and security' outside the bitcoin space
Martin Davidson Business Development Manager at Blockchain Global
I've been running bitcojn and blockchain workshops at Australia's only Bitcoin and Blockhain coworking space, MBTC, for 18 months and always demonstrate and recommend Airbitz to participants because of its ease of use, security and additional functionality over all the other Bitcoin wallet applications on the market.
Doug Scribner CEO of WatchMyBit
I introduce a LOT of Bitcoin newbies to their first wallet and I always recommend Airbitz. Being able to buy, sell, and spend right from the wallet, 1 touch 2 factor authentication, and password recovery questions makes makes Airbitz the easiest, most intuitive, and safest wallet for anyone. Plus Paul Puey and his team have offered advice and assisted us on numerous occasions as we have grown and rolled out new features.
Bruce Wagner Bitcoin Enthusiast
There are very few times in life when I have encountered a true visionary, and their world changing visionary ideas. Once was when I used to chat with 'Satoshi Nakamoto' shortly after he created Bitcoin. I recognized the brilliance of his ideas immediately. Another time was when I learned about the Airbitz Edge Security created for the Airbitz Wallet. Similarly, I see this as the gold standard of Internet security for the future.

In the news

Airbitz to simplify bitcoin wallet password recovery
September 1, 2016
AirBitz, a bitcoin wallet and bitcoin business directory, plans to hide bitcoins around Miami as part of it promotional "Hidden bits" event. Clues to the bitcoins' locations will be tweeted daily during the Miami Bitcoin Conference. The North American bitcoin conference will take place in Miami on January 25th and 26th.
Ethereum prediction market Augur teams up with blockchain security experts Airbitz
June 6, 2016
Ethereum-based prediction market platform Augur is using Airbitz Edge Security, the battle-tested blockchain security solution that automatically encrypts, backs up, and synchronises private keys and account data across devices. The Edge Security Platform delivers an easy to use, secure ­ account creation process and works by securing personal devices of end-users including phones and tablets, rather than trying to secure the central servers where data is held.
Airbitz & Tim Cook on the Same Page When it Comes to Encryption - Bitcoin News
February 21, 2016
Apple CEO Tim Cook along with other tech giants are fighting back by explicitly stating they are not planning to weaken encryption on their devices to suit the needs of the government. A similar approach to encryption can be found in the Bitcoin ecosystem, or to be more precise, in the way mobile wallet provider Airbitz positions itself.
Airbitz launches US-wide Bitcoin Starbucks campaign
December 16, 2015
Airbitz, the bitcoin security specialist, has launched a US-wide Starbucks campaign offering a 20% discount on coffee using its app, helping to drive bitcoin adoption in the process. To kick off Airbitz integration with Fold app, the company has made some Starbucks-inspired aprons and enlisted street teams to distribute over 100,000 flyers outside coffee shops in the coming weeks.
Airbitz Integrates Fold App, Enabling Bitcoin Payments At Starbucks & Target
December 16, 2015
Airbitz, the mobile bitcoin wallet, has integrated Fold, the Starbucks gift card app that accepts bitcoin payments, into its own app. In announcing the Fold offering, Airbitz said it will be helpful for people new to bitcoin and will encourage more consumers to start using bitcoin.
AirBitz Partners with Fold, Allows Users to Buy Gift Cards inside Wallet
December 14, 2015
Airbitz, a mobile wallet that includes a location-based directory of companies that accept bitcoin, has officially announced a partnership with Fold, which will allow users to purchase Starbucks and Target gift cards at a discount directly inside the wallet. Fold, which was launched in 2013, allowed users to purchase Starbucks cards at a 20 percent discount using bitcoin.
Buy and Sell Bitcoin with the New Airbitz App
November 14, 2015
By Nov 14, 2015 5:00 PM EDT According to their website, San Diego-based Airbitz is "a blockchain inspired, decentralized, open source, zero knowledge global information security solution." In other words, they're all about keeping things safe for their customers.
Decentralised Bitcoin wallet provider Airbitz takes security to the Edge
November 14, 2015
Decentralised wallet provider Airbitz is offering users a more secure means to buy and sell Bitcoin directly from its app, using its Edge Security platform and BitID protocol which does away with password/usernames. Edge Security works by securing personal devices of end-users such as phones, tablets, etc., rather than trying to secure the central servers where data is held.
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