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afocusedpath is the social media platform for getting you involved in education!

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Technology company veterans with previous startup experience.
Completed, launched, and actively maintaining a minimum viable product (MVP).
Innovative, proprietary platform, helping youth and mentoring programs track children's outcomes.
CEO was recognized as Business Father of the Year by Memphis City Council.
Creating a new and exciting category in Education Technology: Village Engagement
We are creating an extremely large, exciting market with projected 50M students and 100M Villagers.
Strategic partnership with organizations that educate and/or mentor youths.

Our Founder

We're technology industry veterans who believe “It Takes a Village to Educate a Child.” Parents and Organizations needed an easy and non-intrusive way to get others involved in the education of children. Our proprietary software and world-class design answers that call.

A simple idea!

I got tired of hearing family members saying they didn't know little Johnny couldn't read until it was too late! No more excuses. Now everyone can participate in a child's education. Whether you are a family member, friend, or youth organization, our platform brings that child's education to you! 

We believe a afocusedpath is the perfect tool for parents to create an online educational village of family, close friends, previous teachers, and other supporters to stay involved in their child's education.

Our solution:

This educational village of supporters will be able to privately view the student's grades, pictures, teacher's information, and other related materials. The educational village can support the child by sending positive reinforcement through words of encouragement or gifts for their accomplishments.

Educators have shared that when both family and community have a vested interest and are actively involved in a child's education, their academic performance is better, leading the way for strong foundational skills to help ease the way to college.

Our proprietary software helps parents and youth organizations identify, engage, and build an educational village that is actively involved in their child's education, Pre-K through 12th grade.