Invest in Adrasil Studios, LLC

Adrasil Studios exists to offer events and film space for fantasy and historical projects



reserved of a $100,000 goal
Revenue Share Loan
20% of revenue  1.25X  2.0X payback multiple
$250, $500, $1K, $10K


We get our own land for events.
We get an area for film & photography.
A studio focused on fantasy & historical.

Our Founder

I am one of the community and see the need for this.

Adrasil Studios

We all looked at WETA Workshop and dreamed of being a part of something like that. Now is your chance!

The Problem:

•There are no backlots that cater to fantasy or historical filming & photography.

•There is no dedicated space for events (LARPS, weddings, corporate, etc.) to set roots down and grow.

•There are no dedicated teams that can come alongside and assist with events and film projects in these genres.

•There is no dedicated post-production team that is specific to these genres.

The Solution: 

•Phase I: We buy land.
•Phase II: We build structures.
•Phase III: We create a studio space & team.
•Phase IV: We train others.

We need to STOP waiting for the studios to do this and create something of our own!

The Opportunity & Market:

•20 years ago, no one dressed up to go to a Ren Faire.
•10 years ago, 20% dressed up.

•Now, 80% dress up.
•Why? People no longer want to be voyeurs but are invited into the event.
•As AR/VR grows, there will be a need for live experiential entertainment.
•COVID has taught us we cannot do life in complete isolation.

Image from Bicoline in Canada

Building Structures:

Concept Design

•The first structure would be a Viking mead hall.
•2nd would be a Viking village.
•3rd would be a medieval village.
•4th working kitchen and showers.
•5th as needed: Western town, Japanese village.
•Most structures would be fully functioning, not just facades.
•Others are doing this internationally, just look what they are doing in Hungary: 

Image from Korda Studios in Hungary

Studio space & team:

•Build a studio space or soundstage.  Ex.
•Have a post-production facility dedicated to serving these genres.
•Have a dedicated stunt team to assist with realistic fight choreography.
•Have dedicated preferred vendors (ex. clothing and make-up).

Image from Korda Studios in Hungary
The Mandalorian from Disney+ using Unreal Engine


You may be asking "where" will we be planting our flag and setting up shop. Well, we are very open to this on what will offer the best chance of success. 

We are keeping our eyes on places that may welcome an Economic Development consideration. Perhaps this will come with more land for our spending or other resources. 

We are looking from as high as Virginia and as low as Georgia, but keeping it to the coastline (so this would include WV, NC, & SC). 

We will engage an event coordination team to handle the event side of the business (corporate, weddings, etc.). This will provide a more stable income stream that runs in parallel with more consistent and repeating income to help support the creative side of the organization.


•We leverage our expertise with successful productions to inspire and help instruct the next generation of filmmakers.
•Our instructional component allows us to qualify for educational grants as well as open to potential non-profit status for portions of the business.
•We will work with our contacts to identify talent to train and nurture, producing rising stars that become the success stories of the future.
•We will offer expertise and assistance while providing real opportunities for immediate growth and future mastery of our craft.

The Backlot: 

•How many films have we’ve seen create epic sets only to be removed later.

•The Hobbit finally allowed NZ to make permanent structures.

•Any indie filmmaker/storyteller wanting to film in these genres, must think outside of the US.

An example: Trilith Development Launches 935-Acre Studio-Centric Concept 

Advisory Board:

CEO & Creative Director - Red Serpents

Anthony Capizzano (Financial & Business Advisor)
E.J. Kavounas (Finance - Film & Real-estate)

Strategic Partnerships:

What we need: 

•$1m ($200k minimum).
•Legal & Corporate.
•Land and build-out.